How Facebook Helps in Improving SEO Results

How Facebook Helps in Improving SEO Results

Facebook is easily the most popular social media network in the world at the moment. For businesses, having a presence on this network is just as important as investing in SEO Company in Chennai in order to reach out to more customers. What many fail to realize is that Facebook can actually help in improving the SEO results.

How Does Google Utilize Facebook?

Before you can start working on your Facebook presence to improve SEO results, it is important to understand exactly how it does so. Facebook, or other social networks, can certainly have an effect on your SEO. This is a fact and already been stated to be the case by none other than Google.

Google has already stated that it takes into account social signals when it ranks various sites. The search engine algorithm of Google checks the popularity of the posts on Facebook. Posts that have become quite popular on Facebook by receiving a lot of shares and likes will be noticed by the algorithms. As a result, the site responsible for them may experience an improvement in their ranking.

Apart from the signals, there is another way in which Facebook can benefit your SEO efforts. Your posts and profile in Facebook will certainly be linking back to your site. As such, you can increase the number of backlinks to your site by posting on Facebook. At the same time, the links will generate a lot of traffic.

Both of these things will be noticed by Google, especially the backlinks. As a result, it can become easier to gain a better rank on social media.

How to Use Facebook for Improving SEO Ranks

iStudio Technologies, SEO Company in Chennai whose Experts have been putting forward several best practices for the utilization of Facebook in SEO. Some of the most effective steps that you can take are discussed as follows.

  • Optimized Profile: One of the first things you need to do with your page in Facebook is to optimize it. Add keywords to all the requisite areas. Optimize the content present on the profile. Never use keywords for the page title however.
  • Custom URL: Facebook allows users to customize the URLs for their profiles or pages. The structure of the URLs plays an important role in SEO. As a result, you should edit the URL and customize it with your brand name.
  • Links: Make sure that you include your Facebook profile link in all relevant places on your site. Social sharing buttons such as likes and shares will be especially helpful. After all, your readers will be able to share your content with their own followers resulting in a bigger fan base. In turn, your SEO will improve as well thanks to the backlinks generated.
  • Accuracy: The details about your company as posted on Facebook should be completely accurate. Therefore, ensure that the name, address, phone number and other vital details have been examined for accuracy.

Facebook can be quite a powerful tool for business. When combined with SEO, it can become beneficial significantly. You will be able to enjoy an improved presence on the web by iStudio Technologies, SEO Company in Chennai who can help your business grow.