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E-commerce applications are the online business applications where buying and selling of products take place. With the fast internet growth, everyone today has the experience of online shopping. E-commerce is a transaction of buying or selling online. It covers wide range of business like consumer based retail websites, auction or music sites, business exchanges, trading goods and services. It is successful because it allows consumers to electronically exchange products and services with no barriers of time and distance. We are the best eCommerce testing company in Chennai with the 9+ years of experience.
For a blooming E-commerce business the most necessary requirement is a proper functioning and error free E-commerce site, this is why E-commerce testing is an essential part of the E-commerce development. The E-commerce testers test the websites continuously on different browsers and platforms. E-commerce testing requires the knowledge of E-commerce domain and web testing techniques. It is compulsory to maintain the integrity of E-commerce system for which E-commerce testing is performed. iStrudio provides the best ecommerce testing service in Chennai.

Why E-Commerce testing is needed?

Many companies and website owners tend to ignore the importance of E-commerce testing and launch their websites without the test execution. There are many people out there who are still in dilemma that whether or not testing should be performed. When it comes for testing service we provides the best ecommerce testing service in Chennai. Here are the various reasons which show why E-commerce testing is required:

Detect the bugs

E-commerce testing detects all the potential threats to a website and fixes them. It also identifies the area where any modification is required so that the web page can work more efficiently

Reduced costs

Executing the test before launching the E-Commerce portal is of great help. It identifies the bugs in the starting only and fixes it and saves the extra cost required for redesigning in the end.

Ensures reliability

Performing the E-commerce testing makes sure that website is functioning properly without any errors. Testing makes the E-Commerce portal more reliable and accurate.

Better brand image

A proper functioning E-commerce website is very beneficial in building up company’s reputation. It creates a better brand image on the internet among your customers as well as investors.

Higher profit/sales

With the improved brand image the traffic at your website also increases along with increased conversion rates. E-commerce testing helps in increasing the sales and profit of your business.

What to test in eCommerce?

iStudio is one of the best testing company in Chennai and provides the best eCommerce testing service in Chennai. Some common things which should get tested in E-commerce testing are:

eCommerce testing service in Chennai

Functionality of app

eCommerce testing service in Chennai

Shopping cart

eCommerce testing service in Chennai

Mobile compatibility

eCommerce testing service in Chennai

Workflow of application

eCommerce testing service in Chennai

Payment gateway

eCommerce testing service in Chennai


eCommerce testing service in Chennai

Home page

eCommerce testing service in Chennai

Browser compatibility




Product description page

eCommerce testing service in Chennai

Security issues

eCommerce testing service in Chennai

After order tests

eCommerce testing service in Chennai

Product type page

eCommerce testing service in Chennaii

Vulnerability issues

eCommerce testing service in Chennai


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eCommerce testing service in Chennai

Important practices for E-Commerce testing

Our dedication about our work and a pixel perfect result makes us the best ecommerce testing company in Chennai. Few things which should be kept in mind while performing the testing to yield better results are:

  • Do not start with the home page. Although the home page is equally important but most of the visits are not at the home page.
  • Select the page with higher amount of traffic.
  • Test environment should be realistic enough and in close proximity with the production environment.
  • Give attention to search and category pages also. These pages are often deprived of attention but they can play a great role in increasing conversion rates.
  • Proper monitoring of test result is must as they give information about the areas which require improvement.
  • One of the most important things to follow is never stop testing. It should be performed on a regular basis because there is always room for improvement.

Tools for E-Commerce testing

We are the top eCommerce testing company in Chennai with the dedicated team of testing professional. Some of the important tools which help in testing of E-commerce site are as following:

  • Concept Feedback
  • ClickHeat
  • Crazy Egg
  • Google Analytics
  • Feedback Army
  • FiveSecondTest
  • Silverback
  • Feng GUI
  • Unbounce
  • Optimizely
  • Spur
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Browsera
  • Browser Stack
  • Brwsershots
  • Perfecto Mobile
  • Cross Browser testing
  • W3C MobileOK Checker
  • Xenu Link Sleuth
  • SEOmoz
  • Link Research Tools


Testing E-Commerce web portals ensure that each feature has correctly implementing its requirements. It is the functional verification of all the components and helps a company or product to effectively grow in market. E-commerce testing is of utmost importance to take the business at the peak of development. With its significant importance there should be no second thoughts in the mind of E-commerce website owners about E-performance testing. It is a vital element to survive in this cut throat competition of E-commerce business.

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