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Android operating system of the smart phone device has been growing at a rapid pace. As a matter of fact, it is becoming more popular with each update. It is user-friendly, versatile, and also flexible. Our mobile application developer along with the mobility solutions provider can take care of your requirement right from the beginning. Our team of experts has updated knowledge regarding the latest release of Android and makes the app profitable. iStudio Technologies is one of the best Android app development company in Chennai. The skilled team of professionals research and analyze the project in order to meet the expectations and requirement of the clients. We have successfully developed several high-performance Android app. We offer a plethora of impressive and innovative Android apps. iStudio Technologies make sure that the services that we offer is highly scalable and robust. iStudio’s reputation in the domain of Android app development has reached the epitome of agility and reliability. We have worked with small, as well as large corporations. Our Android app development services have been designed to cater to solutions which are built around certain business requirements of our clients. We provide our services to a diverse marketing field. our android app development experts in Chennai provides you the best android app development service in Chennai.

Technology Stack for the Development of Android Apps

We have the experience to develop mobile app for every business. Our team of managers will work with you starting from the conceptualization of the app to its deployment. Having an Android app will increase the sales of your business. Android apps are reliable, fast, and also cost-effective. Our pixel perfect result makes us the one of the top Android app Development companies in Chennai.






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Android Platform

We keep up with the changes of Android app development and this is the reason we have managed to become one of the top Android app development companies in Chennai. If you want to turn your dream application into reality then you have come to the right place. We have the experience to develop the most powerful application for Android operating system. This will help you to reach out to your valued customers and will offer an exceptional look to the business website. iStudio’s reputation in the domain of Android app development has reached the epitome of agility and reliability. We have worked with small, as well as large corporations. Our Android app development services have been designed to cater to solutions which are built around certain business requirements of our clients. We provide our services to a diverse marketing field. We are the best android app developer in Chennai.

  • Android app is used by everybody.
  • Apart from being used in the Smartphone, it is also used in the Smart watches, television, car, etc.
  • The app maintenance fee is pretty low which makes it an easy solution to be used.
  • If you consider the statistics, you will notice that a majority of the Smartphone users rely on Android apps.
  • Android apps get regular updates and new versions are introduced frequently.

How we execute Our process

  • solution-iconstep 1:Collecting RequirementsCertainly, experience helps in teaching you the nitty-gritty of a particular aspect. However, we know that an exceptional mobile app can be developed by understanding your requirement and vision. We do a considerable amount of research in order to gain a perspective into your market and niche. We will listen to you and will try to gain an insight into your target audience, goals, and mobile initiatives. We research in order to avoid possible technological hurdles. Our dedicated work and our satisfied customer makes us the best android app development company in Chennai
  • solution-iconstep 2:Planning theProjectInthis stages, our project managers work with you in order to lay a roadmap for the mobile app. We also make it a point to determine the immediate, as well as long-term requisites which includes third party services. We also decide on the resources which will be required. The primary object is to consider the business objectives, creative design, and mobile technology. The information is collected and is thereafter communicate to the team members. We are the top Android app development agency in Chennai.
  • selection-iconstep 3:The GraphicDesignInorder to get a good idea about what our client is looking for from the visual perspective of the app, the developers at iStudio send them a design. This enables us to create innovative designs which will be useful for you. When it comes to the design of the app, our design experts will consider what looks good on the mobile screen. We check different resolutions in order to find out the perfect one for your Android app. Our process involves taking wireframes and creating a single concept by revising the core screens. During this stage, we take your brand into account in order a completely new design comprising of color, typography, scheme, logos, layouts, and images. iStudio is serving as the leading android app development company in Chennai
  • wireframe-iconstep 4:Prototyping the WireframesTablets and Smartphones have their own rules and guidelines. In order to align them with the project, we ensure that our professionals develop proof concept. We use a high-quality mock-up tool for creating wireframes which demonstrate important scenarios and the manner in which the user interacts with the app. Once we are done, we do all the mock-ups for the feedback.We put in more effort in wireframe development so that the risk estimate and project schedule is reduced. Also, we can modify with project plan with the help of the finding. We are the best android app development agency in Chennai.
  • coding-iconstep 5:DevelopmentAs soon as we are done with design, our developers proceed on to develop the app. The plan for the development of the app is based on your reviews and feedback. When we complete the development, we will offer it to you for reviewing it. In case, you want to add some additional functionality or features, you can inform us and we will work to make the changes. istudio provides the best android app development service in Chennai.
  • testing-iconstep 6:TestingFortesting the Android app that has been developed, we have a team of Quality Assurance professionals. The testing experts will make sure that the apps perform well and functions flawlessly in every mobile device. Our professionals are capable of testing any app and at any time. Once we have tested the app, you can be sure that it will offer ultimate user-experience and high-quality features.Apart from the testing the apps in different mobile platforms, we also test in different conditions such as low battery, low memory and bad network. in our company we care our project with fully dedication which makes us the leading Android app development company in Chennai.

  • testing-iconstep 7: LaunchingOnce the mobile application is ready and the client is happy with the result, we will launch the app in Google Play Store. We also provide additional marketing opportunities. Based on the feedback of the market and users, we try to enhance the Android application. We extend our expert support for platform updates, new functionality, and features. We believe in providing nothing but the best. Our Android developers are skilled to offer precise and perfect solutions to the clients. with our deddicated work we stands in the best app development companies in Chennai


Having expertise in front-end, as well as backend technologies, we offer you one stop solutions in order to turn the idea of your Android app into a reality. Gaining the leading position is not an easy task but we are ready to take every challenge that comes to us. This is the reason we are one of the best Android app development service in Chennai.

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The Benefit of Choosing iStudio Technologies for
Android App Development

The Android app development service provided by iStudio Technologies will prove to be very beneficial for your business. Our extensive research and work on the Android based apps have made us efficacious in this aspect. We make sure that that the best developer has been assigned for your project. Our experts understand all the possibilities of Android operating system. We keep ourselves up-to-date with recent upgrades in the operating system. If you want your app to stand out amongst the ordinary then you can take your help. Contact us and you can watch your idea turn into something useful, popular, and highly valuable. in last one decade we established our self as one of the best android app development companies in the chennai

Competitive Price

At iStudio Technologies, we offer powerful solutions at a reasonable price. Our solutions and products are backed by performance.

Proven Methodologies

iStudio Technologies have the skill of working in varied business environment which enables them to use the best practices of the business along with proven methodologies.

CMMI-3 Process

The development process that we follow is of CMMI-3 standard which ensures high-performance execution during the project cycle.

24/7 Technical Support

Our communication channel is open 24/7 for the clients. We connect you the ideal team of technical experts for reducing your complexity and encouraging your productivity.

why istudio

iStudio Technologies is a web design and a development company which offers analyzes the project, develops the app, and deploys it. We use creative and innovative knowledge for designing an app. The process of development of an app is not a simple task. We know that it is a medium for understanding and reaching out to the customers. We take your digital requirement into consideration and provide the best solution. iStudio Technologies is an amazing android app development agency in Chennai have a best developers os team mambers. We develop professional plans and design which will help in improving your online existence.

Our Android app development team is focused on creative and technological solutions to meet the expectations of the clients. Our resources have enough experience in developing apps for other platforms, too. Our Android app developer is an integral part of our company. We are committed to the all-round development of the project. Our staff is friendly in nature and takes care of the issues that you will face with the app in future. The certified and trained team of app developers will supply the core services and will finish the work without any hassle.









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