we have everything from eye glasses to watches that can help us connect to the big world of the internet

WEARABLE Technology

With wearable tech going mainstream in the past few years, we are looking forward to models very soon, showing off some of the creations from the universe of wearable tech. With the sudden explosion of ideas related to wearable tech, we have everything from eye glasses to watches that can help us connect to the big world of the internet and help us access information in the form of apps or data which can make us feel like we are on the top of the world when it comes to sophistication.


Where are we heading
with wearable technology

But have we stopped for a moment in this race and thought where exactly the control lies? Did we really think that the users had complete control over everything? May be, maybe not. There is a possibility that the continuous notifications whirring away on that wearable is actually making him slip out of control as he continuously peeps in to check who has messaged or emailed or who just posted something on a social networking site. iStudio Technologies has been able to successfully establish itself as the best wearable tech company in Chennai in a very positive way.

Whether in the middle of a meeting or on a lunch break, a wearable can possibly make him feel closer to technology but it can be a constant reminder that there are things happening out there which he needs to know, and in a frenzy of checking notifications, emails and messages, he may end up ignoring the situation he is in. Forgetting to lead life in simple terms by doing what is required in the present.

After all, all the fuss about wearable tech is to enter a race of sophistication where the wearer feels like they have everything in control and they are a step ahead of the rest in the never ending ladder of new technologies. iStudio Technologies works as an expert in the mobile app development in Chennai and we have also been able to get on to the wearable tech positively.

pros and cons of

wearable technology

  • There are pros and cons to it, but just like smartphones have deviously built their existence on our constant need to communicate.
  • Wearable tech are gadgets that are full of sensors which connect to your smartphone wirelessly, usually with the help of Bluetooth, and the sensors help you achieve certain goals .
  • We have fitness gadgets that we can wear which help us track the fitness of a person from heart health to the number of steps they may have walked in a day.
  • On the other hand, there are the wrist watches which can do more than tell time if they are smart enough. Smart watches can now notify you regarding the calls or message you get.
  • Wearable tech are usually worn on the wrist, but there are those that can be hung on to the clothes with the help of a clip.
  • There are watches, rings, pendants and a lot more. A recent addition to the list of wearable tech is Virtual Reality (VR) gears which exist in the form of Head mounted displays.
  • Even smart clothing is becoming popular as wearable tech gets better. It is being predicted that the wearable tech industry is going to see a surge as the technology gets better and more popular.
  • Once people begin to use it more, the cost of creating the products will gradually begin to reduce and it will eventually be available for more people than what it is now.

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