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The popularity of mobile application has increased in the last few years and iStudio Technologies is best hybrid app development company in Chennai build apps with aggressive and innovative UI design. With time, more and more number of user avail the mobile app instead of the conventional websites. There are many of mobile devices which run on varied operating systems. iOS and Android are the popular ones which are followed by Blackberry and Windows. With all the versions that are available for these systems, developing an app for all them is obviously and issue. iStudio Technologies is here to make things easier for you. We are now the leading Hybrid app development service in Chennai. We use the best practices of the industry to develop the best hybrid app which will help you to generate optimum profit and ROI. Our team of professionals has the expertise to use various development frameworks. The expert and skilled developers keep an eye on the latest tools and technology for offering high-quality hybrid mobile app.

types of
Hybrid applications

We are top hybrid app development companies in Chennai as best serving record and creative design experts in app development. Our team has worked on several projects for many years and have manages to gather the required knowledge. Nonetheless, choosing the right application for your idea can be a pretty tricky business. Since different kinds of ideas and visions requires us to follow different steps, it is important to decide on the right app. In short, mobile applications are actually of three types.


A Native application is basically an app which is developed with the help of strict coding in the platform’s default language. For example, the native application of iOS will be written in Swift, while on the other hand the native application of Android is written in Java. iStudio Technologies is best hybrid app development service in Chennai.


A web application is mainly a mobile version of the site that is running on the browser of your mobile phone. Even though web apps are good in terms of control of database and ease of access, it is not capable of accessing the built-in features of the native app, as well the phone.


Like the name suggest, an hybrid app is the blend of native and web app. This is actually a web app which is packed and wrapped in the code of the native platform. A hybrid app will also be able to offer high-end processing. We assure the delivery of 100% customized app which will work efficiently across various mobile devices.

why istudio

We are an efficient and hard-working hybrid app development company in Chennai have experts of app developer in our team. We will help you to develop your hybrid app by taking your digital objective into consideration. We develop apps for mobile, as well as desktop. Our precise industry knowledge and focus helps in developing cutting-edge apps. We know app development is a work of art and thereafter develop interactive and engaging apps.

A hybrid app is the appropriate combination of distant components, approaches, and technologies. Our experience and expertise in mobile app development by our tech-savvy development team is best experts of the developer in Chennai. With the help of your Hybrid app development service, you will be able to leverage the well-known mobile platforms. Our experts will help you to make most of the technology to guide your business through the path of success. Through expertise and innovation, we can assure that the apps that will be delivered are suited to your requirements.









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Our Process of App Development

Vision and Idea

The initiation of an application starts with the vision or idea of it. Our team of professionals works closely with the clients in order to get an insight into your ideas and vision for the app. This helps us to work out the design of the app in order to make sure that the end product caters to your requirement. Top hybrid app development companies in Chennai have 9+ years experience in app development with 500+ happy clients.


After the inception of the idea for the app, our developers conduct a fair bit of research to check its position in the current market. In this stage, we also offer suggestions to our clients regarding different ideas and the problems that they might have to face. We offer these suggestions since we believe that our professionals will be able to help the clients with their vision.


After the research, we analyze and search for exploring further. This helps in bringing the best out of the project. Monetization options will help in making the app profitable and extendable. We make sure that the software methodologies are discusses with the client before the process of development. The discover process helps in formulating a rough estimate of the value and size of the hybrid app development service in Chennai.


The most important part of a hybrid application is the design. Following the research on the project, we start working on design of the app. We have team skilled and innovative graphic designers who work to develop the best possible user interface for your app. Along with this, the professionals work on the wireframe along with the UI.


Once we are done with the design of the app, we send to the client for approval. If the design gets approved, we start working on the code for developing then hybrid application. The addition of JavaScript API’s is used for adding a functionality which is requested by the client. At this stage we also conduct the security and system testing. As a rule of the thumb, prototyping follows the deployment of the application on the app store.


When we complete the process of testing the hybrid application across various platforms and have made sure that this has passed all the tests, our developers start working on the deployment. We also work on the marketing and publicity in order to develop a buzz about their product that is released in the store. Once the process is complete, the app is released on the app store across different platforms for the users to check. If experts discover that there is no problem with the application is put up and run on different platforms. We are leading hybrid app development company in Chennai have awesome features with latest versions.

Feedbacks and Updatest

Finding out the perfect app at the very first release is pretty difficult since new glitches and also scope for development opens up as soon as the app is opened to public. Thus, we provide consistent customer support and updates to cater to the requirements of the client. Regular maintenance and addition of new features is quite convenient in respect to development and monetary terms.

Advantages of
Hybrid App

Hybrid mobile application is one of best option for the client, as well as the developer. His is because it is amazingly efficient across Android and iOS platform. A hybrid app will help in cutting the cost of app development. This also helps in reducing the time needed for building the application. Once you implement this app, you will know that it much more efficient than the trivial ones. This is because it is regularly improved and updates to work on every browser.

We have offering web development services to different clients for almost a decade, now. We provide top-notch customer service. Hybrid application service in Chennai is popular these days and that too, for the right reasons. They are proficient cross-platform apps which is an ideal amalgamation of web and native application. The efficiency of these apps cannot be matched with any other apps. The hybrid apps that we develop have several advantages and we make sure that our customers get the best possible app. The primary benefits of hybrid apps are as follows.

The main advantages of hybrid app development are:

Push Notifications

With the help of hybrid apps, you will be able to send push notification to the user. This is an easy way to reach out to them. Our expert hybrid app developers will give you option of seeding through the push notifications that has to be sent to the user.

in-built functionalities

Hybrid app development is advantageous for the enterprise apps, too. Since the users are able to access it from different devices, they are more comfortable with it and less technology and technical support is required for managing the app.

Portability platforms

One of the best features of hybrid app is that it is flexible and is easy to access across all devices. All you need to do is write down the code and get it ready. You will be able to deploy it across all platforms, thereby, saving money.

App Store

The native app has to be distributed and updated through the app store. However, this is not the case with hybrid apps. It has to be distributed through the app store but can be updated independently.

Why choose
Hybrid Applications

If you want to have a hybrid app and want to increase your customer base then you have come to the right place. This will work everywhere but can be maintained in one place. You will be able to enjoy various benefits by developing a hybrid app development companies in Chennai as best service records among others.

Cost Effectiveness

Since a single app is developed to be used across various platforms, the cost of app development will be pretty less. This is because the same code works on different devices. As a matter of fact, this leads to the reduction in the development time along with the maintenance cost.

User Experience

Websites look different on a computer screen and you will be able to get an idea about this by using different browsers. The same thing applies to the mobile applications. This is not at all good for user experience or branding.Hybrid apps are one of the growing sectors of IT

Offline Usage

Hybrid mobile apps usually use the API’s of the device for storing the data offline. This can be a great advantage for customers who are suffering from poor connectivity or are careful regarding the data cost.


It is a known fact that a hybrid app works faster than a native app. However, many people do not know that it is also much faster than a mobile web app.

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