Globalization testing

Globalization testing is attesting which is performed to ensure that software can handle any local and cultural experiences without breaking its functionality. In the global marketplace it is important to ensure that software is adaptable to different locations and culture around the world. There are many languages in the world and not everyone understands English. iStudio is one of the best software globalization testing company in Chennai. Many non-English speaking customers have operating systems in their native language and thus they expect the software to be available in their native language as well. This is why most of the software companies ensure that their software products are acceptable all around the world. This is achieved by simply doing the code in such a manner that they can change the product in any language, this process is known as globalization testing. It can also be referred as international testing. We are the best software globalization testing agency in Chennai with a dedicated team of experts.

What should get tested?

iStudio is stables them self as the top software testing company and provides the best software globalization testing service in Chennai. Some of the important aspects of software which definitely should get tested are as following:


Sensitivity to language and vocabulary


Currency handling


Date and time format


Paper sizes for printing


Zip code format

Address and telephone number format


Why globalization testing is important?

Globalization testing is important to ensure the quality of product and is acceptability all over the world. It uncovers the issues which require attention and improvement. We are the best globalization testing company in Chennai. Some of the benefits of software globalization testing are as following:

  • It checks the proper functionality of the product before it goes live in the market. It ensures code can handle international support without breaking the functionality.
  • It detects the potential problems, errors and threats in the software application that could inhibit globalization.
  • It verifies the linguistic accuracy.
  • It tells about the compatibility of hardware and application in reference of target region.
  • It reduces the overall testing and support costs.
  • It reduces the time of testing which results in faster time to market.
  • It increases the flexibility and scalability of the product.
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Process of Globalization Testing

Proper strategy should be followed for executing globalization testing then only the desired output can be achieved. Here are the following steps that should be the part of globalization testing plan:

Choose a right test platform

First step is to select a test platform which is internationally accepted. The choice of right operating system is very important it should provide you complete international support for the selected language. It should have flexibility with local settings and native support of languages and cultures.

Create test cases

Test cases should be created very carefully so that they cover all the required area. Test cases are the building blocks on basis of which tests are executed thus they plays an important role in test execution. We give you the top software globalization testing service in Chennai.

Build the test environment

Test environment should be relevant enough to meet the desired criteria. It should cover as many aspects as possible. Try to build a mixed test environment as it validates that data can be successfully passed between different cultures. We are the top software globalization testing company in Chennai.

Execute the test

After following all the above steps, test should be executed on the basis of pre designed test cases. Proper execution of test case is required following each and every point of test cases to detect all the possible bugs and area of improvements in the software.

Prepare a report

After the test execution identify all the errors and problems and on the basis of that prepare an analysis report. Report should include the areas where bugs are detected and the areas which require improvement as this helps in properly analysing the software.

Repeat the whole process:

After fixing all the bugs and errors repeat the whole test procedure again to ensure an error free product. If again a error is found it is advisable to fix it and re execute it for one more time and if no error is found then the software is ready to be launch.

Essential practices of globalization testing

Some of the important practices which should definitely be practiced while performing globalization testing are:


Feature based testing

This ensures that whether the required features of applications are turned on or off.


Testing for localized content

It includes testing of both text and graphics on the user


Testing for culture awareness

It includes user locale define items such as number, data and currency formatting.


Testing rendering:

It checks all the supported scripts in accordance with the linguistic characteristics.


Testing user interface

It checks the user interface on which the fonts are rendered, supports the different fonts and characters or not.


Storage testing

It covers the testing of data storage and retrieval in multilingual applications.


Testing file transactions

It deals with testing of files containing Unicode characters. It covers the encoding section.


Database testing

It ensures that there are no potential threats while performing data migration.

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