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CodeIgniter Development

Web application development work on any web application can be a hectic process, mainly when one fails to have the necessary tools to get going. While most websites on the Internet choose PHP as their base language for developmental work, accompanying frameworks are surely a great way to implement better features. Also, the use of frameworks ensures faster development in a more organized manner. For websites that are coded in PHP, CodeIgniter is, perhaps, one very important framework that offers numerous advantages to coders.

So website creation, using CodeIgniter development framework, is sure to boast of the following advantages.

  • Simplicity – Simplicity is easily one of the foremost advantages of using CodeIgniter as a developmental framework. It offers ease of use in every aspect and helps in smooth progress of work.
  • Vast libraries – The popularity of any framework is defined by the vastness of its libraries. CodeIgniter easily triumphs, in this case, offering plenty of library functions that can help in a faster development process as there is no need to build code from scratch.
  • Zero commercialization – CodeIgniter maintains a zero commercialization policy, which means no advertisements and no pressure to subscribe to further features. This can indeed be an advantage to coders.
  • Huge community – A huge community of developers contributing to the development of CodeIgniter means it will never go out of fashion. You are constantly provided with the latest updates and that keeps your development work ticking in the right direction.
  • Stable framework – CodeIgniter happens to be a very stable platform that ensures good web development work to progress.
  • Speed – Being amazing simple, and the further equipped with a massive library, CodeIgniter is easily the fastest framework for PHP web development.
  • MVC – CodeIgniter is largely based on the Model-view-controller (MVC) pattern, which offers easy implementation of interfaces. This three-step implementation is one of the key reasons why CodeIgniter development is the most preferred method.
  • Security – As a framework for web development, CodeIgniter offers a huge amount of security. It even offers XSS (cross-site scripting) filtering.

CodeIgniter development – iStudio Technologies Chennai

iStudio Technologies is easily one of the web coding companies in Chennai, which boasts of all round CodeIgniter development. Our web application development experts are completely comfortable with the CodeIgniter framework and know how to get the best out of it. Having served numerous other projects on the same platform, we know exactly how to go about any web development work that clients may ask of us.

Another advantage of working with iStudio Technologies for CodeIgniter development is that fact that we have an amazing turnaround time. So if you need your work to progress fast, and at the same time, come out with an extensive set of features, this framework is the way to go.

Since CodeIgniter requires fewer resources, you can also expect development work to be very affordable, on an overall basis. However, you can be assured that despite this, there will be no drop in the quality of work that is produced.

iStudio Technologies Chennai is definitely your best bet forward for any type of CodeIgniter development work that you might need. Get in touch with us for a first-hand quote today!