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Sensational web design trends for 2017 – iStudio Technologies
Website Design Trends To Watch in 2017 | UI Design Trends 2017 | UX Design Trends 2017

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  • Sensible Web Design Trends for 2017

Then Here is Some Quality information for you and the Continue Reading. Below is a list of latest web design trends to keep in mind during web designing process in 2017.

1. Creative Tilted Squares & Trigonometrical Shaped Sections With Parallax Layout

Normally, Web Design layouts use dark and light sections in simple, plain rectangle shape. The latest web design layout trends, however, is designing the sections with an coloured transparent overlay trigonometrical shapes such as, square, triangle, polygonal and sometimes circle. This kind of layout design will be a single column with multiple sections blended with parallax. This design provides a gives a neat and luxury ‘look and feel’ for your website. To maintain the consistency of the design the trigonometrical shapes must be evenly distributed in top and bottom and in some important navigation or action areas. Over usage of trigonometrical shapes will make your website, cluttered and more complex. The overlay colour for the shapes is also vital and it has to blend with the layout to establish a good feel. Primarily, the trigonometrical shapes are implemented over the base rectangle section. An array of single shape in irregular pattern with dominant colour and background colour has to be created. Use the same pattern in top and bottom, diagonally opposite to each other or straight opposite to each other.

Color selection: The layout will lookgood if a proper colour is selected. Don’t select a lot of vibrant colours, use subtle colours in your shade and use good transparency level for the shapes.


2. Natural Web Design Layout Trends 2017

A Web design which only incorporates your business elements or natural elements for the entire web design is known as Natural web design. Natural web design has a huge impact among users, if you are a product oriented or a specific service oriented company.
The entire website uses design elements based on your specific business. No traditional icons or web elements is used across the website. The layout will be full width and single column. This design is suitable for product showcase and service showcase companies. The image must be big and good quality to have good appearance for the website. The colour mustbe relevant to the product or service to suit the product image.
The sections must be white colour, full width image background with parallax effect will give you a nice look and feel for the website.


3. Natural Web Design Layout Trends 2017 (Design-2)

For those who look for a classic website design with the natural elements, then Natural web design is the best option for you. This is a classic case study for a website designed for Himalayas climb. The site must be completely natural and needs to attract visitors in the first visit itself. The goal of the website is to show clearly about the Himalayan camp, trekking its height etc., The content is very less. So, the best option is to select Natural web design layout with minimal design. At iStudio web design company ,Chennai, we offer unique website design with minimal data pattern, so the presentation of your website looks great.
The selection of colour is very important for this kind of minimal web design because we apply colours like black and grey as major part in the website as background images and fogs. The data, action areas and navigation links must be highlighted with a vibrant colour to get attraction.


4. Contemporary Natural Website Design Layout 2017 Trends

This is a good example for a hybrid Natural web design with a blend of modern web elements and natural web design. This kind of web design is highly rare and unique and will stand out from all web designs. At our website designing company in Chennai, we offer hybrid website design services at an affordable cost.
The challenge in the hybrid web design is to blend the modern web elements with the natural background. The Natural design must be a background image or parallax section background image. The modern elements will be icons, navigation links, the overlay shapes etc., This is one of the best creative web design in the Industry. We can provide you an amazing hybrid website design with our experienced web designers. We are the best web design company in Chennai, we integrate the latest web designing technologies in all our projects.


5. Chess & Cube Latest Web Design Layout Trends For 2017

One of the most creative and unique website design is ‘chess & cube’ layout design. This is a kind of minimal web design with high professional &contemporary look. This design will have 2 shapes, rectangle & square. A single section will be divided into two equal squares and one square will be dark, the other will be mild colour. This looks like 2 column layouts and by creating more squares inside a square an uber stylish look is established. This is the latest trend in US and European countries. One square section must be more single coloured to get an elegant look. By implementing parallax, this website layout design will give an awesome user browsing experience. At iStudio, we provide Chess & Cube website layout designs with unique interfaces.
This website layout design is suitable for less content oriented website. It is not suitable for those who are looking for a content oriented website.
Web design suitable for: Photographers, portfolio website, interior designers, architects, service providers, designers, marketing agencies.
Colours for chess & cube web design layout:Grey, White & one suitable vibrant colour in transparent overlay.


iStudio Technologies Web Design company in Chennai offers you an elegant website for your business.

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