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Angular JS Web App Development

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Angular JS App Testing

Angular JS Development

Angular JS is a dedicated open source structural framework tailor made for web application to construct high-end internet applications. Angular JS preponderates in developing single page dynamic web applications and also to assist in order to develop client side applications.

As a web development framework Angular JS permits the web developers to use HTML to create templates so that the developer finds it easy to segregate the application into modules. As the best AngularJS Development Company in India, iStudio Technologies is highly capable of meeting all the industrial requirements of the client and capable to deliver the most efficient application framework for client’s business.

As a highly scalable open source framework for web development, Angular JS is tailor made to create effective applications that are user-friendly. As a web app framework angular is proficient in creating data-driven applications without rendering the support from other plugins or any other frameworks.

As a leading Angular JS web development company, iStudio Technologies has always updated according to the latest versions of angular in the right time to deliver the most effective service to our clients.


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Features of Angular JS

a) MVC – Angular JS is built as a framework based on the most established and the best concept of MVC (Model-View-Controller) where its design pattern is used in all the formats of trending web applications. This designing pattern is basically works on splitting the business logic layer, data layer, and presentation layer into different categories. These category divisions are done to manage them easily in order to carry out the entire function properly.

b) Data Model Binding – When it comes to AngularJS there is no necessities in writing separate code to bind data into HTML controllers. All that angular need is to add few snippets of code into it.

c) Low Requirement of Code – While Manipulating DOM (Document Object Model) a lot of Java Script is required to be written in order to design any kind of application. The scenario is entirely different in angular where, it requires only a less amount of code to write DOM manipulation of any kind.

d) Unit Testing – Since angular is developed by Google, it has created it in a most effective way with all kind of supportive frameworks with it. This development framework is well- assisted by “Karma” the testing framework which provides timely help in designing the unit test especially for Angular JS applications.

Angular JS architecture

We are Best AngularJS Development Company in Chennai, India. iStudio Technologies is not just focused on meeting client requirements instead, and we also try to provide extra or advanced solutions to our clients in a suggestive way.

a) Controller– It denotes the layer which has business logic with it where, the user events will be triggering the functions stored inside the controller. These user events are the parts of controllers.

b) Views– It is used to exemplify the presentation layer which will be delivered to the user at the end.

c) Models– As a representative of data models are treated as the simplest one which possess primitive declarations. For instance, suppose if you are maintaining a student application it can exist either in two formats where, one is just by having normal functionalities for maintaining student records and the other one will be complicated with the most structured format.


why istudio

As a best Angular JS development company in India, iStudio Technologies caters the most optimal solutions to organizations through detailed analysis of their business requirements. We make sure to deliver the applications based on AngularJS with two-way binding through consenting automatic synchronization of data within model and view components. AngularJS apps created by us are highly capable of data binding through updating the view every time the module changes. Our experienced team of developers is highly capable of delivering excellent web application framework through integrating Angular JS in the best possible way through making the changes in the respective positions.









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Advantages of Angular JS

We at iStudio Technologies cater best AngularJS services, and we are highly capable of resolving any kind of industrial complexities through deploying this framework with the assistance of experienced experts.

As an open source framework by nature, Angular JS produces minimal errors as a result of execution.

Angular JS makes sure that data and presentation layer are kept synchronized always. So as a developer you don’t need to write any additional JavaScript code to place the data in HTML code where it gets synchronized automatically. Angular JS as a framework will carry out these functionalities automatically as it is considered to be a great advantage. All you need to do is you need to indicate the right control which bound for the respective model.

Angular is also capable of handling the outing process where it moves from one view to another. This is considered to be the basics of single page applications, where it is highly possible to move from one functionality to functionality within your web application which is purely based on user interaction just by staying in a single page.

Angular can support both the types of testing (Unit and Integration testing).

HTML gets self-extended using its own elements called directives where the high level directives are markers on DOM element (like attribute, element name, comment or CSS class) that describes Angular JS’s HTML to get attached with the précised DOM element behavior. These DOMs are highly helpful in extending their functionalities of current HTML elements that provides greater authority to a particular web application.

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Why Organizations Prefer Angular JS?

As a well-recognized open-source web application framework Angular JS caters highly measurable and deeply secured features to create an effective mobile or web application. As an easy learning platform

Angular JS is highly suitable for creating single page web application and front-end mobile development. Since angular is easy to understand and deploy, it creates a huge scope for developers to create the most flexible applications which can meet highly complicated requirements of the industry.

Adding upto it angular codes can be reused in cross-platform operating systems to build data-driven web applications with similar functionalities without carrying out major changes. As the top angular.js Provider, we at iStudio Technologies cater the elite experience to their clients through providing them high-end services.


Efficiency of Angular JS

Angular JS is highly capable of creating high-end single page applications like Gmail. Here you don’t need to wait for page reloading where the applications works very fast like that in the desktop applications.

Using angular js you can easily build real-time applications having two-way data binding in it. You can actually program this framework to update the webpage without undergoing the process of page reloading and once the data gets changed in the backend it will be automatically sent to front end.

Applications built over angular js are highly scalable which delivers the most diversified set of features and it stands as the most scalable one both from the developer side and user side.

Incorporating Angular 6

As the leading angular.js provider, iStudio Technologies has always made sure that it delivers the most updated and future-focused service to their diversified set of clients. Being a part of it we incorporate version 6 of angular while catering the service based on this developmental framework.

Features of Angular 6

We at iStudio Technologies provide the most effective and best angular js service provider to our clients who wish to adopt efficiency in their working application.

Templates possessing private

As a result of the fact the template functions of new angular framework is composed into the static component field and developers can now have private properties for the components used in templates. This is not a possible one till the fields and methods are forced to be used in order to use the components used templates in the public, since these templates ended up in different class. This is considered to be the solid move as accessing the private property from any other different classes would have ended up in failure of TypeScript compilation. This case is no longer tolerated as the template unction is present in the static field which has complete access to the private properties components.

Runtime il8n

This is the most new feature rendered under this version which is highly capable of using the most expected “runtime il8n”. Even though it is not completely developed to get implemented into the program but still, it is gaining some positive vibes towards it. Users who have already deployed il8n into their application have the advantage of not making much change into it. Earlier we used to create separate application for every local we support, now things have become much easier through loading the JSON into the structure which contains translation for every single local where the angular will perform the remaining operations.

AoT code enabled libraries

As per the current scenario, library released on NPM should compulsorily publish a metadata.json file, but cannot publish the AoT (Ahead of Time) code from its components. This is considered to be a major setback according to current scenario which leads to extra spending for creating an application. This setback is taken care in angular 6 where it has the Ivy with it, in which the metadata file is no more necessary and now the library authors can able to directly install the AoT code and perform the necessary operations to NPM.

Traces with better stack

The code generated in the angular 6 can allow better stacks to get traced while the templates are facing with issues which yield a solid error with lines of template by default. This is really a good feature, where it helps the developers to hold wherever they want in templates and analyze what actually going wrong with Angular.

Solutions We Cater

API Development

Creating a backend for pre-existing AngularJS application as well as integrating REST API using the latest version of angular.

IoT Apps

Creating IoT based enterprise applications using Angular.js development framework.

Third-party Integrations

Angular.js solutions delivered by iStudio Technologies, caters high-end third-party support integrating solid developmental process.

Real-Time Solutions

Incorporating powerful and scalable framework in order to build fast, real-time solutions and also to create data streaming apps for organizations.

Building Charts and Graphs

Our Angular JS solutions helps to add interactive charts and engaging graphs using specific tools like Angular Charts, Highlight charts, and AM charts.

Content Management Solutions

We provide highly scalable website application solutions using AngularJS combined together with efficient Content Management Tools in order to deliver complete website experience to our clients.

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