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The customer relationship aspect of any business plays a very vital role in the development and growth of any organization. If a business has a very poor customer relationship policy, it is bound to fail. The idea basically revolves around holding on to old customers, and at the same time, looking for ways to gain newer ones. With most aspects of businesses going digital these days, it is hardly surprising to see more businesses turning towards automated CRM software that can handle basic, as well as complex aspects in the domain. Among many of such applications that are present, sugar crm does stand out for plenty of reasons and that’s why iStudio Technologies Chennai prefers it.

Suitable for all types of businesses

The prime reason to choose sugar crm as your option to go with would be that it is very flexible. As such, different businesses obviously have different requirements. While certain features are required in one, another set of features might be a lot more important for another. Also, certain businesses pertain to many different product domains. Therefore, in order to handle all the different types, a very flexible CRM application becomes a necessity. This is just why sugar crm lives up to the billing.

Feature rich

sugar crm is known to come in three different versions, which are Open Source, Enterprise, and Professional. Of these, the latter two happen to be proprietary editions of the application. However, all of the sugar crm versions are known to be customizable, and thereby, allows that inclusion of many brilliant features as per requirements of a particular business.

Some of the works that we implement are –
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Consulting
  • Audits
  • Reporting
  • Reviews
  • Cost effective

    Affordability is another feature that sugar crm offers to customers. Having all your customer requirements undertaken with great customization and at very affordable prices allows better scope for development.

    How iStudio Technologies Chennai implements sugar crm?

    iStudio Technologies Chennai is one those firms that provide sugar crm services in an elegant manner. Having a lot of experiences in developing customer relationship modules for a lot of businesses, we know exactly what you seek. Our development team is also one of the finest in Chennai and knows their tasks at hand. Here’s how iStudio Technologies Chennai approaches sugar crm development and customization.

  • Proper analyzing of business requirements
  • Determining specific customizations and development that is decided upon consultation with clients
  • Developing such customizations and features
  • Review all the developing work that is undertaken
  • Testing of the application
  • Effective training on the product
  • Product handover to client after approval

Besides these, there are also a few things that we always keep in mind for any sort of sugar crm development work.

Maintenance – At iStudio Technologies Chennai we take the responsibility to make timely upgrades or any maintenance work in order to meet the increasing demands and changes in the business environment.

Timely work – They key to having established a rich client base is mainly because we are known to offer timely work. We are very professional in this regard and will always meet deadlines strictly.

iStudio Technologies Chennai guarantees clients that you will always be satisfied with any sugar crm work that we undertake. Our motto has always been to ensure complete customer satisfaction and we will always do well to live up to that.