people prefer browsing
on their
smart phones


4 out of 5 customers
shop on
mobile devices


users said that if
a website work on
mobile will return it again


users will abandon
a webpage if it takes
longer than 3 seconds


What is a Responsive website?

Best Responsive Website Design companies in Bangalore (RWD) is the latest approach to creating a web design that provides maximum viewing experience and optimal interaction. The websites are flexible and help in easy reading, easy navigation, panning, scrolling and also resizing from different devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops.RWD uses fluid technology, flexible images, and proportion-based grids to design the website.

When it all began?

The concept of responsive website began in the year 2001 when Audi launched a website that adapted browser viewport width. Later in the year 2004, there were a lot of improvements in the website and in 2008 new concepts were developed and later in the year 2012, responsive websites have become popular. Now, most of the website owners concentrate on developing responsive web pages for their websites.

Responsive Web Design Company in Bangalore

We are happy to see you on our website! We are one of the leading responsive web design company in Bangalore helping clients from different backgrounds with their website needs. We help the business owners to have online presence in the competitive world of internet. We have been successful in helping our clients to own a website that is SEO friendly and improve their business level and profit percentage. We have a team of responsive website developers who have good years of experience in the field of web designing, web development and SEO and we take every project as a challenge and complete it on time.

iStudio Technologies the web design company in Bangalore proudly present you the solution for all your online business needs. We can help you with creating responsive websites with the latest technology that will reach the target audience with less effort. Our developers are experts in providing the best solution for a responsive website that is the latest development in web technologies. If your requirement is an interactive website, you can reach us, and we will do the needful.


It is one of the frameworks used for designing and developing responsive and mobile friendly website that uses popular CSS, HTML and javascript codes.

angular js

This is a Single page application that is an extension of HTML with added attributes and it is a simple framework. Angular Js company in Bangalore build apps and desktop apps for better user-interface.


It is a simple, lightweight, mobile-friendly responsive framework that has a lot of themes. It is a collection of CSS files which gives beauty to the web page at any size.


According to the browser capacity, the additional layouts are simply ignored without changing the style of the website hence making it a responsive web page.

why istudio

Our responsive website developers in Bangalore have the interest to create new website designs that are unique. When you go through our previous work, you can see that we have been innovative and creative with our designs, and there is no copying from one website to the other. Our experienced developers are passionate about their job, and they work hard to provide something unique to all our customers. Now, the latest development in Website design is the Responsive Website, and we are the top companies to offer you best service at an affordable price. Decide before you choose us. Here is a brief description about responsive website design, its importance and uses.

Our precise industry knowledge, focus and established a track testimony in the meadow of website design, web development, web hosting, digital marketing and e-commerce has facilitated us earn the conviction of our respected patrons and clients from the world over.










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Why Responsive website
is famous?

Don’t worry there is a perfect solution! We call it the latest improvement in the technology which helps all the mobile users to access websites easily on their mobile.

For the past few years, there is a constant increase in a number of mobile phone users that have left a challenge for the developers to create responsive websites that are compatible with any device. When there was an increase in the number of mobile devices to surf the internet, there was very less website that was compatible with mobile devices and the users found it really hard to navigate from one page to the other. Scrolling up and down was also quite difficult for the user and later to face the challenge, the responsive website came into light. As per the new research, it is understood that more than 60 percent of the population depends on mobile devices to access the internet so, it has become important for the business owners to have a best responsive web design companies in Bangalore


Can you expect the website that you see on the computer to look the same on your mobile?

Don’t you think the size of the screen is different and so as the resolution and the framework and layout?

Is there a solution to get the same clarity on your mobile and computer?

Do you know the latest
Google Ranking Update?

Business owners need a website for their business so that they can reach many customers and market their products to different users across the world, but most of the business owner’s do not concentrate on the Google Search engine optimization that helps a website to be visible to the target audience. Top responsive web design company in Bangalore design website along with SEO for interactive and creative.

As per the recent research by Google, the webmasters have identified that there are more number of mobile users rather than the computer users so all the websites should be designed to access on smartphones. Since then, the Google have decided to launch their ranking update. The website that is compatible with mobile phones and smartphones takes the highest Google rank, and it tops the Search engine optimization.


Successful responsive website

Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon are the few names of the successful responsive website. There are an increased sale every hour and every day on responsive websites, and they have got a lot of recognition among the users. The developers of the website have taken keen interest to provide the best experience for the customers both on the computer and mobile devices.

When we asked few users, they found no difference between using the websites on the computer and mobile phone. It was simple and easy to handle the website on both devices, and that is why more users prefer to use these mobile applications. Best responsive web design agency in Bangalore always look for new technology and framework to build website.

Why should you choose iStudio Technologies to create an interactive website for your business?

Our aim is to provide the best solution for all our customers, and we have proved to be one among the best responsive web designing companies in Bangalore. Our dedication is our success, and we provide an excellent solution to all the website owners and have created many successful websites.

Expert solution

Updated knowledge

Creative and innovative designs

Unique layout

Excellent customer service

Timely response

Customer satisfaction and
healthy customer handling

We are a top rated responsive web development company in Bangalore we treat our customer with due respect, and we ensure to satisfy their requirement and meet their needs.We provide the best customer service, and all our clients appreciate us for the same. You will understand the kind of service we provide at the first meet itself. Our service does not end after submitting the project, but we provide extended support and help our customers even after the product delivery and ensure that your website works smooth throughout. Our experts are at your reach when you report any problem with the website. We have reputed concern best responsive web design companies in Bangalore have clients satisfied and happy with website development.

Our team does not comprise only with developers and designers, but we have a separate testing team and customer representative agents and support team who provide support throughout and help you with all questions and queries related to the website. In the case of any errors with your website, our technical team will assist you and bring it back to working condition at the earliest time possible.

Why responsive website is needed
for successful business?

We hope to have briefed about the importance of a responsive website, and if you still have any questions and clarifications, you can feel free to reach us so that we can have our team explain you the importance and need of it. For innovative and creative web designs, reach to us and we will guide you with the best solution at an affordable price. Keep a watch on your competitors! It’s time to show an online presence for your business and do not delay.

Thanks to all our clients who had confidence in our work and kept encouraging us. We are more pleased to thank all our clients who are supporting us in our work. We will ensure that we do not break the trust you have in us and will keep providing innovative technologies to keep your business running! We take immense pleasure in thanking all our new clients who have kept their hopes on us, and we sure will not disappoint you in anyways.

Google Page ranking

Attractive design

Reach appropriate audience

Target wider range

Help user to access websites easily

Improvement in sale

Increase in profit

Reputation of business

Help business to reach a greater level

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