Everyone connected to the Internet these days, obviously, spend their time on some form of social media. Some of the popular social media platforms that always hog the limelight are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Now, since a whole lot of people spend so much on social media, wouldn’t it be great to promote your business and products right there?

Well, yes! This is exactly what very high profile business houses have been doing so far. Social media acts as a great place to highlight your business principles, reach out to prospective customers and get people take interest in your business activities and products. However, just like any other digital marketingmethod, social media marketing needs to be carried out in a very sophisticated manner. With proper research and guile, you can end up generating more successful leads than you might have even thought of.

iStudio Technologies Social Media Marketing Strategy

IStudio Technologies Chennai boasts of a very well oriented approach to undertake any kind of social media marketing. As such, we can guarantee you that it will indeed be a unique and well worked out way. Over the past six years, many big name business houses have chosen us for the commitment and hard work that we have done on social media marketing. Also, the major aspect of all the work, that we have so far undertaken, is our incandescent ability to grind out results! This is only due to the master recipe that we are known to possess in the field of social media marketing.


Developing Strategies

The first step to any implementation of work is to have a well developed strategy. Our social media marketing team, at iStudio Technologies, always has a very well drilled planning stage where we formulate plans that will be relevant to your business. During this process, we also look to learn about your business, as much as possible.


Defining the right channels

There are a huge number of social media channels that exist at present times. Many of them are a lot more popular than other. For e.g. Facebook and Twitter are the primary two channels that come to mind almost immediately, when one talks about social media marketing platforms. However, besides the popular ones, there are also other numerous channels that can also generate leads for your business, such as YouTube, Google+, Instagram, etc.



Social media analytics are backbone to measuring the successful nature of your marketing campaigns. Therefore, iStudio Technologies makes sure that we use the best tools to generate reports from time to time. This totally keeps track of your progress.With our experience in social media marketing, it isn’t that hard to notice why iStudio Technologies stands out in the crowd. Get in touch with us today and boost your business!



Developing the right approach to marketing is very important. While you may think that constant posts about your products and business can be the way, it is not so. Such an attitude can, in fact, easily turn off a lot of followers of your pages. Therefore, iStudio Technologies aims to make posts in such a way that they do not appear as forceful or persuasive. The key is to offer honest details and engage with consumers via talks, contests, support, etc. something that we also incorporate.

Facebook Marketing The Right Way

Everyone is on Facebook in this day and age and it doesn’t matter how old you are, or how famous you are. We use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, play games, post pictures, and the best of all market. Facebook is such a great marketing idea knowing that half the world is on it! You don’t just have to put all of your focus on one specific area, you can make sure that you are staying in contact with people from all over the world. When it comes to your business, how would Facebook help you may ask? Well, by following these guidelines, you can use your very own Facebook account to help you market your product, and get the right amount of traffic into your business.

  • Facebook gives you the ability to post things to your wall, and to other peoples wall’s as well. Once you come up with you strategy on how you want to promote your product, the next thing that your likely going to do is create a Facebook page for your product. Now once this page is created you can post it on as many peoples walls as you want. Once you figure out the general audience you want to target, you may want to give yourself an estimate on the amount of posts you wants to post. By using your Facebook account at times where many people will be sleeping or even at work, your giving your audience the opportunity too see your page and product when they get back from there day, and it gives them a chance to review it and see if it is something that they would want to buy.
  • Posting things on your Facebook page can either benefit you, or it believe it or not can hurt you. If you post too much, people may feel that you are “spamming” their page, and eventually they’re going to block your page and make sure that your product doesn’t show up. Post too little and not enough people are going to see what you’re promoting, and you may miss out on multiple purchases. Posting your advertisement 2-4 times a day gives your audience a very reasonable amount of chances to see what your offering them, and they don’t have to see the same post on there news feed 20 million times a day.