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Regression Testing

In a world of software testing there are many methodologies and regression testing is one of them. Regression testing is performed to ensure that any changes made in the system do not impact the previously working functionality. Changes may be in any form like software enhancements, patches, configuration changes etc. It verifies that recent program or code change has not affected existing features. It ensures that old code still functions properly with installation of new codes. It includes re running of test cases to validate proper functioning. Such testing makes the software more productive and effective which boosts the sales growth. This test is very vital when there is continuous change in any application. A best regression testing company in Chennai is ready to evaluate all you software error. is ready to evaluate all you software error.

top software regression testing agency in Chennai

Why regression testing?

It is very important to test that whether the existing and old functionality of the software is properly responding or not. This is why regression testing is preferred. Here is the list of benefits of regression testing. iStudio is the top software regression testing companies in Chennai with the expert team of the tester.

  • It detects the bugs which might have occurred with installation or modification of new codes.
  • It ensures data integrity and validation after the errors have been fixed.
  • It helps you in understanding the requirements of application.
  • It saves the time and energy since regression testing is often performed by automation tools.
  • There are many applications which require continuous modifications regression testing is of great importance for such applications.
  • It also ensures that the bugs detected earlier are no longer creatable again.
  • This testing technique provides quality oriented product with required application modifications.

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Types of regression testing

Regression testing is carried out through several phases of testing. There are various techniques involved in regression testing. Based on these techniques they are classified into various categories. A top software testing company in Chennai is here to provide you the best software regression testing service in Chennai.


Retest All

In this type of testing all the test cases from the test suit of current program are re executed. Since it requires to re run all the test cases it is very expensive but it make sure that there are no errors due to modification.


Regression test selection

With this technique instead of re testing whole program only a selected part of test bucket is re tested. We provides you the best software regression testing service in


Test case prioritization

In this methodology test cases are selected on the basis of priority. Their prioritization depends upon business impact, critical and frequently used functionalities. It generally has two categories General prioritization and Version-specific prioritization.

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Regression testing tools

Our regression testing suite guarantees new features or enhancements to the application and we are the best regression testing company in Chennai. Regression testing is performed with the help of automation tools otherwise it would be very tedious and time consuming. Istudio is the top software regression testing agency in Chennai. Automated regression testing automatically re-executes the test cases saving lot of energy as well as time. Some of the testing tools required for regression testing are:

  • ● Winrunner

  • ● QTP

  • ● AdventNetQEngine

  • ● MAX Q

  • ● vTest

  • ● Watir

  • ● Selenium IDE

  • ● actiWate

  • ● Rational Functional tester

  • ● SilkTest

  • ● TimeShiftX

  • ● Solex

  • ● QA Wizard

  • ● WebKing

  • ● TestDrive

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Efficient regression testing practices

Executing the regression testing is not the guarantee of success. Regression testing must be efficient enough then only its benefits can be acquired. After spending all most one decade in the field by providing the best regression testing service in Chennai. Here are few points which require proper attention while executing such testing.

Acquire a clear

Goal and objective of test should be crystal clear from the starting.Clear test objectives provide information on what functions need to be tested and what parts are prone to error and require improvement.

Select the right test

Selection of correct and required test case is very crucial. Test case must meet the requirements of the product. Execution of wrong test case would not be beneficial and will be the waste of time and energy.

Understanding of test environment

Test environment created should be realistic enough. Test environment should be in respect with the users in accordance with real time situations. A best regression testing agency is one step a head.


Regression testing requires professional and expert touch. One should get the testing done by expert only as they provide better solutions to problem with their professionalism and experience.

Familiarity with

One should be well versed with the knowledge of tools. Without the proper knowledge about tools and their utility one cannot make an informed decision about the selection of tools. This is why familiarity with regression tools .

Proper documentation of test cases

Test cases need to be documentedcarefully as the execution of test is completely dependent on test cases. Well written and organised test cases lead to efficient test execution. We are the top regression testing company in Chennai.

Analyze the

Once the testing is complete proper analysis of the output is required. Result should be carefully monitored to decide whether it needs re execution or not. We are the leading regression testing company in Chennai

Prepare the

A proper report with all the information and careful analysis should be created to maintain the records which might be
helpful for future

How to select test cases?

Selecting the appropriate test case is crucial for the desired outcome. Selecting the right test case is an art and is not so easy. Following points should be kept in mind while selecting test cases:

  • ● Test cases should be in proper accordance with product.

  • ● Test cases with frequent defects.

  • ● Functions which are more visible to users should be preferred.

  • ● Sample of successful and failed test cases should be analysed.

  • ● Test cases should verify the main features of the product.

  • ● Test cases of the functions which have undergone any changes should be prioritized.

top software regression testing agency in Chennai
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