Essential SEO Techniques That Would Render Your Business Visible

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An acronym for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is an aspect of online marketing that is akin to the role played by skin in the human body. Like the way in which beautiful skin leads to popularity and fame, good SEO renders a website visible in the vast ocean of the Internet, thus ensuring that there is a steady trickle of traffic which in turn translates into revenue. here we have discussed some Essential SEO Techniques That Would Render Your Business Visible
However, SEO is effective enough to generate results only when it has been implemented as per some tried and tested guidelines and this has caused critics to question its necessity. People who argue against SEO claim that the logic underlying the functioning of search engine is that it would anyway provide relevant results irrespective of whether it has been optimized or not. While this might sound logical, it is valid only till a certain extent – while search engines may have advanced over the years they still lack the understanding which a human being can provide. In such a situation it is SEO that enables them to figure out the webpage in terms of usability. To improve your website’s visibility on the Internet, not only should you incorporate SEO but also ensure that it follows certain tried and tested principles, especially ones that are discussed as follows –

On Page SEO

Why is on-page SEO more important than off-page SEO? It is because when search engines crawl your web-page, it is the on-page SEO which comes under the scanner long before the off-page optimization has even started. As long as the on-page SEO of your web-page is user oriented and judiciously sprinkled with relevant terms, it is probably the only tool that could determine the flow of traffic to your website. Therefore, your priority as an online entrepreneur should be to perfect the on-page SEO of your website.

Following are the aspects that you must focus on to render the on-page SEO of your website effective –

Content –Accorded the status of ‘King’ on the Internet, content that you post on your website should be original, informative and user friendly and can take the form of writing, images and even videos. However, it should be inclusive of text and should be posted at regular intervals in order to keep the interest of target audience alive.

Appearance of the web-page –This is determined by the page title that you use, the page description that you provide which is visible to visitors and the overall formatting of your page. Given that images are a must on a web-page, the onus is on you to ensure that every image is original, optimized and has been provided by an ‘alt’ tag.

URL –– URL, meaning Uniform Resource Locator, is the id of your website that appears on the address bar every time it is opened on the Internet. Like SEO, a URL could be good or bad and you must take the initiative to find out the requisites of a good URL and implement them in order to accrue SEO benefits. Websites in which pages are grouped into specific categories, a sitemap has been provided and breadcrumbs show at the top of content are also regarded as being worthy from SEO perspective.

Building of Internal Links –It is imperative for all pages within your website to be linked and this works to your advantage because it enables you to create your own territory. With multiple pages all of which are linked to each other, users are also likely to spend more time on the website and it would convenient for search engines also to intercept all the different pages. As long as you limit your internal links to 7 or 8 per page, it would be viewed favorably by the search engines.

Uploading Speed –Good SEO is also indicative of quick uploading of your web-page wherein your visitors would be more likely to stay rather than lose patience and move on to other websites.

Using Tags to Your Advantage

2016 has been the landmark year as far as use of tags for SEO is concerned and over the past year it has become increasingly evident that tags play a crucial role in driving traffic to your website. Tags could be used as title tags, header tags, meta tags or blog post tags and although meta tags are no longer as seminal where the ranking of a web-page is concerned, others can still make a difference as is discussed –

Testing Pattern – There are some ways to write the tests in order to keep it simple as well as organized. Here it is

Title Tags –A title tag not only displays the topic of the page but is also indicative of the content of the page in terms of what it has to offer. All that the Internet user needs to do is take a look at the title tag and judge whether the page would be useful to him or not and that is why this tag appears in SERP too. While in the past title tags were regarded as being second to keywords, 2016 has been witness to their being undermined but only partially. So although the title tag is not as important as it was in the past, it still needs to be included in the SEO campaign.

Header Tags –Mentioned in the HTML mark up, this tag determines the appearance of headings on a web-page and offers a range of H1 to H6 wherein H1 is the biggest as also boldest. Increase in the incorporation of header tags, especially H1, in web-pages since 2014 is indicative of the fact that these are definitely in vogue and can make a huge difference to a web-page’s SEO if implemented carefully and cleverly.

Blog-post Tags –Mostly used in blogs, these facilitate classification and organization of information on blogging platforms and hence provide valuable information to search engines. Courtesy ofa blog-post tag, not only will the search engine find it easier to interpret the content of the page and provide a suitable ranking but will also enable users to make out whether the post may be based on the topic of their choice. Therefore, even though blog-post tags do not have a direct bearing on SEO, they can still impact optimization and ranking.

Is SEO Truly Required?

The reply to this question can be best provided by taking cognizance of the advantages that you stand to accrue by implementing SEO in your website. Thanks to good SEO, your website will –

Enjoy Visibility – Statistics have proved that when an online visitor types something in the search box and clicks on ‘enter’, he is only likely to go through the first page of the results that are shown. Very seldom does he venture on to the second page of the search results and probably never beyond that. This proves that for your website to receive online traffic it should be on the first page and SEO is one of the ways of achieving this objective.

Become a Branding for Your Business –Once your website begins appearing in search results, chances are high that it would be recognized by visitors and this in turn would be the first step towards building your brand and creating awareness. Gradually, your brand would move on to the next stage of gaining popularity and ultimately it will have gathered a clout for itself, thus evoking brand loyalty, all because of good and effective SEO.

Receive Online Traffic – Without a steady stream of traffic, it is just a matter of time before your online venture would sink into the depths of oblivion. To attract traffic you need to appear on the first page of search engines and maintain a steady ranking for as long as possible and to do this having an understanding of SEO and its implementation is a must.

Provide Return on Investment – Only when people visit your website will they learn about your products and services and then think of purchasing them. So SEO has a direct bearing on exposure to potential customers and eventually on sales and revenue. Increased exposure would imply higher sales and more revenue and thus lead to a higher return on investment.

Connect You to Target Customers – By analyzing the traffic generated by SEO not only can you figure out the type of people who like your product and use it but also the time of the day they log into the Internet and are most active. You can capitalize on this knowledge by posting updates as per their timings and offering discounts and freebies as per their tastes and preferences. In this way, SEO plays a crucial role in enabling you to connect with your target customers, something that would benefit you in the long run.


People might say that SEO is no longer required but the fact remains that not only is it still existing but is still crucial in determining a website’s presence on the Internet. In addition to being cost effective, it is one of the tools that can render the website visible on mobile and other gadgets too so that it can be viewed while on the move too. Since nowadays people surf the Internet from all possible devices, it is SEO that can make a difference to your market share by ensuring the visibility of your website anywhere and everywhere

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