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Medical Coding Software Development

Medical coding and medical billing have become part and parcel of the healthcare industry, today any self-employed healthcare expert or a healthcare institute expected to adhere to medical coding and billing practices to bring in expected uniformity and uplift treating procedures to global standards. Healthcare institutes don’t have enough time to place a proper medical coding team and monitor the process of converting prescriptions, medical records and billing into proper codes, hence they need a dedicated third-party to outsource the coding process.

Being a responsible medical coding service provider we not just convert your patient’s record into codes but we also ease up your operability with the insurance providers, we are specialized in the fields of Radiology, internal medicine, E&M, Inpatient hospital coding, and ER hospital coding. We deploy proper industrial standards in medical coding and execute it with high-end software and advanced technologies. We are the best medical coding and billing service provider who deploy some advanced technique to facilitate our stakeholders (insurer and treatment provider) in easing down their patient handling process.


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How Medical Coding Works?

Being a renowned medical coding service provider, we follow international standards in creating, deploying, and executing the medical coding and billing process to streamline the operability of a healthcare institute according to current technology trends. We bring in required uniformity in the healthcare arena with our medical coding service and help the industry to provide better treatment collectively. We implant required amount of trust that gives enough confidence to our clients in outsourcing their medical coding needs and hence helps them to concentrate on their primary operability.

Step 1: Coding the Disease

Our medical coding experts are highly aware of the codes generated for every disease in the name of International Classification of Disease (ICD) to regularize the medical coding by the World Health Organization (WHO) adhering the terms of WHO our medical coders do implement the right codes for the disease by following up the diagnosis for the treatment and help the physicians to easily communicate with the payers.
Coding the Disease
Decoding ICD’s

Step 2: Decoding ICD’s

Every detail gets count with medical coding, and our team of medical coding professionals make it 100% whenever they code or decode the description of a particular case. ICD involves several categories and subcategories in it that depicts all the information in terms of code, hence ranging from mentioning the particular illness to detailing its description our professionals can code and decode it with par accuracy.

Our medical coding deployment process is one of the renowned and highly appreciated in the industry that maintains par accuracy and global standards in facilitating all the stake holders.


Step 3: Coding using CPT and HCPCS

ICT is just a part of medical coding, and its influence gets restricted with the diagnosis part, the international medical coding arena implements a separate approach in converting the treatment and post-treatment analysis into codes using CPT (Current Procedure Terminology) and HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding Systems) where our medical coders are proficient in exhibiting both the codes according to the requirement of the insurance provider.
Coding using CPT and HCPCS

Step 4: Coding HCPCS

Few insurance providers won’t accept CPT coding process, to overcome this setback; we also deploy the HCPCS medical coding service that covers up the entire payers’ arena. Moreover, CPT gets used majorly in the initial level of treatment coding that describes the medicine and treating procedures, whereas the external factors like supportive equipment, machinery and other external services like ambulance are mentioned using HCPCS coding methods.

Our medical coding experts are well versed with both the HCPCS and CPT standards hence widening the gate for more number of clients to adhere our service and also increases our chance to get collaborate with extended numbers of healthcare players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Medical coding is the statistical representation of the insured patient’s health issues and the treatment provided to them that helps any insurer to understand the complexity of the case and schedule them with the right plan that caters mutual benefit for all the involved stake players (treatment provider, insurer and patient).

Medical coding got intended to bring in the entire healthcare practices and its allied activities under one roof by denoting it in the form of alphanumeric code. Ranging from healthcare diagnosis, treating procedures for providing medical services, and equipment handling everything gets converted into alphanumeric code here. The medical prescriptions, transcriptions, and the laboratory test results get converted into alphanumeric medical code. The medical coding development team coordinately works with insurance providers and healthcare providers to generate and claim reimbursement for the concerned treatment. The application of medical coding smoothens the processing of claiming the desired insurance amount for the insurer by the patient without any complications.

Medical coding provides end-end service to the entire healthcare industry that includes:
  • • Diagnosis of patient
  • • Medical treatment
  • • Medical services
  • • Medical supplies
  • • Emergency conditions on which the patient receives treatment
The ideation behind implementing medical coding is not just to bring uniformity in the global healthcare space but also to maintain high treating standards for patients irrespective of their demographic profile. Medical coding experts convert the entire treatment lifecycle process into alphanumeric codes that help the insurance providers to have better clarity on the provided treatment and process the related insurance terms and generate policies easily. The approach with creating medical coding got intended to serve the healthcare industry, in the long run, to facilitate the treatment process of multiple revisiting patients by enhancing their insurance claim and reimbursement activities.

Medical transcriptions got created by the respective transcriptionists who type the document in a medical coder friendly way. The coders then convert this document into proper numbers according to ICD standards; today most of the transcriptionists are getting converted to medical coders.

Our medical coders have prolific knowledge on how the way transcription works and also the methods involved in converting the code into transcription.

The complete digitization of medical transcription lies in the involvement of medical billing as well, medical coding covers the diagnosis and treatment process whereas medical billing involves the financial part that charges the treated amount by the healthcare professional or institutes on the patient which is important for any insurance provider.
Yes, we can create dedicated software that embeds end-end complete medical coding service and solutions catering sheer benefit to insurer and healthcare provider as well. The medical coding software we have created will be a perfect assistance for the code operators that help you in processing all your medical coding related activities for both treatment provider and insurer.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Coding

Cut down operational costs

Any individual healthcare professional or healthcare institute can purchase a medical coding software according to their budget but, its maintenance costs a lot, the lack of proficiency in handling medical coding terminologies will lead the emerging transcriptionists in trouble and also causes huge damage with patients' data handling and also loss in revenue. Instead, outsourcing your medical coding needs will help you to embrace the global uniformity and also helps with increased revenue generation.

Avoids claim denials

Accuracy and swiftness not guaranteed with the in-house medical coding team since proficient players are not available to get accustomed according to the budget of healthcare institutes. Outsourcing, on the other hand, will increase the efficiency that reduces the chance of claim denials from the payers' side, today data and accurate coding is important in the medical coding field, and hence the proper implementation of the same will eradicate denials from the insurer side that avoids reworking with the schemes as well.

Dedicated focus

Hiring an exclusive medical coding team and monitoring their activities will be a tier some process for any healthcare institute; hence, they can't focus on providing better treatment and will find a decline in ROI. Outsourcing medical coding service is the best way a healthcare institute can achieve the landmark of success without getting involved in the transition process.

Value-added service

Medical coding outsourcing not just minimizes the amount and resource-related spending instead it also provides healthcare institutes with some niche-based services like the submission of regular patient-oriented reports and also pinpointing the area that needs to be improved.

Scale the performance

Measuring and tracking the performance of medical coding team is essential to estimate their success, standing in the alarm of emergency 24*7 no healthcare institute can scale the performance of the medical coding team. By adopting the medical coding outsourcing practice you can scale the performance anytime required.

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