Customized CRM

    CRMs are certainly a very important aspect of any business. Basically, this is where you attract newer customers and at the same time, also try and hold onto previous customers. Therefore, when you are looking to implement a CRM for your business needs, it is certain that it needs to be tailor made to suit your standards and dealings.

    The issue with any CRM package can be plenty. While many of the market prevalent CRMs are rather expensive, they also come with plenty of features which can only make things complicating for your needs. So the obvious question that strikes is if one can have a customized CRM developed?

    In that case, it is recommended that businesses seek developers that can create customized CRM software for them. iStudio Technologies Delhi is an expert in this regard, with a lot of experience under their belt. Here’s what you can expect from iStudio Technologies, with respect to customized CRM development.

    Get your exact needs delivered

    When you opt for customized CRM development with iStudio Technologies, we make sure that your needs get priority. As such, every business has certain goals, objectives, strengths, needs and way of working that is totally exclusive. While CRM software packages are created to meet the entire scope, and, therefore, may come with a lot of unnecessary bloatware, customized CRMs need not be developed with such a stance in mind.

    Therefore, our CRM development team develops just what your business needs for better working.

    Complete integration with all business activities

    Using customized CRM software offers a tremendous benefit that allows you to integrate a lot of necessary components with your CRM software. This is largely because additions of other API or software are a whole lot easier to make.

    Thus, you can look to automate all your departments and at the same time, not make compromises on the efficiency. In fact, you can expect better efficiency in cases as such.

    Apps for departments that are based on a centralized CRM

    Having a customized CRM software allows for the development of specific applications that pertain to specific departments of a business organization. Every department can have their.

    Benefits of CRM

    • The CRM software offers many benefits for marketing, sales, products, services and other team.
    • Save More Time.
    • Faster Lead Generation.
    • Secure.
    • It is more convenient for customer use.
    • Save the company user network information.
    • Communication between the customer and Organization is strength.
    • Email Marketing actions are done in CRM.
    • User can able to check customer order history.

    CRM Services

    • Consulting.
    • Feasibility Analysis of your products.
    • How to evaluate the analyzed information about the products.
    • Reporting.
    • System Audit.
    • Architecture Review.


    • Functionality Implementation.
    • Design implementation.
    • User training.

    Upgrades and Migration

    • Application and product upgrade.
    • Data Migration.
    • Database upgrade.

    Application Integration

    • Customer Data Integration.
    • Multiple version Integration.

    QA and Testing

    • Testing Process Consulting.
    • Load Testing.
    • Manual and Automation Testing.