Top Web 2.0 Websites for SEO Link Building

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Creating your business profile in High Page Ranking Web 2.0 Websites will get high-quality backlinks and improve your websites SEO Strategy. Gaining Incoming links from Web 2.0 websites are extremely good for your website or blog in terms of SEO, Page Rank and Web Traffic.

Publishing unique articles on these Web 2.0 websites and, linking back to your original web pages will make reputation of your website very high and stable among all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In terms of SEO, Web 2.0 Websites are not only helpful in getting backlinks for your website. It provides huge organic traffic to your web-page and also increases page rank which improves your business opportunities.

Note: Don’t worry about creating Web 2.0 websites; all sites are mostly similar as WordPress and Blogger.

Benefits of posting posts on best Web 2.0 Websites

  • Very Good SEO
  • Web 2.0 Websites is the best way to get Do-follow backlinks for Free.
  • Backlinks build by web 2.0 websites are Long-lasting forever
  • Huge Search Engine Traffic and
  • Page Rank

Top 10 Free Web 2.0 Sites List to Get Backlinks to your Website

Tumblr (

Tumblr is a social networking by Yahoo and also the best micro-blogging platform with page rank 8.

Weebly (

Weebly is one of the best websites provides an easy way to create a free website. Share unique content in posts, surely drives huge traffic to your website. Page rank of Weebly is 8.

Blog (

Develop your free website and publish the unique content in it. Blog helps in driving traffic to your website and the incoming link from blog is effective. The page rank of Blog is 6.

WordPress (

WordPress is an SEO Friendly free blogging platform, and the backlink coming from WordPress is quality and stable. The Page Rank of WordPress is 9.

Zimbio (

Zimbio is the most powerful entertainment website. Register and share your content in it, provides the quality backlink to your website. The page rank of Zimbio is 6.

Dailymotion (

Dailymotion is free website helps you to upload, share, and embed your videos freely. It provides quality backlinks which are most effective. The page rank of Dailymotion is 7.

LinkedIn (

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Create your business profile in LinkedIn and added the information about your company or business frequently. It provides huge traffic as well as quality backlink to your website. The Page Rank of LinkedIn is 3.

SlideShare (

SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing PowerPoint, OpenOffice presentations, Keynote, PDF and infographics. Share your business information and get a best quality backlink to your website.

Squidoo (

Squidoo is a community website for creating single webpages for your business recommendations. The page rank of Squidoo is 8.


Is a popular image hosting and video hosting website that boasts an impressive online community. The site was purchased from Ludicorp in 2005 by Yahoo! The website thrives on user generated content, whether it’s images, videos or when used as a tool for bloggers.

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