How to improve the Web Design?

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The design of your websites landing page has to be attractive and beautiful, because visitors will exit your website if it is not well designed.

Tips for developing Web Design to your Landing page

Professional Logo

Logo is important part of your brand, so polish your Logo professionally and surely link it to your home page. My suggestion is, to keep your Logo in upper left corner of the page as a high-resolution image.

Intuitive Navigation

Why it is so important is, if the navigation layout confusing the user, will results in quitting the web-page. Primary Navigation Menu is must i.e. Horizontal Menu bar. If possible, provide secondary navigation on left side as a side bar. In side bar put only the pages which are important.

Tip: Change the colour of user visited links to know where they have been and where they are on a website.


Don’t overload the website with images, graphics and animations. It take too much of time to overload the page in browser, then simply visitors are left from that page. Design the images related to your business that to draw the visitors eye at the particular part of the page.

Note: We suggest our clients to invest in designing professional photos, make use of high resolution images in your website.

Content, Colour and Fonts:

  • Easy to read web pages plays an important role in maintaining visitor’s reliability and keeping them on your site to read the content.
  • Use two unique professional fonts for headings and content in the web-page.
  • Use professional colours like blue, gray, orange, etc. preferable to use two or three colours in the entire website designing.

Tip: Provide enough space between the paragraphs and images of the page, so the visitor has space to breathe and have possibility to stay in the page.

Key steps to follow:

  • Use responsive web designs for your business and provide better visibility in all devices.
  • Design each and every page as a landing page.
  • Don’t use flashes, animations and graphics I your website.
  • Use Full-width sliders in your webpage and provide unique designs in it.
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