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SEO Company in Chennai

iStudio provides you 100% Successful SEO Services in Chennai. Get your website on the first page of Google and other search engine. Generate 100s of leads daily.

SEO Company in Chennai

How Our SEO Experts in Chennai Helps every Business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a secret tactic now as most of the businesses have sensed its significance. As the top SEO Company in Chennai iStudio has made a name for itself for rendering SERP solutions of the highest quality to its clients. Though, plenty of people still don’t understand why it is so commanding. SEO works remarkably well for several online businesses. It literally plays a vital role in proficient communication and marketing. We are leading SEO Specialist in Chennai with over 9+ years of experience. Our excellent SEO team helps you to get the cheapest SEO service in Chennai, and also helps you to get Google search ranking.

Why every business need SEO

Different businesses may have different requirements. But they all require exposure in virtual world. People sense its significance but they don’t want to expand marketing budget for Search Engine Optimization. Such people need to change their perception about SEO. They should know that search engine optimization is not a cost but a productive investment. Being an awesome SEO Expert in Chennai we are in the market from last one decade and provides all most all kinds of SEO Services in Chennai. Yes, SEO is an investment with good returns. Elevating you rank to the top 3 spots on the very first page can provide extremely big returns on your investments to Search Engine Optimization. SEO investments can be related to real estate investments, if you get them right, you will get humongous returns. Increasing the page speed gives a powerful impact on you page ranking. As an outcome of our hard work in last 9 years we are listed in the top ten seo company in Chennai. Same goes with SEO investments. SEO is extremely significant for your business because-

How SEO Increases Your Business Credibility

SEO increases the credibility of your business. More than 81% percent of web users skip the paid ads and only focus on organic search outcome. If you get higher ranking via SEO, then more visitors will be attracted towards your business. A fully optimized website for better search engine ranking will be loaded with highly productive and relevant content to drive the sales further. As the outcome of our dedication and honesty iStudio is consider as the best SEO Agency in Chennai. We also do Competitor Analysis work which gives a better idea about how your Competitor are in ranking.

Improved ranking and high quality content can do wonders for your business. An efficient SEO strategy will provide positive vibes to customers even before they go for the details. We provide the best SEO packages in Chennai as per the clients requirement.

Why SEO is require for your business to stay in the hunt.

You are too lucky if your business is doing well without investing in SEO. But things can change in fraction of seconds. while doing SEO we also perform Meta Tags Optimization which gives a visibility for google. Competition regarding search engine rankings has risen in virtual world. Level of competition has become stiffer where new websites are launched everyday and existing websites are updated. Therefore, if you want to be in the hunt, you should form a smart and efficient SEO strategy. We assure guaranteed solution to all you digital marketing needs as we have the best team of SEO experts in Chennai.

You should also pay equal attention on local SEO in Chennai to drag the attention of smart phone users. Reason why iStudio is the one of the leading SEO Companies in Chennai is because we are dedicated to serve our clients.

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Inbound Marketing Strategy, Tips and Complete Guide 2017

Marketing is the lifeline ofvirtual business. A brand can easily get overwhelmed with plenty of techniques and tactics for generating impactful business exposure. Whether you are a start-up or your brand is still finding its feet in the virtual world, then what will be your marketing strategy for generating desired outcomes like loyal customers’ base, increased leads, followers, and sales. Good thing is that inbound marketing is not a rocket science and you can easily levy it for increasing your value and credibility. With our best service to our client in last one decade we stablise our self among the top SEO companies in Chennai. So, what are the key steps for inbound marketing and how we should apply them? Here you go-


SEO Ranking Factors

Search Engine Optimization Factors change constantly as per the changing algorithms of search engines. Therefore, it is advisable to keep eye on search algorithms for making the most effective SEO strategy. for instance, Google has made changes in its search engine results pages’ layout. What is its plan for the year 2017? Google has announced that all those websites will be penalized for displaying annoying advert pop-ups at the time when website is loading. We are the best SEO company in Chennai with the 9+ years of experience. You should be aware about the emerging trends that can affect your search engine rankings.

SEO Updates

SEO Checklist for Businesses

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How to improve the Web Design?

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10 biggest changes for searching the last year by Google

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A reputed SEO company in Chennai provide you 100% transparent white hat SEO technique, that will give you assure Google page ranking.

On-Page SEO

Have you ever thought why you don’t appear on first page of search engine results? There may be plenty of reasons but if you are not paying attention on SEO then it may be the main reason. Certain set of proven methods are needed to follow while doing SEO of any post. We also provide all most all kinds of digital marketing services and established as one of the top SEO Companies in Chennai.

On-page SEO consists of optimizing the individual website pages to get higher ranks and grabbing more productive traffic in search engines. It refers to optimization of HTML source code and content of the page. iStudio is an awsom SEO agency in Chennai.


Efficient Copywriting Techniques

Readers coming to your site via search engine results should spend enough time on your website. If they immediately click the back button, then it may adversely affect the ranking of your website.


Unique Meta Description

You should write fresh and relevant Meta description for each blog post. Meta description should be loaded with the targeted keyword. Make sure you are writing relevant and engaging Meta description regarding your post.


Good Content is the Key

Content should be to-the-point and informative. There is no point writing fluff. It should be loaded with highly engaging sub headings. keep space for the feedback, view it and improve the content accordingly. Our Experienced SEO experts in Chennai offer you effective content copy writing.


Optimized Images

Image optimization is equally essential. Optimized images may help in deriving traffic from the image searches on search engines. You can optimize images adding keywords in the image title and alt text.


Correct URL Display

It is essential for on-page optimization. Targeted keyword must have a place in URL. Smart use of heading tags is also essential. They should be used to highlight different headings, sub-headings, and other significant points. You should be well aware of using h1, h2, h3 etc. tags.


Keeping Eye on Word Count

Blog posts with lesser words don’t meet the expectations on search engines because they are not informative. Expect few posts; at least 500-words blog post should be created. Guest Blog content should be informative and appealing.


Right Keyword Density

Keyword density should be around 1.5% along with the blend of LSI keywords. LSI keyword is considered as one of the most significant factor regarding on-page SEO. It will be good to use the keyword in the very first paragraph and in the last paragraph.


In & Out bond Links

Internal and External linking can also be highly effective for on-page optimization. Adding internal links to blog posts make users spending more time on your site. We in iStudio promise you to provide you the best SEO services in Chennai with best SEO team in Chennai.

Our SEO company in Chennai offers you 100% manual off page SEO, we don’t use any kind of automotive tools for back link creation.

Off-Page SEO

As the name suggests it refers to all the actions you perform from your website to improve the page rank in search engine results. Browser Compatibility gives you a better ranking in Google and also a better user experiance. Off-Page SEO is certainly deeper than your expectations. So, what it is all about? It tells Google perception of people about your site. For instance, if you get plenty of valuable links to your pages, it will give impression to search engine that you have got informative, engaging, and high-quality content. As an SEO Firm in Chennai we provides you the best SEO Service and listed in top 10 SEO Companies in Chennai.

It is a proven fact that people only visit, share, and suggest the content they like. N numbers of Off-Page SEO techniques are there to choose from. Some of them are mentioned underneath-


Link Baiting

It is a highly effective way of promoting your site. People will definitely like to link to unique and popular post on your site. Don’t forget to place the reference website link if you have published.


Submission to Search Engines

Search engines will eventually find your website, but the better way to speed up the things is submission to famous search engines.


Forum Marketing

Connect to online forums matching your website niche. Offering advice, answering questions and replying to threads will establish your trustworthy image on such forums.


Blogs can be A Smart Way

It is one of the most productive ways of promoting website online. If you write blogs for your site consistently, you give a valid reason to visitors to continue visiting your site again and again and stay updated about the latest posts.



Social bookmarking can be extremely productive. You can submit your blog posts to some of the leading bookmarking sites. Don’t try to overdo it. Search engines prefer these types of websites as their content gets updated quite frequently.


Addition to Local Listings

Adding your website to local listings can be highly productive. You may easily find the local directories matching your website niche. For instance, you have a local business, then adding your website to local listings will be more effective.

Consumers Do Research Before Placing Order

More than 72% of consumers thoroughly research online companies before placing their orders. Therefore, better search engine ranks become essential. Having functional website is not sufficient enough to conquer the arena. If you want to expand your business and find more number of customers, then you have to utilize the SEO techniques smartly. iStudio deal with the latest technologies to give you the SEO service in Chennai. We also provides the best seo service for small business in Chennai.

Your potential customers won’t be able to find you if you have poor rankings in search engine results. SEO turns the things around for your business. In fact visitors also prefer to become customers after finding ideally optimized websites.


It Plays a Significant Role in Your Marketing

We are listed in top 10 seo companies in Chennai and ready to solve all your digital marketing problems. SEO plays the key role in dragging the market attention and in increasing the conversions. Always remember that SEO alone can’t do the magic. Therefore, it should be synchronized with branding, social media, and other significant marketing strategies. If you are hunting for a digital marketing company which offers complete SEO services in Chennai, then iStudio is the end of your hunt.

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High Quality SEO Services With Guaranteed Results

SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is a wide concept. If you want to take its full advantage, you should form a smart and impactful SEO strategy. Time and technology both are changing rapidly, therefore, it is essential to establish a SEO strategy based on contemporary methods and technology. istudio is one of the best SEO company in chennai with an amazing digital marketing team to put you in the right place in the digital market.

what are the emerging SEO trends and how they can influence your website? Let’s take a look


Switching website to https

Changing your website from http to https ensures secure connection with users. Secure http also gets ranking boost from Google and other seach engines


Full Focus on User Experience

User Experience is the utmost thing. Your website must cater the user exactly as the shopkeeper caters its customers. We are on the top of the seo companies in Chennai.


Include Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords relate more effectively to your service and products rather than conventional keywords. These keywords have lesser competition and better conversion rate.


High Quality Link Building

Don’t stick on conventional link building methods. You should pay attention on quality link building rather than quantity and understand the new scenarios.


Presence on Social Media

Long tail keywords relate more effectively to your service and products rather than conventional keywords. These keywords have lesser competition and better conversion rate.


Mobile Friendliness

Mobile friendly websites certainly perform better in search engine results because most of the people love to surf the net from their smart phones.


Success Stories from Our Clients

Our clients are our biggest support. Would you like to know what our clients think about us? have a look bellow.


Kulfi House

A Truly Professional SEO Company in Chennai With Very Supportive Team

I wasn’t happy with my website’s conversion rate. I tried few SEO techniques but all went in vein as I don’t know much about SEO. Then my friend suggested me iStudio for my website’s SEO. My friend’s story was also the same few times before, but after utilizing the SEO services of iStudio, thing turned around for him. I also utilized the SEO services and what I witnessed after that was simply amazing. My website rank, visibility, conversion all got a hike altogether. Their services are superb as they understand what are their clients’ requirements and what is the best solution for that.

Makup Artist Divya

iStudio is One of The Best SEO Company in Chennai and Do What They Say.

While paying money for SEO every penny counts. Your return on investments gets the boost even with a minor improvement in conversion. iStudio guaranteed us to increase our ROI with their SEO techniques. They literally kept their promise and they increased our ROI by 5%, that was an improvement of 23% comparing to the original page. This improvement resulted in thousands of new leads per month. It was amazing to see such change, and we are still witnessing it. All this has become possible because of the efforts of iStudio. We will continue this business relation in future as well.

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This SEO Agency Helped Us to Appear in The 1st Page

Every website is fighting for the better rankling, visibility, and conversion. In such stiff competition, I dreamed to rank my website on top in search engine results. Target wasn’t easy but iStudio helped me well. They helped me to generate more leads and how can I reduce my expenditures. I am deeply thankful to their experienced, courteous, and professional work. Now I am living my dream of seeing my website on the top in leading search engines’ ranks. It was the very first time I worked with iStudio. I would also like to assign them more work for expanding my virtual reach across different search engines.

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An Awesome SEO Company in Chennai Gives the 100% Result

iStudio team is effective, accountable, and responsible. I utilize their services for SEO and Google AdWords. Their work is upbeat and beyond expectations in both the functions. I would also like to provide them future work opportunities from my side in future. It is the matter of trust, execution, and providing the desired outcome. iStudio gets full marks from my side in all these categories. They make a right action plan for your SEO needs. Their market sense and SEO tactics are phenomenal. Their services are easily affordable that makes them a good and productive choice for the purpose.

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