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Test automation is the use of special software tools to aid testing. Assurance of software quality is an important part of software development life cycle and it can be acquired through testing of the software. Test automation provides quick feedback of new features and detects the bugs if any. It helps you to get rid of repetitive manual testing and provides organised programs with the help of automation tools for testing. Manual testing is time consuming and requires rigorous work practice for performing several tests but opting for automation test saves lot of time without human intervention. Test automation brings several benefits therefore they have become an integral part of the application development. We are One of the Proven Automation testing company in Chennai With 10+ years of experiance.

Benefits of test automation

If you are looking for a selenium automation testing company in chennai then your hunt ends with iStudio technologies. Many companies are adopting automation testing as it keeps them ahead in the competition of technological world. There are various advantages of test automation in application development. Some of the major advantages of automation testing are following. We provdes the best software testing service, which makes us the one of the top Automation testing companies in Chennai.


Automation testing is more reliable and accurate than manual testing. Output analysed through test automation tends to be more accurate and error free.


It saves lot of time as it provides faster result than human users. They take lesser time and deliver the result
before the deadline.

Detect errors easily

Their capability to spot the bug is faster and accurate. All the errors get noticed during test automation providing error free application.


Opting for test automation guarantees the quality oriented result. It cross-checks the product ensuring its quality and promoting your brand.


While performing manual testing you must perform the test with same efforts every time you need it but automation testing can be reused several times .

Cost effective

It requires lesser human resource than manual testing and saves your money. One time investment in automation tools provides you with long term return of investment.

Types of Test Automation

iStudio is a professional software testing company provides software automation testing, QA, and functional testing services to help ensure the quality of your products. There are various methodologies and approaches for test automation based on which test automations are classified into few categories. Software testing is vital for business development and with the help of test automation one can accelerate this growth. It makes your testing more efficient than manual testing. Reliable and error free product acquires customer’s satisfaction and builds trust of your client which strengthens your brand’s status. iStudio is the best automation testing services providers in Chennai.

We are an independent software automation testing company with 10+ years of experiance, offering QA and software testing services across the Chennai.


Automated Unit Testing

These tests are performed to test on the code level. Errors are detected in the functions, methods and routines developed by developers. By running unit test, you get to know about the functionality of the program. If the test fails it shows there is an error in production code.


Automated GUI testing

This methodology can be applied to any application which has a graphical user interface (GUI). It is one of the toughest approaches as it involves user interface which are highly subjected to change. But in this testing bugs can be found early and it requires little software development.


Automated API Testing

Application programming interface helps in interacting with other software applications. It involves the testing of functionality, compliance and security issues. Request and responses of the web applications are tested that they are secured and encrypted or not.


Automated Performance Testing

Performance testing helps in identifying the problems in performance that could be costly to the business. It performs testing on set parameters ensuring enhances performance. A best Automation testing agency in chennai is here for you.

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Efficient Practices for Test Automation

Test automation should be well executed to acquire desired result and success. Proper practices and strategies are vital in test automation. Few practices are there which should be followed in every automation project. iStudio provides the best automation testing service in Chennai with a dedicted tean of test engineer.

iStudio's company’s professional automation teamput mobile, web and desktop applications to the test on real devices and our dedication about our work makes us the best software automation testing company in Chennai.

Trained and expert team

Always go for professionals and expert as their experience helps in providing better alternatives. An expert will deliver accurate analysis of output and all the errors can be identified easily.

Know your objective

A clear objective is must for any project in the business. It provides organised and efficient approach for testing. It will save time, testing will be easier and will keep the testers motivated.

Selecting right tool

As there are various tools selecting the right tool is very important. For the proper selection one should be familiar with tools and possess the working knowledge of tools for better result.

Skilled resources

Automation tools make the task easier but they do not cover the entire process. To properly complete the task and achieve the targeted result access to skilled resources is mandatory.

Design test cases

Test automation is the execution of test design therefore the more organised and well written are the test cases more efficient will be the test execution.

Understand requirements

One should be well versed with the application program. Proper understanding of application helps you in identifying the requirements and selecting right set of tools.

Design test cases

Automation test is mainly concerned with software development. Creation of proper automation frameworks ensures the growth and success of product as well as business.

Proper monitoring

Although test automation requires less human intervention still proper monitoring is required at every stage. There should be a check on planning, designing, tools, frameworks, documentation and feedbacks.

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