How to Secure a WordPress Website?

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WordPress is found to be the most happening CMS website development platform according to the current scenario as it holds the maximum share amongst other CMS platforms when it comes to website creation.
Security concerns for WordPress websites are always found to be high with 10K+ websites blacklisted due to malware attack, and 50K+ websites are under phishing every week.
The share of WordPress is high in this scenario holding 60% of total damage. We are a highly experienced team of WordPress developers who deploy great focus on its website security while serving every single client.
Being a renowned Web development company in Chennai, India we carry out extra effort on WordPress website security by following several best practices.
Securing a WordPress website is not just about risk elimination, but it also encompasses risk reduction as well. Being the renowned WordPress practitioner, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on WordPress website security that helps you shield your site from online attack.
So before diving straight into the procedures let’s have a quick look at the necessity of securing a WordPress website.

Basic WordPress Website Security Practices

Why to secure a website?

Holding a secured website is highly important for any business organisation to stay away from malware attacks and safeguard their online presence by not getting decimated at any point in time.
An insecure website is highly vulnerable towards spam and malware attacks which in turn loses its direction and also causes damage to the client websites as well.
Google is banning and blacklisting hundred thousands of websites which are found to be malicious and tightening the security norms as well but, still, there is malware do exist around the web world which causes ultimate destruction.
Being the most promising WordPress development company in Chennai, India we ensure to deliver high-secured WordPress website for your business.


Be Updated

Updation plays a pivotal role in WordPress website’s security, and you need to ensure that the installed core, plug-ins and themes were up-to-date.
WordPress is a flexible tool that carries out minor updates automatically, but major updates need to get carried manually in order to avoid a security breach.
Our enhanced Web development services in Chennai, India helps you in possessing a strong website that defends well against online intruders.

Durable passwords and Permitted Access

Holding a difficult and mind squeezing password will always be a safe bet in securing a WordPress website, this might sound little awkward and generic, but the majority of WordPress website hacking takes place due to weak or easily crackable passwords.
You must possess complex passwords all around your WordPress websites in functionalities like admin, FTP account, database, hosting account, and custom email-id which holds your domain name.
We are highly enriched WordPress development service provider in Chennai, India delivering end-to-end security for your WordPress website. Moreover you must provide access towards WP-admin only to restrained people of your organization.

Integrating shared hosting plan always leads to risk where there are high possibilities of contamination occurrence so now the hackers can easily conquere your website from neighbouring areas.
Instead, it is highly advised to opt out for managed that uses a secured platform and delivers automatic backup and updates, and advanced security configuration. We are an exquisite Web development agency in Chennai, India who brings security factor as the first priority.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting plays a crucial role in the website’s security as it delivers extended protection forces that would safeguard the website from any attack. A good web hosting company possess certain features which makes it eligible to provide hosting services in a secure way.
• Continuous monitoring of network to avoid malware interference
• Well-equipped tools to defend and destroy DDOS attack
• Updated software and hardware system that stops malware access towards website
• Always ready to face disaster recovery and auto accident plans.


Step-by-Step Process of Securing WordPress Website

Being the most prolific WordPress development company in Chennai, India we deliver end-to-end security services for your WordPress website that forms a 360-degree shield around your website to defend against malicious attack.

WordPress Backup Solution

Practising a well-planned defence mechanism against malware attacks is sensed to be a wise move when it comes to securing a WordPress website.
A complete WordPress backup solution will act as the remedial approach, where there is no assurance of 100% security and holding a rigid backup solution will definitely be a fair play.
Being a highly distinguishable WordPress development company in Chennai, India we provide you complete assistance in setting up a solid backup solution for your WordPress website.

WordPress Security Plugin


Once you have done with setting the backup solutions, it’s now time to convert your defence strategy to offence strategy by setting up a tool to monitor and audit every single process happening in the website.
We are the best Web development agency in Chennai, India who deliver customised and guarded security plug-ins for your WordPress website.

Enable Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Implementing a web application firewall is one of the best and effective approach to get rid of malicious attacks approaching your website. These firewalls will detect and destroy the virus before they enter the arena of your website. There are two different categories of firewall do exists:

Why to secure a website?

These type of firewalls used to route your website traffic and filter out only genuine search to visit your website server.

Application level firewall-

This kind of firewall keep do examining the data flow in towards your website’s server and then filter out the malicious data to getting into your website, this is not as efficient as DNS firewall, and it doesn’t manage the server load time.

Shifting to SSL/HTTPS

Ensuring the security of a WordPress website around its complete usage is found to be mandatory, and hence it requires the deployment SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate which encrypts the outgoing data from your web server to users browser. Practising this approach will deny the web data hijackers to act freely and stiffens their usual activities.
Post enabling SSL certificate into your website your URL gets converted to HTTPS resembling the security notch implemented in the website.
We deliver SSL certified WordPress development services in Chennai, India that gives primary focus on website security.


WordPress Security Act for Users

There are certain procedures which the website holders (you) can carryout without any expert advice to ensure your website security. In case you have stuck in the middle or confused with the process we as an accomplished Web development company in Chennai, India will always be there to assist you.

Change admin username

Obvious usernames are the root cause for brutal online attacks against websites in the recent past this particular issue was sensed and sorted out by WordPress platform today.
WordPress brings in the option of setting up a custom made admin login for your website. WordPress doesn’t entertain default setup of user admin, and it avails you with three different options instead:
• Deleting the old one and creating a new admin username
• By using the username changer plugin
• Updating username from phpMyAdmin

Turn-off file editing

WordPress has an in-built code editor which performs the necessary task of editing all the WordPress themes and plug-ins from the admin panel this feature can be misused and hence it is advised to turn it off. We are the leading WordPress development agency in Chennai, India who practice various approach to ensure your website security.

Disable PHP Execution

Strengthening the security of a WordPress website can be carried out through various approaches and disabling executable PHP files is one such approach. We have a highly experienced team of Web developers technically equipped to carry out these security strengthening activities.

Limited Login


Usually WordPress allows to try out multiple login attempts until one enters into the website admin panel, this kind of setup is a serious setback which paves way for simplified hacking.
This drawback can be easily fixed by setting up limited number of login attempts for admin and other users to fix a determined security check.
If your website was backed by firewall then limited login functionality gets enabled automatically else you must install “Login Lockdown plugin”.
Being a highly intiutive WordPress service provider in Chennai, India we provide complete navigation in setting up security configuration for your website.

Two-factor user authentication

Implementing two-factor user authentication is a productive technique to bring-in hgih-end security for your WordPress website.
This approach involves the regular deployment of username and password in the first step and acknowledging through any other mode of device the user utilise in the second step, this approach can be witnessed in high-end web products like Gmail, Facebook login and WordPress deploys the same to ensure exceptional security.
We at iStudio Technolgies offers multi-layered security for your website using Web development service. Impending this login method for all the users and stakeholders will maintain strong security.

Changing database prefix

The one major setback of WordPress is it uses the wp_prefix for all the tables of database in which it got invovled.
Having a similar prefix for all the data makes the job of hackers easy to acquire your site, hence these prefixes need to get customised and we take complete care of it. Accomplishing this task requires exceptional coding skills and we are the team of WordPress developers who got specialised in it.

Password protection for admin and login page

Hackers have the capability of sending request to wp_admin folder and can easily login into your website, to prvent this act you can add an exrtra password protection in the server side model just by sending a request to avoid further damage.

Disabling directory index and browsing

Hackers are smart enough to breach our data and intrude into our website, one such approach is accessing directory index and spreading spam files within the dataset. Even your competitors can look out the directory index and potray the similar pattern into their functionalties, hence as an enhanced WordPress development company in Chennai, India we strongly suggest our clients to disable directory indexing and browsing options.

Disabling XML-RPC in WordPress

Initially, XML-RPC was enabled by WordPress 3.5 to deliver complete support to web and mobile apps but its super natural amplification power has reflected against website goodness thorugh supporting hackers to easily interrupt and decimate a website. An XML-RPC WordPress functionality ease up the attempt of a hacker to break a resilient password in less number of attempts and quickly obliterate your website. Hence being a professional Web development agency in Chennai, India we help our clients to overcome unexpected attacks through disabling XML-RPC.

Automatic log-out

Hacking can even take place due to the unattendive nature of a user where a hacker makes timely use of it, a logged in form which is left unattended is highly vulnerable to several hacks and leads to eternal chaos of a WordPress website.
To overcome this situaion we as a professional WordPress development company in Chennai, India delivers “active and inactive logout plugin” to avoid security breach of a website when a particular field or user is not active.


Adding security questions

Adding security questions are another kind of approach in denying unauthorized website access, these security questions can only be answered by professionals of that particular industry and hence makes the job of hacker more challenging.

Scanning malwares in wordpress

When you find a sudden drop in your website ranking or traffic inflow towards your website then it’s time to run malware checking over your website.
You need to process this autorunning security check to detect the presence of suspicious malwares and always remember these malwares once found need to get removed manually, and we as a established Web development agency in Chennai, India will help you fix those malwares which is explained in the upcoming section.

Fixing malwares


Lot of WordPress users don’t realize the ultimate importance of setting a backup and installing security related configurations in the website. A website with weak backdrop is likely to get breached again and again as the hackers make use of the backdoors. Letting WordPress professionals to takecare of your site will bring in permanent solution for your website.


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