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Having over a decade of mobile app development experience, we assure high ROI through our mobile apps.

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Our mobile app developers are highly creative who helps in creating stand apart application that increases your competitiveness.

70% Repeated Clients

Our extraordinary web design service will drive our clients to approach us again for business expansion.

Deliver Personalized Websites

Our developers are affluent in empathizing your needs and convert them into web applications.

Best Most Web Design
Company In Chennai

We at iStudio Technologies provide Best Web Design services in Chennai, producing lucrative website designs that inspire and turn the target audience into your customers. During this digitized era, having a website is no longer prestigious and expensive; rather, now it has become simply a part of businesses.

Being a professional website designing company in Chennai, we are designing magnificent, industry-specific designs that make a perfect match for the digital platform of our client and help them gain valuable clients.

We have 15 years of experience

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Mobile App Development
Web Development

We don’t just build Websites, we build Brands

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Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

Apps that Empower, Engage and Elevate.

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Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Get seen. Get heard. Get results.

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Smarter decisions, Faster results. Supercharge your Business.

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Game Development

We build games that Captivate and Engage

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Our Services


Web Design

We are the most experienced and highly trusted Web Design Company in Chennai. With 15 years of experience our best professional team design both static and dynamic websites starting from small startups to large enterprises. Different technologies like wordpress, Joomla, Typo3, CMS, UI/UX are used for delivering unique and robust web design. We ensure your digital presence looks good to provide your web users a great user experience across any device.

Web Development

In digital transformation, cloud computing is most important that is termed as web development. We offer various application development services for startups and enterprises. We provide tailor-made web applications including e-learning portals, ERP, CRM, marketplace portals, payment gateway integration, third party API integration, etc., with solutions provided for all of these. Unlike other companies we implement security standards as core web application feature. We are having expertise in PHP, JAVA, .net and with latest JS frameworks like Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS based web applications.

Mobile App Development

We are one of the top mobile app development company in Chennai, developing both native and hybrid mobile apps. For native we use JAVA and for hybrid we use Angular, React native and flutter solutions are also available. Different types of mobile app are developed by us starting from marketplace model, aggregated model, cab booking, enterprise applications, API integration, mapping integration and IoT mobile apps. We are having good experience in working with fortune 500 companies for mobile app development say companies like Visteon, TVS, L&T and many other.

E-Commerce Development

iStudio Technologies is one of the leading Ecommerce development company in Chennai serving clients around the world. We have unparalleled expertise in ECommerce web site development with various platforms like Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce. We provide solutions for small startups to large enterprises who wants to enlarge the customer database and lead generations. We have been successful in providing best e-commerce solutions for our customers. Also we set up the leading and secure payment gateway.
Mobile App Development-Ecommerce Development

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is like another side of a coin. If one side indicates the website, web application then the other side will be obviously digital marketing. Website without digital marketing is like product without a sale board. Our experience in digital marketing is as high as our projects we have delivered for so many clients who have highly profited in their business. We serve for all types of business sectors like e-commerce industries, enterprises, product promotions, and so on. Both organic and inorganic types of digital marketing are performed. Under organic type on-page SEO, off-page SEO, link building, social bookmarking, and other 30+ activities are taken care. Whereas inorganic includes activities like Google-ads, Facebook-ads, LinkedIn-ads, Twitter-ads and other social media related ads are performed. For the present situation under COVID-19, your growth is unstoppable when you come under the layer of digital marketing.

IOT Development

Around 20 billion connected things are expected to be in use by 2020. We are providing web application development, mobile app development for IoT devices. Our services comprise of automobile industry, manufacturing industry, healthcare industry, retail, consumer electronics, consumer durables for which IoT based solutions are offered. The solutions provided include IoT, IIoT, IFTTT according to following protocols say ThingsBoard, MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, OPC UA, DDS and AMQP. IoT greatly helps in monitoring, tracking and analysis with accurate systemized results.

AI/ML/DL Applications

Make your business more smarter with AI/ML/DL solutions. With our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we work on to fulfill the unmet needs of our clients. Here at iStudio Technologies, we do our best to provide appropriate and impactful AI software solutions tailor-made for your unique business needs. Our team are experienced in delivering AL/ML/DL solutions for various industrial domains of all sizes.. The AI/ML/DL application services include NLP, cognitive service, predictive analytics, chatbots development, pattern and image recognition and etc.

Graphics Design

An image is worth a thousand words. Images are a powerful way to get user attention and present your company unique digitally. We render content more lively with high creative ideas. With our vast expertise we present an unique and innovative edge to almost all type of businesses and we craft the best graphic design you require. The main graphic design services we offer are designing of logos, brochures, news letter, pamphlets, books, social media posts, business card and etc. As experts we blend vibrant colors in right texture with a spell of skilled graphic designers to convey the content pitch perfect.

Game Development

We are the game development experts at building fun and addictive experiences to unlocking entirely new ways of engaging the audience. Android is most powerful and user-friendly OS that is no.1 platform for gaming entertainment. iStudio Technologies is a highly experienced game development company in India for both mobile, desktop, AR, VR, simulation gaming, e-learning game development and so on. As experienced and are skilled enough with capabilities to develop any type of game say character modelling, 2D, 3D, animations, etc. our games are developed with unity 3D technology.

Testing Services

At iStudio Technologies we provide support for software testing. Any testing requirement at any point of software development cycle is supported by us. Testing helps to find the defects and blunders in the software application. Various testing ensures to provide you high quality software application that is more consistent, accurate and gives reliable results. Our 13+ years of experience speak aloud our unique services we perform like functional, security, performance, globalization, ERP, usability, mobile and regression testing services for every size of business. Tools equipped in testing are SAP R/3, FXCOP, WAPITI, Microsoft Dynamics, MORAE, Selenium IDE and many more.

Content Writing

Content marketing is the buzzword nowadays. Demand for good content writing has exploded with the content marketing practice for building brand and search marketing. Offering a unique blend of technical, creative and qualified content writers, we guarantee customer satisfaction through our professional writing services for all types of industries. Content writing services we offer for websites, books, brochures, e-learning and lots more. At iStudio Technologies, we will deliver you the perfectly planned content to fit in with all your specifications.

DevOps Services

We uncover that DevOps Software web service will help your online business grow. With our 13+ years experienced DevOps consulting services, we help large enterprises and startups keep their Development and Operations optimized, high efficient, faster time to online and better software quality. Our DevOps solutions include current DevOps frameworks evaluation and create a complete map to apply DevOps best practices that will match the universal standards and latest technological trends. The DevOps software experts at iStudio Technologies provide cloud services like AWS, Amazon and GCP.

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A Blooming Start With Creative Website Design For Startup Business:

Since India declared its interest in digitization, numerous startup firms have emerged with various conceptual strategies over the last decade, and hundreds of such websites are still yet to come. Every company requires a standardized website to maintain a prominent role in the business world and gain new market and customer base, and web design continues to remain the heart of it. With the support of our grasping projects, we deliver impressive web design company in Chennai for startups to reach their target of achieving heights in their industry in the immediate future.

We are well aware of the conciseness to be preserved in designing website design for startups and thus provide the same with an exceptional touch of 100%. In projecting the USP of our startups customers through our web design services, we preserve the core accuracy and endorse growth to build a conceptual website.


What iStudio Technologies
Delivers For Startups?

Qualitative design - iStudio Technologies

Qualitative design

Startups can enjoy the benefits of the highest standard of design from us, that is recognized to be the main factor that drives their business in the internet.

target customers - iStudio Technologies

Target customers

Each design we create and maintain for our startups clients is dependent on their target customers, so we are highly focused on the design aspect of UI / UX.

Navigation - iStudio Technologies


Every startup needs a minimum of 10 pages of website because they need to establish a strong connection between them, which is why we are highly focused on navigation.



In this case, designing a mobile-centered web design will be the best example, we assure 100 % responsive website which will be exceptionally device friendly.

Strategic design - iStudio Technologies

Strategic design

When shaping our startups customers' product approach, we practice individuality to the heart and thus build designs that are compatible with their company modules and operations.



Reshape Mid-Sized Companies Website Design

Mid-sized companies are the Indian economy ‘s real heartbeat, contributing 60 per cent to the nation’s growth. Although India has appeared as the leading country in implementing digitization, the mid-size player has the right time to adapt and reshape their online presence to possess a firm place in their industry. As an established website design firm, we at iStudio Technologies are well aware of the differences among startups and mid-sized companies and thus understand them and provide them with services that include some additional features such as implementing chatbots and creating analytical reporting tools to predict the performance of their website.

Being experienced in working with many companies of different sectors where we solely focus in developing unique and actionable website for small business. By making use of our powerful web design services in Chennai, mid-sized businesses can now forecast their market expansion more.

Checklist for mid-sized company

  • Simple navigation
  • Appealing content
  • Latest blogs
  • Social media links
  • Contact information
  • CTA’s
  • Live chat widget
  • Custom graphics


Enriched Web Design Of Enterprises

As a comprehensive and best web designing company in Chennai, we also provide innovative design services for corporates as well as high-end enterprises. Companies at the enterprise level prefer to adapt to global standards. Therefore websites and website designs plays the most important role in deciding their success because we have a broad exposure scale in designing web designs for various sizes of companies, we deliver our designs with absolute clarity to add the requisite professionalism to the website. Through highly focused concentration, refined selection and deployment, the appropriate font, text as well as background color is delivered at iStudio Technologies in Chennai.

Our experience in working with large companies like L&T, Visteon and many more reflects the way we obtain details to combine and put them in structure to give quality website that suits your business at its best. Once it comes to corporate web design, we totally skip the glimpse stuff that was used in web design presentation of startups and retain a professional approach.


What iStudio Technologies Delivers
For Enterprises

Design standards - iStudio Technologies

Design standards

At iStudio Technologies we follow the best web design standards in providing corporates and enterprises with the finest website designing company in Chennai, the principles we implement will definitely attract their favor, creating a win-win situation.

security-icon - iStudio Technologies


Facilitating high-end security for the developed website is extremely important to the unpredictable web world's secured survival. We make zero compromises with security and thus deploy advanced practices.

Unique-design-creation - iStudio Technologies

Unique creation

We are not just a regular player who implements the web design themes straight into your websites. Rather, we create exclusive design models and then transform them to standard themes prior to deployment.

Industrial standards - iStudio Technologies

Industrial standards

We adopt all the necessary industrial standards for framing the design of websites for corporates and enterprises that place them at the global level.

Color compatibility - iStudio Technologies

Color compatibility

To our corporate clients, we apply the best color combination that requires appropriate use of the white space to give the clients a true corporate look.

Website-A Valuable-Resource-Not-Just An Expense

Website- A Valuable Resource
Not Just An Expense

All this depends on the mindset of businesses and other organizations who firmly assume websites are money-focused expenses for them. It’s a pure illusion that needs to be swept away, a website is a valuable asset which has the potential to produce 4-5x post-launch revenue, and thus its value continues to grow with hardly any maintenance now and then meanwhile. Being the best web designing company in Chennai, we at iStudio Technologies design as per your needs and we make your investment worthy.

Simpler Yet High Quality
Process Of Web Design


Requirement gathering

Our initial phase of web design involves acknowledging client needs and collecting as much of information in accordance with their business goals.



Accordingly we prepare process for implementing and delivering web design services focused on clients specifications and business goals.



A wireframe is built from the outline figured. After all the information is collected and we agree on the strategies to be executed, we let the artistic ideas flow. We come up with ideas that complement your company and showcase your brand.



From the design finalized, a prototype is built and awaits for approval. Once that prototype gets approved, development phase begins. This is a critical post-web design step in which we are designing everything that is designed and planned for the final implementation process. It is indeed a time-consuming process in which web pages are created through codes, data, and images.



We perform a comprehensive testing of the entire website at this level of web design services to make sure it runs steadily with no bugs or delays.


Delivery and Maintenance

Once testing of website is done, there comes the final stage of delivering the carefully crafted art of web design in the hands of clients. We make sure a well designed and seamless website is delivered according to customer standards. Further, in future if client prefers frequent changes in the website, we also provide maintenance that will keep your websites updated on a regular basis.

Services We Offer
To Redefine Your Websites


Static Web Design

We at iStudio Technologies have expertise in delivering Static Web Design resolution. Designing a Static Website is the easiest way to view your company or product online. The content to be offered could be in the form of products and services or maybe details about concerns about your company.

Static web design sites purely contains codes. This design is very much helpful for websites with few number of pages (around 5) and also they don’t need regular updates. Sites may comprise of any number of web pages with the smallest amount of HTML as well as script that helps in optimizing search engines. We deliver exclusive and tailor-made web page design with excellence at competitive marketing rates.


The major benefit of a static website is that it is fast to develop.
As there is no server-side back-end processing, there will be less surface area to attack, and no database is accessible to breach.
It is cheaper to develop than the dynamic websites. They are appropriate for companies run over a minimal budget.
Further, these static websites can easily acquire dedicated servers at a reasonable price with less efforts.
The transfer process from server to client are easy and quick for the static websites. They take relatively less processing time than that of the dynamic websites because of its simple structure.

Check out the ratings for important
parameters for a static website

  • High performance
  • Easily manageable
  • Easiness of adding more pages
  • New functionality development
  • SEO management
  • Value for website
  • Upgrade

Dynamic Web Design

A Dynamic web page is that any page that contains information that can be changed in the instance the page is requested by coding or script. Dynamic web pages are those which allow a customer to choose which type of information to display. In general, dynamic website is the website where all web content is stored in databases and placed together when the web page is requested.

Our web design team at iStudio Technologies, the best website designing company in Chennai comprises of a highly qualified and skilled team who can deliver the highest quality services to our customers with dynamic web designing.


Responsive Web Design

Smartphone network usage growth is now rising wildly that is resulting in responsive design of websites. Responsive web design is like an art of web design for a various sizes of screen and devices.Google highly recommends web design responsive to improve user experience and, in effect, to enhance conversions. Everything fits in one design.

There are many benefits to preferring a user – friendly web design that improves experience for users, increases site efficiency, maximizes search engine exposure, makes it easier to maintain and cost efficient.As leading responsive web design company in Chennai, we prefer to firstbuild mobile-centric designs and later move to other devices to cover the maximum customer base. For more details please contact us.

Html5 Web Design

We, iStudio Technologies are the leading HTML5 web design company in Chennai, which makes really good use of current edition of this mark-up language to offer high-level user experience for website visitors to the inflow.It is found that deploying HTML5 into the web is necessary in order to allow full use of the website’s look and feel regardless of the framework.

The HTML5 ‘s lean and strong visualization nature is that its USP, and enables to represent content across platforms in a more impressive way. As the leading website designing company in Chennai, we are leveraging HTML5 to the maximum and optimum value for the website designs of our clients.


CMS Web Design

As the leading web design company for CMS in Chennai, we are well conscious that CMS (Content Management System) is a highly demanded technology that holds a prominent place in the website development industry. Therefore with the analysis of this fact we bring in all the most important CMS open-sources like WordPress, Joomla, and Typo3 into the act to attain highest client base. We are the most experienced website design company in Chennai, that has traveled in the design arena for more than a decade by exposing itself to many trend waves and thus has absolute clarity in executing the ideal CMS-based design as per the online demand of our client.

Custom CMS Web Design

Being top custom web design company in Chennai, we are renowned experts in providing industry-specific website designs that represent the company you directly and indirectly belong to as well as the target customers.Custom website design is an unique strategy of web design designed for your company. Your website is going to be different from everyone else’s.

A website must be customized to suit the visitors’ needs, so that they can quickly find the details they are searching for.Utilizing suitable layout, navigation, functionality, text size, and so on everything contributes to your website’s success and consequently your business’ success; outlining the main performance indicators of your services or products that can maximize sales cannot modify such options with ready template.Custom design services provided by iStudio Technologies produce excellent design that fits your business objectives.

Wordpress- Web-Designing-Company-in-Chennai

WordPress Web Design

Flexibility is the main aspect that each developer will see through the work while working with a designer, being a topmost WordPress website designing company in Chennai, we cater for the flexibility that our development team requires and also projects the same in our outcome to achieve complete customer satisfaction. WordPress is among the most popular content management system, and has earned maximum popularity from consumers or users while comparing with its peers. This makes even the designers’ job simple and lets them deliver the product on time. Our unique WordPress web design services in Chennai can help our customers make a high profit from business.

Typo3 Web Design

We are the promising Typo3 web design company in Chennai that uses Typo3 CMS to build functionality and feature-rich web designs.Typo3 is also an open source CMS framework, a technology as well as a very effective and productive platform. We are grateful to mention that our expert team have considered all of the main aspects of Typo3 on this platform and have provided several extensions till date. We also have set of trained team professionals specialized in the creation and modification of typeo3 extensions, along with application architects adopting high coding standards and implementation guidelines.

We ensure that the right features are set to generate maximum traffic and further conversions from that to the website at a right spot. We provide the best Typo3 website designing company in Chennai that serves the perfect assisting role in improving the UI / UX website that decides the business inflow to any website.

Headless CMS Web Design

Headless CMS Web Design

The Headless CMS is a framework that eliminates and hosts the administrative part of a content management system in a different, completely separate environment. The CMS deals directly with content in a clean, content-first approach.This implies that CMS might not always act as an editor for the content ‘s appearance or feel but rather focuses on handling the content itself.

Usually, headless CMSs render content accessible with the use of APIs, that in turn can be used by developers to create custom experiences along with the content given. As professional website designing company in Chennai, our expert team delivers the best design for your websites.

Renew Your Website By Redesigning

In this extremely competent and fast-moving digitized business world, one requires to stay up-to-date with the new trends and turn their presence to first survive and further lead the race accordingly. Website redesign became an inevitable strategy that must be carried out compulsory for any website holder to ensure the longevity of their survival and achieve maximum business profit.

As a prominent website redesign company in Chennai, by applying trend modeling strategies and techniques, we tend to rebuild the market lost and our customers reputation. At iStudio Technologies, the top website design company in Chennai is giving our clients the real profit that makes them feel worthy of their investment.

Renew Your Website By-Redesigning
Cost-Effective Web Design-Company-In Chennai

Cost-Effective Web Design Company
In Chennai

Nowadays a very well-designed website isn’t just an alternative but a must for an online success-seeking company. iStudio Technologies is the best low-cost web design company in Chennai, providing premium web design services to support you accomplish your needs. Our key services is that we provide the best web designs. Over the years that we have been offering many quality websites at competitive rates.

At iStudio Technologies, your ideologies meet our passion for design as well as your business objectives fulfill our commitment to providing personalized, innovative web design services in Chennai. We aspire to make your dreams come true. We ensure the template we build transmits your business message clearly and loudly. Our expert team deliver designs that seamlessly fit with the design’s functionalities. We deliver designs at a relatively affordable price. That doesn’t mean you would get the inefficient design though. We are working to the satisfaction of our customers. Our experts are experienced in delivering the project on schedule and make maximum effort required.

Attractive and Intuitive Design Trends
Used by Web Designers

Designing websites as-mobile-friendly

Designing websites as

There is every chance that anyone who first visits your web site would attempt to access that from a smartphone. You may lose one customer by a disappointing mobile experience and that's why you must engage a successful web design company in Chennai to design a clean and simple mobile-friendly website.



In Chennai there are professional web design companies which know that instinctive navigation is indeed the way of keeping customers engaged within that website for a longer period of time. When a visitor has to search for the right content, it is likely that the customer will soon leave the website.

Highly-clean and-simple design

Highly-clean and
simple design

Our professional web development company in Chennai acknowledges that to make the website loading faster, clean templates are very essential, and it can support new challenging interactive interfaces too. For a simplified and clean interface, navigating through the website, as well as through various devices and platforms, will be easier.

Liveliness - iStudio Technologies


Amazing animated emojis are now available which made the brands choose to use subtle animations in the design of logos. Using a website design company in Chennai, you could easily capture the attention of the user throughout the website by using animations for the moving visual content positioned in strategic locations.

Updated technology - ML-VR - iStudio Technologies

Updated technology - ML/VR

The significance of using Machine Learning(ML) for web design trends is exponentially growing. Chennai 's top website designers also keep updated with the latest innovations and seek to integrate the new features of machine learning technology to interact seamlessly with its customers. The VR(Virtual Reality) is also gaining the users attention and is growing in popularity for various businesses.

Precise typography - iStudio Technologies

Precise typography

Typography is one of the timeless website trends that is followed by most successful web designing company in Chennai such as iStudio Technologies. In order to enhance usability and maximize overall design, it is completely necessary for a successful web design company to pay attention to detailed typography. An innovative website designing company will create a custom visual and conversational balance.

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