Software Testing

Any software needs testing prior to its release (in case of generic software) or usage (in case of customized software). The testing phase ensures that all the work that has gone into the development phase of the software has been correct and thus, the final product can be used without general issues. However, testing of software definitely needs to be done by an expert in the domain, or else, it is likely that you will miss bugs or errors in the code. Also, another thing that commands attention is the manner that is employed in the testing of any software.

Why trust iStudio Technologies Chennai for software testing?

At iStudio Technologies Chennai, we have a well-defined system in place that helps us greatly with any type of software testing activity.


Developed software applications are required to run on numerous platforms and devices. Generally, any software should at least be compatible with three basic platforms, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

iStudio Technologies’ testing team makes sure that your business software is tested on all platforms before being set for use.

Mobile application testing

In the present day world of mobile applications, mobile testing is a very important sphere and many clients might want their apps tested before they are available. For such specific cases, iStudio Technologies Delhi can be the answer.

Out team of application testers have experience in testing both, iOS and Android apps. Care is also taken to ensure that the application works flawlessly, as well as perfectly.

Designing test cases

Before carrying out any kind of testing activity on your software, we always decide on the test cases to be used in the process. While we pay a lot of attention to this process and go about carefully designing relevant test cases, our experts are also welcoming of any test cases that may have been designed by you.

Also, we have the infrastructure that is required for any kind of testing to be carried out.

Types of testing carried out

iStudio Technologies undertakes many testing procedures before software is passed for use.

Functional – This kind of testing is carried out to check the numerous functions of the software.

Module – Various modules that make up the software are tested during module testing.

Performance – The performance of software applications under certain conditions is done under this procedure.

Certification – In case your software needs some sort of authenticity, certification testing is carried out.

Besides, we also take responsibility to undertake black-box, white-box, and even, grey-box testing. All testing procedures are generally augmented by nature, combining both, manual, as well as automated testing procedures.

We value your trust in us

As a leading company for any kind of software testing since our inception, iStudio Technologies Delhi values the trust that clients put in us. Therefore, it is certain that you are guaranteed to get quality for the money you shell out. We have over 6 years of experience in the testing domain, and always to look forward to serving the best to all our clients.

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