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We are a Tech Company With 11 Years of Experience

We are a tech company with
13 years of experience

We Are Industry Experts With Over 13 Years Of Experience. We Make Digital Brands Stand Out On The Market. Past Year, We Made Our Clients To Engage With Over Millions Of People. iStudio Technologies a Leading Tecchnology Company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India is a registered organization born in 2008. Now, we are one of the largest Web Design Company in Chennai, having a young and dedicated team committed to the permit of excellence. We provide a quality web design, creative web development services bespoke web applications. We are 100% customer oriented, “customer satisfaction”, “Customer Friendly” is our major focus. Above all we provide exceptional service and support.
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India's Top
Digital Transformation Solutions Provider

Digital Transformation Solutions

We help companies to achieve Digital Transformation to accelerate end to end business services. We redefine your business intelligently using starter-of-the art technologies that make you a leader in your business.

Why Digital Transformations?

  • Enhanced Business Operability
  • Improve Business Profit
  • Reduces Customer-business Gap
  • Out beat Competition
  • Expand Customer and Market Base

Digital Transformation Technologies

  • Cloud Solutions
  • AI/ML/DL
  • Automation
  • IoT / IIoT/ IT
  • Mobility
  • Data science & Analytics

Artificial Intelligence, Machine
Learning & Deep Learning

Reduce operating cost, improve efficiency and Grow your business with Machine Learning & Deep learning Solutions Our team of experts will turn your data into Business insights.

How we are helping to save millions of people
from death by predicting Hypertension? - Read a case study now

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Smart Manufacturing

Connect + Monitor + Control + Maintain + Realtime Defect Analysis

End to end smart manufacturing system enables reduce downtime, greater efficiency & customer satisfaction. We offer IoT boxes to connect with CNC machine controllers like FANUC, SIEMENS protocol for continuous monitoring, production monitoring & predictive maintenance. Smart cameras and Deep Learning solutions to find defects in the manufacturing components.

How we are helping manufacturing companies to find defects and part fit in the components


IoT - IIoT - IFTTT - Edge
Computing Consulting Services

Device Development + Data Collection + Processing + Intelligence + Visualization

We help companies to implement IoT solutions to solve their existing issues, enhance their business efficiency and new venue for business growth.


IoT - IIoT - IFTTT - Edge Computing Consulting Services

Custom Software Development /
Digitization / Mobility

Are you still using a software without intelligence?
Time to switch over now

Transform your business with our cutting edge End-to-end custom software development services. We help companies to implement & adapt smooth transition of moving from physical data to digital data, Desktop to cloud, Cloud to mobility, Mobility to intelligence.

PHP, .NET, Java, Angular, React js, Python, Node Js

Ecommerce M- Commerce

Ecommerce / M Commerce

Consulting + Development + Maintenance + Marketing

We are here to help you. We are having domain & technology experts with 13 years of experience in Ecommerce industry.

Are you planning to build next Amazon, Flipkart?
Having a unique product idea?



Transform your business from desktop to mobile

The tremendous growth of smart devices like Smart phone, Smart watches helps you to reach your customers at any time. The people are looking for smarter solutions now. Mobile and smart watches will help you to take your business to the next level that even you can’t imagine.

We help startups, small, medium enterprise companies to develop tailor made mobile solutions in a intelligent approach

How we are helped a US company to develop mobile app for Doctor Practice Management System?


Healthcare Solutions

End to end solution for doctor, hospitals, patients & insurance companies. We help healthcare industry to transform to the next level.We are having experts in health care industry

How we are helping a fast growing Medical Coding company to implement HL7 Data Exchange, ICD 10 & CPT codes?

Hyper Local Systems

People and business services are drastically changing in the past few years. We are looking for realtime tracking, hyper local delivery, employee monitoring etc., All these system generated peta bytes of data and lots of smart and IoT devices plays a huge role in generating data.

We help organisations to research and implement hyper local systems with IoT, mobility & AI. We are into a new world of technology where we want almost everything instantly. Our hyper local system solutions helps you to achieve it

How we are helped a US company to develop mobile app for Doctor Practice Management System?


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