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At istudio Technologies, our experienced professionals created a pool of well tuned latest technologies that will be suitable for next 5 years. Our mission is to create globally standard websites for all over the people & business in the world. Our “Make in India” website campaign offers Premium Web Development for small, medium & enterprise business companies.

Web Development

Website development and design are, perhaps, one of the most in-demand professional areas of work at present. As the Internet grows every day, at a rate that defies normal logic, more businesses and organizations want their websites up on the Web. Having a web presence in the twenty-first century world, does have significant advantages in a number of aspects.

First of all, a great and intuitive website means more attraction and flow of visitors to your site. This happens pretty naturally. Also, a good website design and implementation is the key to standing out among competitors, who are always on the lookout to beat you at your game.

Why choose iStudio Technologies web design company Chennai,India?

Just as much as the need to have a great website, both structurally and graphically, it is also very important to choose a great firm that will put their best foot forward in developing and maintaining your website. In this regard, iStudio Technologies is equipped with all the tricks of the trade, to implement intuitive features and fascinating designs that leave an imprint on the mind of your website viewers.

Experience factor

With plenty of experience since our very inception in 2008, iStudio Technologies web design company Chennai have taken very rapid strides in all aspects of growth. Starting with a small team of young and enthusiastic web developers, we have now evolved into a fairly larger group and also expanded to other cities as well. During the last six years, which has given us a great deal of experience in designing sites, we have worked with many clients from various backgrounds and continue to do so even today.

Many of the clients that we have developed websites for happen to bear the distinction of being the best in their fields so. If anything, this proves that we have never shied away from any kind of challenge that might have been put on the table. Our rich portfolio, rightly defines our work and one can always have a look at them when need be.

Skilled developers and designers

iStudio Technologies has a team of very well-knit developers and designers, who know the formula to build a great website. This young and dedicated team of highly skilled professionals also makes use of the latest technologies and platforms to carry out all tasks at hand.

Timely delivery

Another aspect, our iStudio Technologies web development company in Chennai delivers splendidly, is on timely delivery and maintenance. Any projects that we take up are defined by a certain time frame, which will be discussed with clients before finalizing any sort of deal. Therefore, you can expect us to always to stick to our deadlines because we are simply punctual with our daily schedules. You can be assured that any web development work will progress without any kind of hiccups and you will be updated with the progress of work from time to time.

iStudio Technologies also take it upon themselves to carry out maintenance and provide updates, as and when required. This allows any of our products to work flawlessly and also be in sync with the latest trends.

Web development trends for the next 3 years (2015-17)

The Internet is ever evolving and anything, which may come across to you as new today, could actually be replaced in hardly a week’s time or so. Keeping that in mind, iStudio Technologies carries out development activities such that they do not appear as outdated before their stipulated time of service. Therefore, we have always looked to incorporate into our work, future trends, which will be prominent. At present, we offer some of these, keeping in mind the course of progress for web development, for the upcoming three years.

Motion UI

First defined by Google, Motion UI is one of the hottest topics that have been dominating the Internet, in terms of design for user interface (UI). With this new form of UI, the focus for design is now on behaviour of the content when it loads or is touched and not merely graphics. Interfaces that are designed to be used must also not feel very mechanical, but interactive to work with. The basic idea here is to allow the user to be the prime mover. Therefore, a user should be able to initiate motion through specific points, known as inflection points.

Our Web development company in Chennai can get this idea totally and have already started to incorporate them into our work. Some of the aspects of our development using Motion UI are defined by –

  • We let the user take control over the motion
  • Everything occurs in a single environment. Therefore, there is no loss of continuity or experience, as the user interacts with the application.
  • We use meaningful content that catches the user’s attention and focus
  • All transitions occur in a way that it appears as coherent.

Material Design

Google introduced its latest design language in mid-2014. It generally provides a combination of classic successful design along with innovation and technology. The focus of this new language is to allow for digital material that is capable of transforming intelligently.

As such, this new approach to design has a number of inclusions and makes use of –
  • Layouts that are grid-based
  • Animations and transitions that are very responsive
  • Effects that show depths, such as light and shadow
  • Padding

As of now, you must have already seen how Google has successfully ingrained this specific design language into all of their products and on all major platforms. So what’s next?

iStudio Technologies realizes that Google’s Material Design concept is a very fresh approach to designing. Therefore, we have a team of experts who have been working to incorporate the concept into our present set of web designing activities and plan to continue doing so in the near future. Also, we have the tools and resources to get going in this regard.

Single page websites and web applications

Single page websites and applications tend to be very handy when it comes to development of smaller sites. In fact, with an efficient design for a single page website, it is even possible to save on, what might have otherwise been multiple pages of work. Besides this, there are also certain other advantages that play a big role, such as easy maintenance work in case of any upgrades or problems and also, reduced bandwidth usage.

Here’s why single page websites and applications are popular these days.

  • Intuitive for use – With a single page site, it is almost very easy to navigate around. In fact, visitors don’t really have to look around here and there for anything since all of it is on a single page itself.
  • Faster in every aspect, easy to maintain – A single page site loads faster and is also easy to code. Therefore, it is also often true that a single page site will take less time to develop too. Maintenance is also easy as you only to deal with one page.
  • Offers simplicity – There’s not a lot of complexities one can put on a single page. Therefore, single page sites make developers simplify.
  • Better SEO – SEO implementation, which is so important for any kind of a website, is also easier and better when it comes to a single page websites.
  • Responsive web design is easier to implement – A one page website, more or less eliminates the need for responsive web design. Even in cases that require so, the process is a lot easier to implement.
  • At iStudio Technologies, we know exactly how to work our way with single page web applications and sites.

    UI Presentation Frameworks

    UI or user interface is something that will demand a lot of attention in the near future. Therefore, at iStudio Technologies web development company in Chennai, give a lot of importance to this specific aspect of web development. In order to do so, we make sure to use the best presentation frameworks for all our development work.

    Some of the popular frameworks on which our works are based upon are –

    • Deck.js – This specific open source framework allows for the creation of slides in a simple way by just using basic HTML. We use it to create elegant slides that are compatible with all types of browsers, and can even run offline. Implementation of these into our website, wherever needed, can prove to be a big bonus.
    • Impress.js – Impress.js is a very powerful visualization tool, based on CSS3. It is generally used HTML content into amazing visualizations with a lot of effects. Our expertise in using this particular UI has also helped us in developing great stuff for many websites.
    • Reveal.js – Reveal.js is another free presentation framework that we use very frequently in our development activities. While it is also very easy to implement, just like the others in the fray, this particular presentation framework offers a very powerful set of built-in features that others do not boast of.
    • Presenter.js – This presentation framework allows for the combination of text, images, video and flash content as well. Among other features, it is known to support many file types and is also SEO ready. Therefore, Presenter.js provides another option for development work.
    • Amazing HTML UI Frameworks

      HTML, which is the main language that is used for the construction of the Web, can be used to develop UI designs that are simply breathtaking. iStudio Technologies makes use of some steady frameworks that offer UI development using HTML.

      • Foundation – Foundation is among the most used HTML UI frameworks on the Internet. It is basically used for advanced front-end development activities. While offering compatibility with most Internet browsers, Foundation also offers responsive design, semantics, and support for mobile.
      • Skeleton – For development that is small in size, Skeleton framework is very well-suited for use. This avoids the unnecessary installation and use of large sized frameworks in such cases. Some of the stuff that it offers is that it is light as a feather, provides a beginning pint for a certain style and almost zero need for compiling or installing.
      • Boilerplate – HTML5 Boilerplate allows for the development of websites and applications that are robust, fast and adaptable. A little package like Boilerplate offers a huge array of features to developers and that is exactly why we use this framework. It supports analytics, Normalize.css for styling, icons, and high-performance settings.
      • Flat UI – Flat UI is a flat style interface that is designed on the basis of Twitter Bootstrap 3. It consists largely of many basic and complex components. It is suitable for those websites that want to make use of a simple, flat design and drop out any kind of design that includes a three-dimensional illusion. This kind of a design also allows for faster loading of pages in browsers and also resizes itself according to the need.
      • Metro UI – This UI is primarily more suitable for Windows-based applications. The key focus is laid on the use of more typography and less of graphics. This design also focuses to largely implement five principles, which are light, clean, and fast aesthetics; dynamic transitions and interactions; typography and its importance; focus on content and lastly, a design that is authentic.
      • our web development company in Chennai, completely focuses on the use of the above-mentioned user interface frameworks to implement some of the most amazing designs that you are likely to come across.

        Creative jQuery and CSS 3

        jQuery is basically a JavaScript library that is used to simplify the client–side scripting process of HTML. This library supports all major platforms and, therefore, is the most popular library that is used by developers all over the world. Some of the features that this library is known to offer are better navigation, event handling, creation of animations and the development of Ajax applications. It also allows developers to make use of it to create advanced effects and theme-able widgets, thereby permitting the development of powerful, web applications and websites. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 3 is a styling language that is used to develop looks and formatting styles of web documents. These days, websites make heavy use of CSS for the designing of web pages.

        • Turn.js – This is a very useful library in JavaScript and can be used to create turning effects for your web pages. One useful implementation of this is when you want your content to appear as a book, catalogue or a magazine.
        • jQuery ScrollPath – This is basically a plug-in that we make use of to implement custom scroll paths on your websites and applications, making use of a canvas flavored syntax for the drawing of arcs and lines. Rotations of elements are also supported by this plug-in.
        • Another design aspect that we implement at our web design company in chennai is the setting of font size based on the word count. This largely allows for a better fit a match up on a screen, since it trims down a little on the longer quotes and broadens on the shorter quotes.
        • We also make use of interactive pictures in your web pages and applications such that they come across as user-friendly and informative.
        • Perspective Page View Navigation – This is a widely prevalent trend that has seen the light and become pretty popular these days, especially with respect to mobile navigation. It is usually an approach where the page itself gets pushed away in a three-dimensional way to reveal a menu or some other item. iStudio Technologies are fluent with such designs and make regular use of them to achieve better results.
        • Animated Border Navigation Menus – The use of animated border navigation menus into the websites that we build is a really interesting concept that defines the website in question. It basically focuses on creating animations that appear as very catchy to visitors on the site.
        • Parallax – This is a simple plug-in that we make use of in creating parallax effects.
        • Advanced JavaScript Frameworks

          JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS is the basis for all major web development activities. Therefore, it is very important to make use of a framework that encompasses features and is, at the same time, very powerful.

          • Node.js – The use of Node.js is mainly to develop fast and scalable network applications. It is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime and is lightweight and very efficient. Data intensive applications that work on real-time can mostly benefit from this.
          • Backbone.js – As the name suggests, we make use of Backbone.js to provide a structure to web applications by representing data as models. These can further be created, destroyed, validated and saved to the server.
          • Angular.js – Developed by Google, this is mainly a framework that eases the development of single page applications. iStudio Technologies basically makes use of it as a client-side framework and is used to build rich applications on the Internet.
          • Ember.js – iStudio Technologies work with the Ember.js framework to develop applications with less code and at a faster rate. The use of Handlebar templates allows HTML for your application to stay updated, even if there are changes to the underlying model.
          • Ionic Framework – The use of the Ionic Framework to build applications, especially mobile ones, helps in developing better interfaces, with support for external plug-ins. Besides, it also offers scalability by offering a large number of features. Development is also relatively easier and quicker than most other framework’s that are used
          • Less – This is a relatively old framework, which still demands a lot of attention. We make use of the Less framework for the development of adaptive websites that makes use of a CSS grid system.
          • D3Js – D3 stands for Data Driven Documents. As such, it is basically a JavaScript based library that is used for the manipulation of documents merely based on the data. It mainly lays emphasis in bringing data to life making use of HTML, CSS, and SVG.
          • SproutCore – The SproutCore framework belongs to the open source category and allows us to build innovative web applications that are also very fast. Built on top of JavaScript, this framework acts as an application style runtime.
          • Web API

            An application programming interface for both, the server, as well as the web browser is what is known as a web API. As such, server side APIs are primarily known to deal with a request-response system and for the client side, it is about extending functionalities within a web browser.

            Some of the popular APIs that iStudio Technologies has the experience working with are –

            • Google API – We make use of Google APIs to integrate all of the services from Google and also increase functionalities between them. This helps us with better analytics and also sharing of necessary data across every service.
            • Facebook API – The use of Facebook API is pretty similar as it is mainly used for the development of applications that are available to the members of the popular social networking site Facebook. It also makes better use of social connections and information for development activities.
            • Twitter API – Twitter’s micro-blogging website allows for the use of the service’s REST APIs. It allows us to use Twitter’s core data and further integrate useful information into our application development methods.
            • Amazon API – Amazon API allows us access to the online retails giant’s product catalogue. Therefore, it permits the selling of Amazon products on third-party websites. This is something that look to incorporate when it comes to any sort of e-commerce development work that iStudio Technologies undertakes.
            • Salesforce API – The use of Salesforce API allows for programmable access of an organization’s data using simple, and yet powerful and secure interfaces. iStudio Technologies are very well equipped to deal with matters in this regard.
            • Directions API – Using HTTP requests, Google’s Directions API is capable of calculating distances between places. Usually, it comes across as handy in the development process for website and mobile developers, who seek to compute direction data.
            • Yelp API – The use of Yelp API allows easy access to Yelp’s services. As such, Yelp enlists over 50 million local businesses across 27 countries. Yelp’s API is all about simplicity, fast response and has powerful search and category filters.