reputation-management-using -big-data-analytics-for-real-estate-developer

    One of the biggest problems in Real estate industry is negative reviews. Negative reviews play a huge role in Business. A single negative review will kill 10% of your Business. We all living in a social world, we always search and look for a social comment whether it is positive or negative .If there is positive comment it improves the business, if there is a negative comments it spoils the whole business.

    What really happens in internet is according to Google Latest Humming Bird Algorithm if you get more negative reviews then you will get less page authority and page rank this automatically affect SEO.

    According to our Big Data Analytics Report Everyone is looking and searching for comments or reviews in social media about the project, builders ect..If a person actually hurts by the builders post a negative review in a form means. If will be visible in Google 1st page after a week or more only So if we find the negative review immediately within a hour you will be in a safe zone, Our Big Data Analytics analyze 50+ social media and provides 100% accurate data about negative reviews for a project or for the builder.

    You can’t do today’s Business with yesterday’s method and be in business tomorrow.

    Implement Big Data Analytics and find it worth