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Nobody would have believed that transactions can be carried out with the governance of any legal body until the concept of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain were introduced. This Blockchain is a distributed ledger which is highly decentralized where each transaction happens between peer-to-peer networks. Anonymity in blockchain started from the very beginning where its inventor could not be found properly till now.

This is how the entire world is going to function in the future whether you like it or not, Virtuality and anonymity will be playing a crucial role in the upcoming days. Blockchain enabled technology connects two anonymous peers and makes them involved in the business. This decentralized ledger format has very tight built-in security which is uncrackable and makes the transaction of any huge amount possible between any two anonymous people.  As the Best Blockchain Development Company in Chennai, India. iStudio Technologies caters the most innovative and effective blockchain-based applications for your project.

Apart from security, this technology offers the most minimal cost for transaction irrespective of the destination it needs to reach. Quick reach towards the end node or peer node is also made possible in blockchain network when compared to any other prevailing transaction. This write up will be explaining you about creating a distributed blockchain network with the help of Bitcoin.

Developing a Blockchain Application using Bitcoin

Consistency, reliability, and security are the three major primaries standing aside with bitcoin to develop an effective blockchain application. Prior acquisition of bitcoin wallet will make things easy for you in developing blockchain application. Now you have bitcoin in your digital pocket and you can use it as an extremely secured technology and high-end software in creating the decentralized ledger.Possessing bitcoin wallet helps you to keep your digitized keys much safer through which you can access the bitcoin address followed by your virtual money. Providing a high range of security is the primary concern here and bitcoin takes it as a top priority.

Moreover, there are some exclusive service providers who deliver some variety and classy API (Application Program Interface) for developing the blockchain app. The ultimate aim of these ready-made service providers is to provide a highly secured blockchain network in whole by bringing in all the required functionalities in it. Some of the instant examples of API providers are,, and much more. Compared to any other application mobile-enabled application is highly flexible for the developers and the end users incorporating all the functionalities in it.

The truth is bitcoin wallet won’t be having a single coin in it instead; it will be contained with the keys which provide the access. We at iStudio Technologies cater quality blockchain technology applications in India meeting real-time problems.Bitcoin-based blockchain application can be created in several forms like PCwallet, Mobile Wallet, an online bitcoin wallet and offline bitcoin wallet. Creating and implementing a blockchain application is not that difficult as it can be engineered through approaching lots of libraries with standard and unique functionalities for creating blockchain application. These libraries make things possible to create a real and efficient blockchain app.

This works similar to other applications where one can involve in a transaction without providing any of your data. As the best blockchain development company in India, iStudio Technologies provides you effective result through our development services.Another striking feature of this mobile app is that the users don’t want to install the entire one as it consumes much of your memory space. Only a specific programmable part can be downloaded and used as per the requirement, avoiding unwanted mobile traffic and mobile operations. Mobile app develops a feature named simplified payment verification through which they can use only a specific set of blocks to carry out the transactions.

Functioning of Blockchain

1. Whenever a transaction happens a set of blocks were added at every stage consisting of data related to the transaction and the amount details.

2.When the process of the transaction goes on to the next level, then the number of blocks gets increased contributing towards the formation of the blockchain.

3. It is highly guaranteed by the encryption tool that there won’t be any happening of a data breach or third person handling of blocks at any particular stage.

4. Since the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and many others are highly dependent on blockchain it is very important to keep it secured.

5. We at iStudio Technologies, caters provides useful blockchain solutions in India with the help of talented experts in the team.

6. To make the blockchain possibly work, lots and lots of computers were connected to several parts of the globe to form a complete network.

7. Each and every transaction will be shared with every node set and these node set will carry out the verification process.

8. Competition always does exist between nodes to do verification and post successful verification that particular node will be added to the chain.

9. These are how each and every node will be added and post the verification process nodes where copied to the computer, and it will be maintaining a separate copy of distributed ledger which acts as a proof of the transaction later.

Unique Features of Blockchain transaction

Easy transaction

Completely decentralized

Peak level of security

Anonymity spread all over

Advantages of using Blockchain

High speed

Minimal cost

Transparent to authorities

Easy tracking enabled for users


The blockchain is a highly emerging technology and there is no doubt that this concept will be of high in demand among various industries in the upcoming years. The current scenario prevailing over various industries is a perfect proof of the effectiveness of blockchain technology among industries.This technology is widely being used in various industries like banking and financial sector, Government and the public goods sector, Insurance sector, healthcare industry, media, technology, energy & utilities and manufacturing industry. Around 30% of the globe utilization and implementation is done by banking and finance sector, followed by the public sector with 13% and 12% hold by the insurance sector.IStudio technologies are well known for developing custom blockchain websites in Chennai, India for several industries.

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