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Laravel Framework

For any kind of web application development work on PHP, there are a huge number of options these days. As a result, people more or less tend to get more confused as to the kind of development that suits their requirements. Every framework for PHP has its own special advantages. Laravel is one such framework for PHP, which is also considered by many to be among finest. Laravel development is great choice for amateur projects and enterprise solutions.

What is Laravel framework and why choose it?

Laravel is basically a framework for PHP web development and largely belongs to the open source community. Boasting of a large number of features, many of them that allow faster and hassle free development, it is a very popular framework that coders from all spheres tend to look to.

Laravel boasts of a number of plus points, which can help you decide in choosing the right framework for your web development work.

  • Modularity – Laravel supports modular programming and therefore it becomes largely easy for developers to implement features.
  • Easy setup – Setting up Laravel is pretty easy. As such, even people who seem to not be very technically acquainted can get along just fine.
  • Feature-rich - There are a huge number of inbuilt features in Laravel that can be enabled in your application development. Some of them are templates, service layers, injection containers, etc.
  • Security – These days, a lot of web application development is primarily concerned about security. Bearing that in mind, the Laravel framework assures users of many precautionary steps that can be easily implemented. XSS (cross-site scripting) and SQL injection are all blocked with the help of tools.
  • Auto-loading – An auto-loading feature available in Laravel framework allows for easier maintenance.
  • Unit testing – The presence of the unit-testing feature in Laravel assures a wide of range tests to be made for discovering of values.
  • Fast and economical – Laravel is one of the fastest frameworks out there for any kind of PHP-based web development work. Therefore, if you are looking for a web application to be developed within a strict timeframe, then Laravel is easily your best bet. Also, Laravel assures economical usage of resources on all fronts.

Web application development with Laravel framework at iStudio Technologies Chennai

Laravel framework is synonymous with iStudio Technologies Chennai in terms of web development services. We are, perhaps, the only web application development team in Chennai to have served over 100+ clients. Our portfolio bears testimony to all the tremendous work that we have done so far.

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Besides this, at iStudio Technologies, our commitment doesn’t end merely with product delivery. We make sure to provide all kinds of support services, after the delivery of a product too.

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