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70% of the websites have vulnerabilities

70% of websites have vulnerabilities which affect to huge data loss. Many of them didn't know the priority of Website Security in the success of their business. If your website is having a high Page rank & Traffic then there is a chance to target your website to be hacked from the hackers.Now a days, securing your website is a major problem because, hackers are putting their effort fully to find loopholes to hack the information.

A few years before, many of the major reputed company websites are affected by vulnerabilities due to lack of proper tools for vulnerability search. Now there are lots of tools available to find a vulnerable website.

Note: Websites have vulnerabilities is the main cause for stealing of corporate data such as credit card information and customer information, etc. In 2013, an anonymous hacker had stolen 250000 user’s data from the Twitter It is happening because of some issues in website security.×

70% of web applications are insecure; provide easy access to databases having important information. Some of common Vulnerabilities are SQL Injection, XSS (Cross Site Scripting), Remote File Inclusion (RFI), Directory Traversal attack, and etc.

What we do?

Accessing the data using the network in Servers, laptops, desktops, mobiles are growing hugely. There is an increase in the number of applications in network day to day and is in use. As it is increased, vulnerabilities also grew. iStudio Technologies Vulnerability Management Solutions will easily find the problem and could be fixed. iStudio Technologies is the only Company in Chennai providing solution for Vulnerability and securing websites from threats.

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If there is any vulnerability in your website, we provide the best solution to protect your website with high-level security.

How we help you in providing Website Security?

iStudio Technologies providing a comprehensive and feasible solution for Website Security in Chennai We implement top level security concepts to secure your website from all possible attacks. We provide website security measures as the following:

  • In 1st Perimeter Security, iStudio Technologies SEO Company will

    • Inspect, browse, and edit the Document Object Model (DOM)
    • Fuzzy logic error code checking
    • Provide a complete Web Application Attack and Audit Framework
    • Perform Cookie Scanning
    • Penetrating Testing (Manual& Automated) and
    • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • iStudio Technologies will check your website to know, there is any problem with vulnerabilities.

    • DOM XSS
    • Ajax Testing
    • SQL Injection
    • SSL Testing
    • Brute Force Attack
    • Buffer Overflow Attack
    • Google Hacking
  • iStudio Technologies in Chennai is best in providing code based security for website.

    • Code Analysis
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Run-time Analysis
    • Binary Analysis
  • Our Website Security Services will provide

    • Security against Zeus, Mariposa etc.,
    • Tracking Bots source

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