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Before directly getting into the concept let’s make it clear about some basic theories, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the innovative approach which is followed by today’s digitized VC’s (Venture Capitalists) to fund new and growing start-ups.
Here the VC’s and other investors provide initial fund and as a response, they get a cryptocurrency token based upon their investment rate or the amount of share purchased. As the best ICO Digital marketing company, iStudio Technologies takes the ultimate responsibility “in preventing ICO scams.
This is how the ICO system functions, but still it is too risky for investors to put in dollars and dollars of amount without having a proper idea of the business model. Because the amount received and the token generated is done through the ICO which always acts as a third party in this business. Just like other field’s hackers and fraudulence do exist here, and there is a high chance of fraudulence occurrence since everything is happening through digitization. As the best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies carry out a filtered process to detect the scammed ICO at any cost.

Tactics of fraudulent ICO’s

  • Defending in the name of the real agency to shield their fraudulent activities
  • Having one or two block-chain experts to bring in funds
  • Uploading fake photos which cannot be easily identified
  • Formation of irrelevant teams
  • Posting non-existing media publications
  • Providing false information on media partners

Counteract against ICO scam

Investors need to carry out some preventive measures to safeguard themselves from scam ICO.

Reverse image search

Everybody knows to search a particular image in Google but there is something we need to know about reverse image search, this helps to get real details regarding a specific image uploaded in any site. Usage of reverse image search helps to identify the scam ICO’s. As a leading ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies creates better awareness among investors regarding ICO scams.

Business Plan

Investors must strictly demand a clear business model from the start-ups in order to invest in them. Designing fancy websites does not matter here, whereas the start-ups need to convince the investors to bring in an initial trust over them. Framing a proper business plan is the only solution for investors to avoid scope fewer start-ups and fake ICO’s. As a top ICO marketing agency in India, iStudio Technologies strictly detain ICO scams getting into the main event.

Developmental Scope

Start-up has become a trend now a days and we can even see that number of business were started in a single year, but the real caliber lies in their sustainability. Investors must be highly choosy in funding the start-ups by measuring various parameters of the business like feasibility, scope of improvement and return on investment rate. If the start-up has a real scope and satisfies these qualities then investors can fund these start-ups. As the best ICO development company in India, iStudio Technologies takes great care blocking scam ICO taking part in the token sale.

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