A Good Website Structure is very important for Onpage SEO

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You build a new or old website the most important is a good website structure for your business or anything. If you build a new website for business first you decide the structure of the website that is what is the Menus and submenus, logo, favicon.

Why is website structure important?

The website structure is well for two reasons one is SEO service in Chennai and other is Customer usability. When Customer sees your website it is easy to navigate another page on your website. If your structure is wrong you will miss the customer, so the structure of your website more important.

Good Website structure for people

When the customer visits a well-completed website, first they visit the home page. Flipkart is one of the best examples for good website structure. For example on Flip kart there are menus in the top of the page links to the main section such as Electronics, Men’s, Women’s and Books & Media etc. What the customer need and what they looking for the flip kart website structure.

Website structure for SEO

Website Structure is more important for SEO because the search engine identifies the structure of the website using URL and internal links.


If your page is indexed in search engine then only it appears in Google search result. Google search engine will crawl all the pages on your website.

Link authority

Share your link to all your pages. The link should be target domain other than source domain link exists because the search engine passes a high value for the other domain link. So the Link authority is more important for SEO service provider in Chennai.


The website body content structure must be user-friendly for all users then only the usability of your website is more. The Content structure is must both the users and search engine. Place the attractive content and images in a website on the front page where the users can see without scrolling the page down.

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