Purpose of the event

This event will be held with the same intention of Monaco’s EC1to1 event; this will be a three days of productive event which involves more of one to one interaction between ecommerce players purely based on their business ideas, cases and the type of network they wish to maintain. This interactive event between ecommerce players helps to improve their digital knowledge and expand their international market. As a regular follower of events, iStudio Technologies as an ecommerce website design company in Chennai keep updating with ecommerce trends.

Date: June 5-7, 2018

Venue: Barcelona, Spain


ICO Marketing Company


ICO and Blockchain have almost become the part and parcel of our life which has been adopted by every industry across this planet in either of its applications. Since it arises, a lot of misconceptions and even scam ICOs where witnessed because of improper understanding by the adopters. It is because of scam ICOs most of the volunteering investors are hesitating to invest again which seems to be a great setback. Improper approach and lack of market research is the major reason behind this setback. In today’s business world marketing is the deciding factor for any innovative concept to reach the targeted investors. We at iStudio Technologies have a highly experienced team of ICO marketers and advisors who have the real capability to navigate your ICO project in the right direction. We ourself run a successful ICO named DiscoveryIoT and also guide a cryptocurrency ecosystem named BELDEX in their ICO campaign. As the best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies provides you with the most effective ICO marketing services in order to attain success in your blockchain project launch. Have a chat with us regarding your ICO launch and we assure you that you will get a high clarity regarding ICO and blockchain.

Website For Ico


ICO Whitepaper


ICO Advisors


ICO Airdrop


Website For Ico




Social Media Presence


ICO Bounty Program

Website For ICO

An ICO is a really cool stuff for blockchain startups to generate investments for their business and it is considered to be the most suitable strategy in order to aim and pull in the relevant and potential investors into your business. Just by having an innovative idea and suitable technologies embracing it won’t help you for a long run there are several other features which you need to incorporate to make it as a complete one and make things happen for your ICO. Here are few important points which have been enlisted to frame the best website for your ICO project.

Beating around the bush won’t be helping you at any cost so, make it straight and start to state your project’s mission right from the beginning. Explain the way you are going to solve the prevailing issue through stating the existing problem. As a leading ICO marketing agency in India, iStudio Technologies always offers a result oriented ICO marketing service for your blockchain project.

ICO Whitepaper

For any ICO project, whitepaper must act as a catalyst in steaming up its process and converting more viewers into an investor. Make sure that your whitepaper for ICO is impressive and provides high clarity so that the users get themselves intend to purchase your token, which will be released in the pre-sale event. Beyond just providing the business plan, the whitepaper must also narrate the uniqueness of your concern and the benefits you deliver. Whitepaper plays a great role in evaluating the technical potentiality of your ICO project through picturise the new product. An organized and well-framed ICO whitepaper must create awareness to investors and highly influence the competitors. As the best Blockchain marketing agency in India, iStudio Technologies provides step by step marketing service for your ICO project.


Almost 90% of the blockchain projects are fresher’s who have stepped into this virtual world for the first time and they would not have proper knowledge or experience in determining the best advisor for their ICO campaign. As per the nature of blockchain functionality, an ICO advisor plays a highly crucial role in determining the success of blockchain project hence, selecting your advisor or advisory group holds a lot of responsibility and you need to be highly cautious in it. As a best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies helps you to connect with quality advisors who can bring in real value to your project.



Any startup following the method of issuing their ICO tokens to the investors for free of cost is mentioned to get involved in crypto airdrop. This happens exclusively in crypto communities in order to get the attention of huge group of potential investors. The main USP of airdrop is they can create an unimaginable awareness for any blockchain project which the usual ICO promoting activities fails to do. Any ICO marketing activity has the highest potential of reaching 30-40,000 investors at the maximum, and it happens only among the rich group who are ready to invest that big amount. In contrast, airdrop can generate one million participants easily, and even if the conversion rate is 1% (to the minimum) still it is considered to be the highly successful project. As a best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies provides complete guidance in carrying out the airdrop process for your blockchain project.


Community management is highly necessary for any progressive ICO, you need to get manage the entire community which includes advisors, investors, participants, and competitors as well. You may even find your competitors who get involved in trolling you and try to give a negative shade on your project. As an ICO team, you need to come across these activities successfully in order to accomplish your task. On the other hand, you also need to focus on investors who try to find even a small mistake to get sign off Reaction speed, expertized reply, and High level of competence are the major contributing factor for your ICO. As aleading ICO marketing company, iStudio Technologies navigates your project in a proper direction to attain glory.


Since the concept of blockchain and ICO is widespread it is highly necessary to be flexible at a certain stage of time. Since ICOs have great potential in China there is a high demand for Chinese translators in the blockchain arena. There are certain things as an ICO startup you need to keep in mind before hiring a translator. As a leading ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies provides you complete support when it comes to ICO whitepaper translation.

Social Media Presence


No matter what how unique your project is and its potential won’t be counted that far unless and until you are highly active on social media sites. Being active on social media sites is mandatory for new startups to keep horning their presence in the industry and turn the view of potential investors towards their project. As the best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologiesimplements the most suitable marketing strategy for your ICO.
There are several social media platforms through which you can promote your idea and create a high potential huge network by making great use of it. Concentrating on all kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn and also on exclusive platforms like Telegram, Wechat, and Bitcointalk etc. is highly important. Let’s have a look at the importance of some key social media platforms in the following description.

ICO Bounty Programs

As highly inspired from the online digital gaming world, bounties operate as an incentive providing reward generation mechanism from company to individuals. When it comes to ICO scene, bounties are a useful part and parcel of the campaign. Today, many ICO based startups are incorporating bounty programs in their ICO marketing events. Here the startups provide rewards to the individuals on successful completion of the allocated tasks likemarketing, bug detection and reporting, and improvising the entire ideology of ICO event. The reward will mostly in the form ofcrypto tokens or fiat currencies (dollars or pounds). Bounty campaigns and programs has become an unavoidable part of an ICO event which takes place either during Pre-ICO or Post-ICO campaigns.

We at iStudio Technologies is a well-established ICO Development company in India, which provides timely and effective help regarding bounty programs for blockchain based startups.


Apart from digital marketing, there are various other options through which ICO services can be used. Since ICO is still an emerging technology there is a lot to be focused in its marketing, the primary aim of ICO is to fund start-ups in a complete digitized way. So any relevant marketing related to this technology is warmly welcomed in the current business world. These approaches may sound highly traditional to the marketers yet it is still strongly recommended because of its effectiveness. As the best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies implements the most suitable marketing strategy for your ICO.


Getting In High Caliber Investors

It is highly necessary to find the odd one out in the entire pool prevailing out there. Investors with great caliber will keep on updating themself with the technology, and they will definitely approach ICO based Marketing Strategy. As an investor, these few people know the potential of cryptocurrency which tends them towards investing in start-ups using ICO.

Being a part of Blockchain, ICO is a vast concept which involves a dedicated work of a combined team. This team must possess the diversified expertise and play the prominent role of associates, advisers, team members, partners and sponsors. As best Digital marketing agencies for ICO in India, iStudio Technologies delivers complete ICO marketing service in a flawless way to the blockchain startups.

Get to know about the investors of your business to all the hierarchy of your organization, in order to bring in proper education and awareness regarding fundraising. This awareness creation is highly recommended to bring out the expected result on your projects. Work out as a team to bring in high potential and future-focused ICO investors for your business. As a leading ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies always offers a result oriented ICO marketing service for your blockchain project.

Construct An Active Community

ico-1 (1)

It is well known that this going to be an out and out offline approach, hence start-ups and ICO based investors as well need to get out and make their hands dirty to find out the real potentials. Creating brand awareness and active community highly helps to find out the potentials in the business world. Through community building, start-ups can find the real ICO investors with high potential vice versa. But both the parties need to move a step further in order acquire the right investors and right start-ups in the entire community. This out and out depends on the individuals approach in carrying out them to the next level. As a top ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies helps your blockchain project to carry out a successful ICO campaign.

Technical Documentation

Nothing can replace a sound document write-up including all technical details, where it is one of the most primary and still an effective approach. This will help both the parties in finding out their requirement out there in the business market. Start-ups need to frame a crystal clear business model in order to attract a highly potential ICO funder. Same as even ICO service provider must be very firm with their rules and regulations in funding start-up business. We at iStudio Technologies provide best ICO marketing services in India to make your blockchain project reach the potential investors.

Paid Banner Service

Banner ads are also capable of creating more number of potential leads to your business. It will reach a mass group of people including those who are highly interested in cryptocurrency, bitcoins and other aspects. This paid banner service is one form of the alternative approach which drives in leads for ICO marketing. As the best ICO development company in India, iStudio Technologies helps you through connecting with quality advisors and investors for your ICO project.
data science


Purpose of the event

  • Give a detailed insight on Data science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and deep learning as well.
  • Give a detailed insight on Data science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and deep learning as well.
  • Unleashing the best practices followed in the industry
  • Impact made by data science in the business world
  • Career initiation in data science
  • Providing all possible ways to get opportunities in building your career in data science
  • Help to build a strong network for aspiring data scientists with experts in the field.

Who can attend?

  • Analysts
  • Developers
  • Managers
  • Inform architects
  • Researchers

In the field of data science

Date: 2nd June, 2018





A backend framework of a website acts as its backbone catering to the highly demanded and major functionalities. This back-end framework holds several tools and scripting languages with it in the server-side programming as a part of web development environment. The success of a web application development framework lies in selecting a proper stack, gaining knowledge about server architecture and most importantly learning from databases and programming languages. As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies uses the most advanced and effective web app framework to create the best website for clients.

The role of a developer is crucial in web application development framework where they frame the necessary logic which is highly required for the application to get built and then combines it with the dynamic front-end to run the application. As per the expert opinion frameworks like Node.js and python are the lead players in web application development framework environments. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies implement the most suitable web app framework for your website.

The back-end framework used to create an application is selected on few basic and important criteria like:

  • The developer needs to study and analyze well about some of the naming conventions and directory structures which are hard to break the code. A proper understanding is required to make sure there is no run-time error.
  • Majority of the backend frameworks possess libraries in order to prevent developers from getting into performing repetitive tasks. Anyway, choosing a flexible framework will be an opt choice in order to develop new controls through deploying previously framed library components.
  • A usual back-end framework is well taken care of a huge group of developers who are involved in tracking bugs, applying patches, and most importantly creating awareness among other developers. Moreover, an ideal framework gets easily vulnerable to hacking.
  • When discussing the back-end frameworks, framing documentation is a pre-requested one for adopting evangelists and power users in the early stage. Snippet codes and tutorial articles are the solid examples for supporting the frameworks to stand as a unique one.
  • Taking decision regarding application hosting on a server is vital before choosing any framework, as one must decide whether they have to go with a dedicated server or shared server. Ruby on Rails as an application can be hosted on a dedicated server, and at the same time, Zend is hosted on the shared server.
  • As a top web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies creates the most suitable website according to your business needs using trending web app frameworks.

As a top web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies creates the most suitable website according to your business needs using trending web app frameworks.

Ruby on Rails

As a web-application framework, Rails was built using the Ruby programming language and run on the platform of Linux. Using this platform, the coders and developers related to it can easily frame the required application through carrying out required compiling and testing. Implementation of Model view controller (MVC) architecture is an added advantage which facilitates the developers to stick in with a piece of code at any part of the application in the relevant environment.
The changeover between the different stages of application development in Ruby Rails is carried out in a smoother way until the end of the life cycle process due to the presence of built-in security features in it. This web application framework makes use an effective set of plug-ins before releasing the application. Being the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies satisfies all the client needs using the most suitable web app framework for client’s website.



As a high-level web application framework, Django belongs to the Python group which provides a perfect and suitable database oriented websites for the users. Unlike Rails, this open source framework belongs to Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture, which is highly reusable and helps the components to get plug-in continuously. We at iStudio Technologies are the effective web development company in Chennai, caters the most awful service in-terms of web app framework.
Possessing optional interface Django helps the users to get permission that enables them to create, update and also to delete users easily. This particular web application framework git well –established due to its bundled applications, dynamic administrative interface and tools for generating Google sitemaps.


Another open source framework that works purely based on MVC architecture similar to Rails. This framework is based on PHP works exclusively for the backend web application development, highly capable of providing better connectivity combined with the backend. Laravel contains some well-equipped functionalities and command line tools in it. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies helps their clients to expand their business through providing quality web app framework.
Being a back-end framework Laravel was initially known as open source PHP framework. Through the assistance of some highly effective features like database migration, blade templating engine and intuitive interface, Laravel has become the most popular web application development framework. Laravel contains inbuilt utilities in order to access relational databases driven by a modular packaging system.


Phoenix (Elixir)

The back-end of Phoenix web application development framework was built through Erlang Virtual Machine (VM), which makes complete optimal use of resources. Handling a huge number of users is an easy task for this framework, and it is capable of doing it in a simultaneous way using its speed as a base. Phoenix follows the similar path of Rails and Django which works under the server-side MVC pattern. As the top website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies incorporates the best web app framework for your website.
Speed is the key element which drives the performance of this framework through decreasing the latency time at its minimum and improves the performance of various APIs. One such example of the quick working of Phoenix is it can run the JSON request in just 400ms as compared to that of Rails which takes 1.5-2 seconds. Moreover, the cost incurred in Phoenix is also less when compared to other frameworks.


This framework is a bit different from its peers and considered to be the most light-weighted Python- based web application framework that won’t be using any kind of tools or libraries in it. This is one of the most unique applications used to run web-based applications over embedded devices. Since the Flask is supported with Unicode and some extensive documentation, it highly helps through eliminating the work involved by programmers and project analysts. iStudio Technologies is the best website development company in Chennai, who caters the client requirement without any flaw.
The request dispatching process that is included in this framework offers a little bit of perk to the framework through delivering interoperability across the networks. The recent situation of the framework can be altered through using virtue code of extensions to insert required features in it. Some of the well-established applications that use this framework are Pinterest, LinkedIn, and its community webpage (Flask).



The Pyramid is the most common web app framework existing in the community that uses the most simplified set of functionalities in it. These common tools and functionalities are enough to frame a complete web app development which includes security mapping to URL code and database integration. This simple and small web app framework is highly user-friendly and well recommended for beginners to use. This high-speed web app framework will be tested under different conditions and avowals the extensively made document and highly available support. As the best web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies always surpass client requirements through providing excellent web app framework service.


This web app framework is built based on the Node.JS application which is composed of very few numbers of features in it including the core features of Node.JS. This framework is highly recommended for creating a perfect dynamic mobile application where it can reduce the majority of the workload involved in creating a mobile application. Many established frameworks belong to Node.JS like Bottr and ItemsAPI were built using Express framework. Effective APIs can be created using Express framework with the help of several HTTP utility methods used in it. Being the best website designing and Development Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is capable of framing perfect website using any updated web app framework.




Accomplishing anything in a simple way or explaining any term in the simplest of its form is termed to be the complex and most challenging one to do. No matter how big is your idea is and how efficient it would be if implemented? Unless it is explained clearly (simplest form) it is hard to hit the roof and pull of few things.
This scenario is highly suitable for websites too; Google is one of the greatest and solid evidence supporting this statement. Explaining your concept through a simple statement of “UX design” will definitely reach the targeted masses. As a website designer, one must be highly aware of the “high concept” theory to give greater focus on getting the initial impression of the user.
iStudio Technologies is the best web designing company in Chennai; we always cater the best quality design to our client through our innovative execution process.

Concept revolving behind “High concept theory” in online world

So, the high concept in generic term is all about explaining any complex terminologies in a much simpler way. Converting the same thing to the website is it can be applicable to a lot of features like the mission statement, service offering, or even describing the new product line. It’s all about sharing the primary message through the website. Application of “high-concept” theory is all about explaining any message in a simple and fleeting way.

Getting the concept Right at the first time

Why is the high concept is this much hyped and what will be the advantage of getting the “high concept” UX Design? Most of the UX designers get trapped in concentrating on particular user needs, and they miss out the main one that is the critical importance of initial features. To narrate it in a different way, most of the UX designers forget or miss out the important decision making a part and concentrates only on the way the users interact with the site.


Applying the theory of “high concept” helps the designers to focus on both the aspects.
Making things favorable for better engagement of user is very well aided by “high concept theory”, ensuring this concept will favor the website design and also helps in the sales, interaction, and increased the conversion rate for your site.

Depth of the concept involved

Understanding the potential of your users is highly necessary for delivering the exact website to them, this helps you as a detail provider to give enough message as much as they can hold. Don’t get the urge and present all the information about you up front and just focus on providing the initial information in the starting stage. Make the users travel to your site to get to know more about you on the go.


Right time to land your High-Concept

The second most critical concept after deciding the layout design of your site is about the time to launch your initial “high concept” to the users. It is highly important that to know about the rate at which the users search for siting the homepage. The interesting fact is that most of the times organic user voyage initiates with search results. Therefore, the interaction always won’t be on the homepage and it is also not the necessity and it happens with the page which gets synchronized with user’s search query.

Designing your webpage by keeping these points in mind will help you built the most structured and highly-functioning website. Another aspect which the UX designers need to consider is that the information that they display in the website, the end user will be judging you based upon the message you deliver, the clarity you bring in, and the spot of the website where you display the image.
As a leading website design and development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies always surpasses client’s requirements through integrating the latest technology in the web designs.

Effective way of Detailing

One important factor is that the information needs to be delivered in a précised way as best as possible when it comes to “High-Concept” theory. As a website provider, one must know where to provide many details and where to provide a little number of details.

Detailing Videos

The content and UX design as sole players cannot able to take the landing of your website to the shore and they need some supportive elements like explanatory videos in the website. The explanatory videos used in any website involves lot of complex technical works in the behind screen but still, they look very convincing and easy to handle in the front end.


Since the UX designs were considered to be a part and parcel of the entire website getting incorporated with every single element like text, videos, and images plays a prominent role always. The image plays a key role where they can fix few issues and make it happen a deal which the words cannot.

Font and Color

As every single element of a website plays its own part and delivers a crucial contribution to its success. Instead, telling the targeted users directly about your services it would be much better to convey it through the UI design. Every targeted set of the audience are attracted to certain colors and font style, using them will yield the required result. For example, children are much attracted to bright colors and Serif fonts in specific which keeps them engaged.

Design Affordance

As of now, we have concentrated only on conveying the message to the users as per the concept scenario but, what if the aim of the website is to get the network with certain a set of elements? Projecting the tool’s interface is considered to be the best ways to interact the purpose of the users. This delivers the concept of “Design of Affordance” in it. The idea framed over the design format should be of communicating the purpose. One of the best way to tell the user about the tool you use, is to show them how the user interface works?
iStudio Technologies is the top web designing company in Chennai, where our technocrats are highly experienced and have great talent in delivering the most innovative and suitable UI designs for your website.

Preferable question which can be asked to the user who has viewed the websites are:

  • Always try to project the concept high, if you have the idea of creating a website or webpage try to burn it out in a simpler and effective way.
  • Document the whole concept in a précised way without missing out any single element.

Testing the landing page

You are done with the designing part and have also framed well the implementation part that it has been executed in the right way. But how would you test it whether you have made the right one? Carrying out an in-depth research on the lab-based user research method may seem to be easy but, in reality, it is not possible in any case. Reality will be more different where you will be using the quick methods which yield immediate effects.
Glance test can be an effective one to check with the concept of your site in an instant way and also to test its high quality. This involves featuring someone for 5 seconds and then hiding the same one. This is the real tester for the user and most importantly for the website. Because they will be asked reimagine the site and recall the aspects which they remind as much as possible. This 5 seconds test will let the user view the selective one and it is obvious that it varies according to person.

Combining things together- Endnote

Preferable question which can be asked to the user who has viewed the websites are:

  • Always try to project the concept high, if you have the idea of creating a website or webpage try to burn it out in a simpler and effective way
  • Document the whole concept in a précised way without missing out any single element.
  • Keep doing refer back process of concept for the entire one which includes picking the suitable fonts and colors till crafting the title content by making sure that it every one of it supports the high-concept wrote down.
  • Carry out the 5 seconds test on your design and then compare it with the initial ideas to initial high-concept. If both of them get synced then it is good to move forward else, it is advisable to try again the third step.

As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies carries out deep analyzes on the requirement of their clients and creates the required design in a flawless way.



You may run any WordPress website of high or low range no matter what, an RSS aggregated plugin is always considered as an added advantage for your website. By using RSS plugin you can get great values and improve the worthiness of your website. RSS feeds basically perform the operation of gathering information, news feeds and content for your website to sty updated in the industry and help you to grab more number of targeted customers through generating more traffic inflows, so that you don’t want to worry about updating content anymore and your time will be save.
This blog post will take you to a tour on explaining the nature and characteristics of RSS aggregator plug-in and gives you a binocular view on them depicting their usability. Moreover, this blog post will run over the rule on RSS aggregator plugins and tells you about the 5 best preferable one for your WordPress site. After reading this post you would probably end up with using one or two of this plug-ins in your WordPress site.
iStudio Technologies as a best web development company in Chennai is well known for utilizing the WordPress and delivering better websites for their clients. We keep updating ourselves with the plug-ins and other technological solutions to deliver a better result to our clients.

RSS aggregator and its beneficiaries

Expanded as Really Simple Syndication (RSS) this web feed helps your website to keep updated on the news articles, blog posts and online content in a précised way in order to maintain the traffic inflow through delivering a standardized format over these posts. This is similar to getting subscribed to a news articles or to your favorite YouTube channels, through which you get constant notifications based on the updates.
Another important feature of the RSS feed is it gives the personalized service to the user as per their requirement or interest. For example if you are demanding a desktop based feed then you will be getting it through the app which you have installed, same as if you need the update through a specific browser then it can be obtained through the option Browser Built-in Feed Readers. When the RSS feed finds an update about any new technology or concept happening relevant to your industry then, it will immediately update in your website.
RSS feed eases up the pressure on your shoulders in terms of updating any new happenings taking place in your industry, as a website holder you don’t have to search for striking trends and keep updating it frequently. At the other end, the user who have subscribed to the website will also be getting continuous inflow of information through RSS feed. RSS is the most flexible feed found ever, and it can be used in any format like for mobile device, desktop or website. RSS aggregator plugin is capable of delivering lot of values to the site and here we have listed few among them.

Delivering Curated Content

RSS feed is highly capable of collecting relevant and potential information for your website and helps in posting them regularly. If suppose say for example your website is about providing architectural designs then, RSS feed will display the online contents related to architectural design and keep posting them in the allotted blog section.

Email newsletters

Framing a unique and exclusive content for your email newsletter related to your website is highly complicated for the new players and starters; RSS aggregator plugin plays a major role here by collecting relevant articles from different web source and analyzing all of them to present the best before your viewers.

Job Listings

RSS aggregator highly helps you in listing the job availability in your organization on a specific field or for multiple positions. The uniqueness of using RSS aggregator is it automatically keeps updating with the field and removes the listings once it has been fulfilled.
Now we have seen some of the striking features of RSS aggregator which will be highly useful for your website in keeping your website visitors engaged, and also to increase their numbers. Now, we will be getting into the main concept which explains about the five most important RSS plug-ins which will be highly useful for your WordPress site.
As a website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies has always catered the best service to their clients in different industries using WordPress.

Five impressive RSS aggregate plug-ins for Word Press

When it comes to the game of functionality these 5 RSS plugins are real masters in catering varieties to your WordPress website. All these five plugins are easy to access and some of them also deliver a premium service to their users.


WP RSS AGGREGATOR assists you in importing, merging, and displaying RSS and Atom based feeds into your WordPress websites. This plugin is known for its spontaneity and quickly adopt with the environment of your WordPress website. The core version of this plugin is available for free of cost and helps you to aggregate various RSS feeds from different web resources.
Post the implementation of this plugin setup, you can start posting the feeds and content in your website with the help of RSS text editor toolbar and also by using shortcodes or parameters. The plugin settings are highly configurable where you can connect the title and the source names of imported posts.

  • Complete control over the feed which gets updated in the process.
  • Configure the plugins in order to import the feeds using exclusive titles.
  • Only few feed items were stored.
  • Works well with YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo.


This specific RSS feed plugin, helps in displaying the visitors with a list of menu holding multiple RSS feeds in it to get subscribed apart from the pre-existing subscription options. If your website contains wide range of information in it, and the visitors viewing those information are not interested or aware about it then it could be a misleading one.
This is the situation in which the RSS plugin plays a vital role by displaying only the specific category of feeds according to the customer segment. The user can customize upto 8 different categories under this RSS feeds. Just by implementing a simple short code the user can bring in the required RSS feed into the WordPress RSS plugin with the help of relevant tags. Article specific RSS feeds can be created in a better way using this RSS feed plugin through adding this plugin into the sidebar from widget menu.
As a leading website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides the most advanced and innovative website for their clients by incorporating the latest technologies prevailing in the industry.


This plugin highly supports you in syndicating, curating, importing, merging, and displaying the entire text under RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress blog. This plugin works in a unique way that it receives the required RSS feeds and then publishes each article one by one as a separate post. This particular RSS feed helps the bloggers to get the feeds from other blogs to acquire the existing advantage. The website handlers can also implement this method in order to share the relevant data with the site visitors or followers. This acts as a supportive alternative in posting the blogs regularly in a website.
Similar to other plug-ins this one too has a pro as well as free version with it where, the free version itself has lot of perks in it. The free version of this plug-in is highly capable of importing feeds automatically using cron. Using this plug-in you can also import the full text RSS feed and display the content as well. This plug-in is also customized in a better way to display only the titles of your posts in your RSS feeds. This plugin provides the ultimate authority over the content published and you can also set the author name for the imported content.


This plug-in brings in fun and involvement by making the process of aggregating the feeds into the website. Here as a user you can compose and display the feeds in your posts or pages with the help of shortcodes and widgets. The key features of this plugin are:

  • Every data displayed under this plug-in will be of highly responsive including the images displayed. Since the caching is highly automated it reduces the pressure in the process of page loading time.
  • This plug-in generates all the shortcodes required from the user side for the post moreover; the user has the choice to display the feeds on their site with the option of editing the short code parameters.
  • The user has an option of making the plugin feeds more interesting through adding the image for the first content. Adding upto it the user can also include the required custom image wherever they want which needs to be featured in the feeds.
  • The user has the complete license to add as many as feeds into a single page as per their requirements and ideas. Further the same feed shortcodes can be used for other posts and pages as we

5) RSS with Images

The RSS feeds can be made more interesting through including relevant RSS images in proper place, this elevates the concept been narrated in the website and keeps the visitors more engaging on the concepts and information. These RSS images are even available in a customized sizing option.
This particular segment of RSS feed works very well with Mailchimp’s that coordinates well together with RSS-to-Email campaigns in order to get more relevant and updated newsletters. This RSS feed has the advantage of customizing the XML encoding in it. The minor setback with this RSS feed is it won’t be able to add the existing images into the feeds.
iStudio Technologies is the top web design and development company in Chennai, having a decade of experience and known as the best client servicing company in the industry.




Design outcome of your ecommerce product page plays a crucial role in its success and reaching the targeted customers. Before creating a product page for your ecommerce site make sure that the following criteria’s in terms of customer landing where fulfilled:

An ecommerce store needs to follow a lot of strategies to make their customers stay on the website and convert them to buy the products. A step by step approach in these methods will definitely yield a favorable result or your ecommerce store and every single step to make your product page worthwhile has been explained here.

As a leading Ecommerce Web Design Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters the best ecommerce website development service to the clients who belong to different industries.

  • Make sure the customer directly lands from a search engine.
  • Make sure the customer lands on the product page immediately after browsing the store.
  • Ensure the customer has landed once after clicking the target advertisement.

Product page of any kind of ecommerce website must have these essential features like:

  • Well optimized to make sure it is search friendly.
  • Provide valid and detailed information to hold the customer.
  • The store must be designed well to provide a rich online shopping experience to customers.

An ecommerce store needs to follow a lot of strategies to make their customers stay on the website and convert them to buy the products. A step by step approach in these methods will definitely yield a favorable result or your ecommerce store and every single step to make your product page worthwhile has been explained here.

As a leading Ecommerce Web Design Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters the best ecommerce website development service to the clients who belong to different industries.

Get To Know About The Components For Good Product Page

Before heading straight up into the topic of product page optimization of your ecommerce store it is better to analyze about few examples of renowned ecommerce players and to study the methods they have used to create a product page.

If we look at the product page of any established ecommerce player we can notice that they would have utilized maximum space of the page as best as they can. This clearly states their intention of providing valid as well as detailed information to their target group in a précised way. Let’s dig deep into it in order to analyze each and every section of a product page and how they have framed it in a better way?

  • It is very easy to position the product title and its overview so; it does not consume much effort and time as well.
  • Image gallery must be crystal clear and attractive enough and it must be fixed to be viewed from different angles
  • Product imagesmust be placed in the front and center. The background plays a crucial role to project the product image in a better way and it is also a deciding factor sometimes for a final purchase.
  • A unique and précised description for the product is highly mandatory to help the visitors to take an informed decision over purchase.
  • The details you provide in the description will keep reflecting in the customer review.
  • Inserting the feature of previously viewed products on the customer account helps them to take a quick decision and also benefits from the sale of your product.
  • Providing lot of options on a single page makes the job of customer quite easy in selecting the product.
  • Having the “Add to cart”, acts as a reminder for the customer who wishes to buy the product later.
  • Providing details about shipping charges and return policy will give much clarity to the customer and makes them take a rigid decision.
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A successful ecommerce store will definitely show variations in these following features

  • Detailed and unique descriptions
  • Displaying a better picture of the product
  • Positive reviews which act as a catalyst for the purchase decision
  • Customization to the core
  • Availability of “Add to cart” button
  • Providing clear details on shipping charges and return policies

Self-Analysis On Product Page Creation

Before creating a direct product page for your ecommerce site it is highly mandatory to create a product copy and analyze it before going for the final take. This will be more of an FAQ type in order to carry out a self-analysis for your product page.

What Is The Product

As a seller, you must have a detailed clarity on the product only then you can explain it to the customer. This attention to detail must be carried out much perfectly when it comes to a new product.


Make sure that you are explaining the product well according to its nature whether it is a normal one or it satisfies the demanding need of a customer so that you can highlight those points as well in the product description.

Why Choose

Here comes the main aspect which details about the USP of the product, and explains the viewers through providing a reason for the necessity to buy it.

Key Features

The last but not the least every product must carry out the details regarding its key features or characteristics to provide complete information to the website visitor. This is the most suitable aspect when it comes to the sale of food product which needs to talk about their ingredients.

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Creating A Splendid Product Image

Images are the one which most of the ecommerce website visitors look for while landing up in the product page, a better-framed product image conveys the description of a product easily and effectively when compared to a textual description. Make sure you post the best quality image of the product to be sold in that specific category and it needs the assistance of the following features or supportive elements like:

  • High quality professional camera or smartphone
  • A good lighting
  • White backdrop is necessary
  • Finally, a steady surface to hold the product

Keep updating with multiple images so that it gives a feeling to the customer that you are an active player in the industry. Edit the photos of your product in a best possible way to grab the attention of maximum customers. There are various image formats like GIF, SVG, PNG and JPG available out there pick out the most suitable format according to your product type.

Maintain A Consistent Photographic Image

There are lots of advantages in using a white background for a product to be displayed on the ecommerce site irrespective of its category and here I have listed some of the major advantages.

Internet shopping
  • A white background is highly capable of providing great consistency for every product category.
  • Improve certain aspects of the product.
  • Editing the product image becomes easy.
  • Has a perk of selling it on the marketplaces like Google shopping and Amazon which explicitly look out for white background.

Maintain The Same Dimension

In an ecommerce store products need to be displayed in different angles with varied sizes and moreover, they undergo frequent changes. In this situation, maintaining the same dimension for the product image is necessary and it won’t be disturbing the view of a customer.

Good Utilization Of Product Templates

Proper and effective use of product templates is required to showcase any kind of product image in a best possible way.

Upgrade The Level Of Your Photos To The Next Level

As a displayer of product image, you need to keep few things in mind to speed up the entire process like:

  • 40% of the ecommerce visitors leave the store if the image takes more than 3 seconds to get loaded so make sure your ecommerce product page loads quicker as possible.
  • Using CSS to create borders around image and button elements will speed up the process.
  • Try avoiding external libraries which load plugins or images that can slow down the loading process.
  • Utilizing Google Page Speed Insightshelps you to identify the image which pulls back the process and most importantly it suggests you for betterment of comprising the image.

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Mobile Optimization

Optimizing the store according to mobile view is highly mandatory as it is viewed by the majority of the visitors.  Here are the few tips to be followed

  • Position the image in front and center and make sure the information is displayed only when it is required, and it is not supposed to be in front of the image.
  • Reduce the size of the images as much as you can but, at the same time, it must be clearly visible. This helps to improve the loading time of the mobile site.
  • Menu bar must be fixed in order to ease the customer while shopping the product.

Search Engine Optimize

SEO plays an important role in boosting the visibility of your product page to the target group, in most of the ecommerce website product page is not well SEO optimized and hence disabling the chance of attaining the required value. A unique and well-optimized content for your product page places your e-store in higher search rank and moreover, the product page acts as a front face for your customer to view.

  • Draft a crystal clear product description that details in a précised way about the product you sell and also in a right way that it matches the customer search terms
  • Optimization of image metadata is important on your product page, include the necessary ALT tags by describing images, relevant title tags, and file names.
  • Adding product related video is another way to increase the customer inflow into your ecommerce website. Even though it is considered as an option still it is a potential bet which can really improve the conversion rate.

Zoom Based Image Optimization

Look and feel of a product is considered to be an important aspect and customers in geography like India gives higher preference to it. In order to ensure that this quality won’t be a missing factor, most of the ecommerce website has integrated the zoom in and zoom out option for each and every product. This gives the customer a greater confidence in choosing the right product and also satisfies them in analyzing every single detail of the product before buying it. Here are few important points need to be taken into consideration while enabling the Zoom functionality for a product.

  • Thumbnail template needs to be at 50px*50px
  • A collection image template that is 100px*100px
  • Related image template which needs to be at 150px*150px
  • Main photo template at 500px*5oopx


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