With more and more devices gets evolve every day and simultaneously more options for web designs also get exist in the designing environment, the designers need to be very choosy and careful in presenting a website design and especially when it comes to presenting a mobile based website you need to be extra careful.As framing responsive designs has become very much mandatory mobile devices have become the unavoidable one and the great influencer which acts as the deciding factor here. As a designer you need to consider the following factors next time to create a fantabulous website design for your mobile. As the best web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is well known for delivering the most innovative and outstanding designs for your website.

Readability and usability comes first

When it comes to website designing every designer works out in a better way and try to give impressive designs from their end, but things won’t work out in favor every time. A design which looks good in a desktop screen might actually look very poor in a smaller screen like mobile then those images need to be removed without any second thought. Few things need to get altered and customized when presenting a design in mobile format. As the leading website design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters complete designing service for diversified client base.

responsive design

Take complete advantage of column usage

Usage of column is bit a tricky one in the designing process of a smaller screen devices, especially the text-oriented columns and the multi-column layouts do operates in a different way on their own style when they adopt the devices completely. Hence, the designer needs to be highly cautious to carry out a specific design for both the tablet and mobile phones. Adopting CSS flex box will be the right move here as it gets flexible with both the devices and also provides a compromising design that suits well in both the devices. We at iStudio Technologies cater the best website design service in Chennai with the help of our experienced designers.

Avoid Stereotypical approach

It is not compulsory or mandatory to stick with the stereotypical approach always and you can always try out different things when it comes to designing part. For example let us say that placing a social media icon in header of the website is highly applicable. But when it comes to tablet or mobile device the scenario is entirely different here, where it is not guaranteed it will be look able in these small screen devices too. So it is advisable to follow different pattern of design for different devices. As the top web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies delivers the most outstanding designing service that suits your business.

Exclusive Mobile Features

It is not compulsory or mandatory to stick with the stereotypical approach always and you can always try out different things when it comes to designing part. For example let us say that placing a social media icon in header of the website is highly applicable. But when it comes to tablet or mobile device the scenario is entirely different here, where it is not guaranteed it will be look able in these small screen devices too. So it is advisable to follow different pattern of design for different devices. As the top web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies delivers the most outstanding designing service that suits your business.


Responsiveness of a design is great boon for a website to attract more number of customers, and hence it is in the hands of us designers to present it in a more pleasing way. A highly successful cross-platform design will carry out with all basic functionalities implemented in a normal way, and then it gets elevated with the design it got incorporated into the site in a accustomed way to enhance user experience and convert them into customers. As the best web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides the most outstanding designing services to their clients for a decade of time successfully.




When it comes to programming languages, it is highly important for a developer to stay update with recent ones. In this ever changing programming world, tuning yourself updated is the most important thing to stick with the real world scenario in order to take up the lead and serve better for clients. This programming world is highly-dynamic where you can always find a new technology, framework or language to learn, and it may even lead to confusion sometimes in choosing the right one.

Selecting a programming language is always subjective either you opt it for learning purpose or implementing to cater the required service to the client. This subjectivity of choosing a language may turn out either way for you. But still, there are few languages which have always been on the top notch creating high-demand for its usage and paving a better scope for developers to learn and to execute it for business purpose. As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologiesalways deliver quality website for their clients using updated web app frameworks.

Analyzing and calculating the influence of a programming language is carried out based on various parameters, and in this blog we have used the report prepared by three established analyzing agencies (TIOBE, GitHub, Stack Overflow)in software programming field and based upon their result the ranking has been made. This priority for languages may vary from nation to nation based on several scenarios.




Java still holds the first position in the ranking without getting disturbed by any new inventions or found of new languages. As per the recent survey conducted by TIOBE’s data this July-August, Java holds the record of holding the first and second position more number of times for decades when compared to any other languages. Still a lot of companies are involved in developing software and applications based on Java, and hence it is betted as a safe language to land-in. some of the striking features of Java are its portability, scalability, flexibility and huge base of user community.

C language

Being one of the oldest languages, C still stands tall and firm in this tough race of programming languages and outshine among various new finds. Early adoptability of this language by big players like Microsoft, Oracle, and Apple is also a striking feature. It is a cross-platform working language which works well with any operating and embedded system, thanks to its portability and flexibility nature. This language has smaller runtime hence making it capable of being system lean. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologiesalways surpass their client’s expectations through delivering best website for their business.


Another oldest and firm object oriented programming language, and still it is found in various systems right from the desktop based web applications to framing server infrastructure. Still, C++ has its own demand in the programming world due to its flexibility, high performance and multiple contexts which is highly usable.


Python as a development language has registered a gradual growth and now has attained the established status through acquiring a position in the top5 list of best programming languages. Python has always been a promising language which acts as a core operator behind some of the latest impressive technologies like AI, machine learning, big data analytics and Robotics. As the top website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologiesprovides complete website services to their clients in a better way.


As a modern object oriented programming language C# was developed by Microsoft to give tough competition to Java, and it hugely disrupted Java market through grasping half of its client base. It was created to develop applications on the Microsoft platforms and also needs .NET framework to work with Windows.


This concludes the list of top 5 programming languages which is high in demand in both the academic and business to get adapted as early as possible. This is just the current scenario and this may get varied even in a couple of months’ time. But still the development world won’t undergo huge changes where there will be slight variations in the ranking of course. We at iStudio Technologies are the best web design and development company in Chennai, who meets the varied need of diversified clients and satisfies their expectations through providing flawless websites for more than a decade of time.




The recent reach of android has highly revolutionized not only the technological world but also the development environment. The middle and low income countries based users are widely exploring android devices when compared with the users from developed nations. This created a curation among us regarding the usability of programming languages. As a result of analysis we found that different programming languages where used in developed and developing nations. This blog section will be unboxing the reason behind the variation and also the listing of languages used. As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies uses the most advanced and effective web app framework to create the best website for clients.

Technologies interlinked with country’s GDP

As the analysis carried out over technological and programmatic language usage it is finally found that a country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth level is interlinked with the usage of a specific programing language. As a result it is found that developed nations have quickly adopted languages like Python and developing and under developed nations are still using a bit outdated languages like PHP. The analysis is carried out on determining factors like educational standard, age of the software industry, outsourcing rate correlating with country’s wealth. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies implement the most suitable web app framework for your website.

Segmentation of software industry

In order to get a clear idea about diversified programming language usage we have separated the global software industry into high income and low income category. According to the World Bank statistics the countries were classified into high income and low income. The above mentioned GDP based influencing factors were taken into count to classify these nations.

How countries vary in adopting programmatic languages?

Data Science research and technologies: The core reason behind adoption of new technologies by developed nations is due to their huge investment in research and development in the area of software development industry. The country’s per capita GDP is a high contributing factor for developed nations to get invested in research and development whereas; on the other hand this research part is lagging in low-income nations. As a top web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies creates the most suitable website according to your business needs using trending web app frameworks.

C/C++: When discussing about languages like C and C++ it is quite rarely been used by the companies in developed nations as compared with the companies from the low income nation. This scenario could also be related to geographic distribution of particular nations with varied usage of their electronic and manufacturing industries.

PHP and Android: When it comes to application development again PHP and android were quite often approached by low-income nations like India, Philippines, and Indonesia as compared with developed nations like US and UK. The core reason behind this high-frequency visiting is due to the greater adoption of android as an operating system in the low-income nations when compared with the high-income nations.


All the above mentioned scenarios are clearly justifying ones, that stats the valid reason behind usage of varied programming language according to the geographical regions in this world. Low-income nations need to find ways to focus on updated technologies and programming languages to develop their software industry. India is also being a part of it really needs to adopt some revolutionary approaches to update themselves in the programming language environment and become a complete technological player. Being the best website designing and Development Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is capable of framing perfect website using any updated web app framework.




As the ecommerce industry keep evolving with the changes happen within their customer a lot of trends are starting to booming up now days. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a part of it which plays a vital role in the growth of any ecommerce business. Similar to SEO, CRO also has become the inseparable one from ecommerce. Pulling in the customers towards the website is the basic move where, making them completely engaged, converting them as a loyal customer, and increasing the flow of number of customers is also important which paves way for the development of the ecommerce site. CRO as a strategy is much needed here, and this blog post will be providing the most striking methods through which you can generate huge traffic towards your site using CRO strategies. As a leading Ecommerce Web Design Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters the best ecommerce website development service to the clients who belong to different industries.

CRO Trends

Two-factor approach

As CRO is considered to be the evolving trend the perception of ecommerce specialists get split up into two main categories. Where, one group of specialist felt that CRO is literally practicing the basics of ecommerce through maintaining accuracy in the features like product titles, content descriptions, and buttons as well. Whereas the other set of experts believe that CRO is all about optimizing the overall customer experience in the ecommerce website where it needs to drive the required amount of traffic. Comparing both these strategies they appear to be same and it is the comfort of ecommerce analyst or CRO specialists who handles a specific kind of approach.


Demand for data

When it comes to handling CRO for your ecommerce site, there increases a demand in having more number of data to analyze and keep a track over both the 1st and 3rd parties of ecommerce. As the core functionality of a CRO specialist is to develop the business for the website they need to maintain these data in order to increase the traffic. We at iStudio Technologies cater the most awful M-commerce solutions in Chennai, to their various industrial clients meeting all their business requirements.

  • Obtaining the reference of other industries is also seems to be key here in order to maintain accuracy and generate more traffic.
  • Even though collecting and analyzing data is known as the litter side job yet, obtaining the perspective of a single customer is still a challenge over here.
  • Till date ecommerce marketers are struggling to sync the solutions with offline and online data
  • It is not practically possible to find a perfect vendor who can solve any kind of issues related to business use case
  • When it comes to marketing aspects still there is a gap prevailing among the CRO and vendors in finding the right solution.
  • But still there is a scope for CRO specialists to retrieve data about a single user with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where, CRO ecommerce is highly dependent on AI in uplifting its performance in this process.

Ecommerce Attribute Model

Attribution model of ecommerce is another key factor that determines the conversion rate of ecommerce business. But, still this get varies when it comes to offline and online conversion where, the strategies for both these marketing are entirely different. This gets even diversified when it is applied for various kinds of business models.For instance, when it comes to online marketing the last click strategy is found to be highly applicable and even this is not found to be the fixed one because few experts believe that this method may also vary according to the business that goes on. Industrial experts also depicts that there are different KPIs followed for

  • As the best Mobile Commerce Service in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters outstanding ecommerce
  • service through continuously updating the advanced features prevailing in the industry to surpass the client requirements.

Testing gains the limelight again

Post the introduction of CRO method the A/B testing has again achieved traction among the ecommerce experts and industry people as well. Even though there is not a proper understanding and required knowledge for testing still, the importance for it has been increased and also its awareness. This is just an initial step that sculpts the way ecommerce gets converted as an industry and gain more traffic through CRO.


As a best ecommerce web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters their clients with awful ecommerce websites. We incorporate latest technologies and advanced features to bring in high quality to the website you deserve. As a leading service provider in ecommerce development, we highly believe that the product page acts as the front face of an ecommerce website and it plays the lead role in converting the website visitors. We are well known for delivering a responsive website design which is of high demand in today’s ecommerce business.