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Vtiger CRM

CRMs play a very important role for all businesses in this era of digitalization. While customer relationship is just so important for any kind of a business, it is not surprising to see that automated software systems have taken this role over almost entirely. And not just that, they have also been making the entire process simpler and easier to manage. Therefore, businesses are looking for customer relationship software that can exclusively meet their demands and serve them well.

Vtiger is one of those CRMs that is known to have a global presence and has many customers. Belonging to an open source background, it was developed as a fork of SugarCRM and has completely evolved into a new product since. At iStudio Technologies Chennai, we have been working with Vtiger CRM for the past 6 years and know every inch of it. Therefore, when it comes to any kind of work of Vtiger, we are the firm you should look forward to.

Why should you prefer iStudio Technologies Chennai for Vtiger CRM related work?

iStudio Technologies has been in the field of customer relationship development for half a dozen years. Over this period of time, the firm has worked with a lot of industry names and developed plenty of customer relationship management software for them. A lot of this work has been made on Vtiger, which surely happens to be one of the most important CRMs used till date.

Besides this, we also boast of a great team of development experts who know exactly how to get going on every aspect of CRMs. Therefore, combining incredible skills with hard work, we always bring out the best of products that will largely meet and satisfy client standards.

Here are some advantages that Vtiger CRM offers -
  • Vtiger is free – Vtiger comes from the open source community and is, therefore, free. As such, it does save additional expenses which might have been needed to purchase licenses, etc.
  • Has great functionalities – Vtiger has a huge number of functionalities mainly owing to its open source background.
  • Customizations possible – Businesses belonging to different domains have different requirements. As such, Vtiger CRM caters to this and offers the scope for customization by developers in a widespread manner.As such, our experts at iStudio Technologies Chennai know exactly how to implement these customization to suit client needs.
  • Intuitive in nature – Vtiger offers a very intuitive interface thus making it easier for both customer relationship managers and customers alike. Further simplicity can also be made on the overall software application, as customization is possible.
  • Low on resources – Vtiger CRM is very light in terms of usage of system resources. Therefore, such a lightweight application can be easily hosted too.
  • Speedy – Being lightweight in nature, Vtiger naturally happens to be very speedy in all aspects of execution.
  • Upgrading is easy – Upgrading any software periodically is very important. While heavy and complicated update procedures can be largely problematic, it is still required. Vtiger CRM, however, saves you from all such burden and offers a very easy updating process.
  • iStudio Technologies offers standout services in Vtiger CRM implementation in Chennai. If you are looking for the perfect customer relationship management software for your business needs, get in touch with us today!