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Web Design Company in Chennai

web design company in chennai

Web Design

With businesses making more progress on the Internet these days, it is essential that your website lives up to the ideals of customers and concerned people alike. As such, one of the key characteristics of your website is its design, which primarily attracts customers in a big way. An excellent website design is always likely to make it stand out among your competitors, giving you the edge. At iStudio Technologies, web design company in Chennai, we are highly skillful at website designing and know the nitty-gritty traits of it. Hand over your website designing tasks to our experts, and see for yourself the difference we make!

web development company in chennai

Web Development

Your website is the representation of your business or organization to the world. The lack of a proper website can easily put off many prospective customers even without your knowledge. Thus, a proper website is the key to growing your business and reach higher levels. At iStudio Technologies, web development company in Chennai, takes into account all your business needs before progressing. The focus is largely on simplicity, ease of use and yet, richness in features so that visitors rate your website highly. Outsource us your web development work and grow with us!

start up web design company in chennai

Web design for start-up company

Are you a startup looking for a breakthrough? If that’s the case, you need to keep in mind that your website is one very important aspect, among several others, that’s going to help you develop into a full-fledged company. With iStudio Tech Web Design Company in Chennai, our experts in web development will largely focus on your needs totally. We have a vast amount of experience, having built websites for numerous start up companies, and we don’t mind doing the same for you. Get in touch with us and get started with your website development today!

professional web design company in chennai

Professional web design services

Need scintillating web design implemented for a professional website? Well, iStudio Technologies, web designing company in Chennai, is here to help you! We have designed professional websites for a wide array of clients from altogether different fields of work and know exactly how to get one done for you. Count on us for professional web designing work and we will not let you down. In the end, you will come out a winner.

cms web design company in chennai

Content Management System

Content Management System is apt for a wide range of users. Whether you are looking for a hospital website or one for a school, e-commerce or even, just a simple blogging one, iStudio Technologies, web design companies in Chennai, is here to help. Our range of experience is also not limited to just WordPress and Joomla, which we are experts at, but also to numerous other CMSes that are prevalent these days. Get in touch with us, if you want us to get you a premier content management system that suits your needs well

responsive web design company in chennai

Responsive web design

Having a website that does not suit to a wide range of devices can be a real pain when surfing. And not just that, one might actually stop visiting your site if it isn’t optimized well. In steps iStudio Technologies, web designing company in Chennai, with a large amount of experience under the belt in responsive web development. Our development team makes sure that your website does not need to be constantly resized, scrolled or panned by the visitor, thus giving them a smooth web experience, whether it’s on desktops, laptops, tablets or mobiles. Want that for your websites? Get in touch with us.


The website of business organization is basically its face to the outside world. As much as prospective clients might be interested in an organization, even something of a bad experience such as poor website browsing, can literally turn them off and seek elsewhere. So what is the solution then? Obviously, it is to have a great website developed, and also one that features a large amount of well-designed content on it.

With respect to web development and designing work, iStudio Technologies, Web Design Company in Chennai, boasts of great services keeping in view with the needs and key aspects of your business on the Internet. Our team of highly talented web developers, as well as designers, is always ready to throw in that extra punch when it comes to any web developmental activity. Besides this, what you are also guaranteed of is our experience, as we have served hundreds of clients with their website development work, ever since our foundation. ‘Customer Satisfaction’ is another something that we take very seriously, and will do everything to ensure such a motto stands fulfilled.

Here’s an all round glimpse into what iStudio Technologies web design company in Chennai looks to integrate when carrying out web development and design.

Do you know why your website visitor leaves your website within two sec?

Web designs based on the ‘blink of an eye’:

web development companies in chennai

The blink of an eye is all it takes for humans to develop an interest in something they wish to pursue. Applying a similar approach, iStudio Technologies is the only Web Design Company in Chennai, India that implements such a feature in its website designs.

This means websites developed and designed by iStudio technologies, make accessing website features easy with

  • Navigation schemes that are easy
  • User interfaces that are a breeze
  • Search functions that enable faster results
  • Immediate access to social media features

Designs that is instantly catchy

Web Design Company Chennai

Proper usage of catchy graphics and materials definitely go a long way in attracting and holding the attention of visitors. This is exactly what we also encompass into our web designing activity.

  • The use of images
  • Vibrant use of graphics that seek attention
  • Background images that reflect well
  • Logos that are very catchy

Rich in features and relevance

web development companies chennai

Our websites are developed, keeping in mind, exactly what your visitors might find useful. As such, we also implement a huge amount of features that are, of course, relevant to the site you seek. This leads to more user satisfaction, and thereby, also plays a great role in promoting it

  • Grab the audience
  • Relevant amount of information that is required
    • Relevant content that visitors might find useful
    • Clear location details with maps, and also contact information

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About Us

iStudio Technologies a leading Web Design Company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India is a registered organization born on 2008. All our designs and technologies are tailored to each of our clients requirements. Now, we are one of the largest web development companies in Chennai, having a young and dedicated team committed to the permit of excellence. We provide a quality web design, creative web development services bespoke web applications. We are 100% customer oriented, “customer satisfaction”, “Customer Friendly” is our major focus.


Web Design Company in Chennai

Do you know we are the only web design company in Chennai, offers mathematical web design?

Do you know the importance that mathematics plays in our day to day lives? Any of the designs that you see in this world are, in fact, completely based on several mathematical aspects.

And just going by that, our website designs encompass several kinds of geometrical designs. It basically means that we understand geometrical shapes and evolve on it largely.The use of such geometrical designs also tends attract more visitors and to gain more trust in several ways. Also worthy of note is that we are, perhaps, the only web designing company in Chennai, which is known to offer such a dimension, to web designing work

A Web Design Company in Chennai

Implementation of Google’s Material Design

We, the web design company in Chennai, always strive to implement Google’s Material Design concept into all of the sites that we build. Keeping such a stance in mind, our website building and designing includes .

  • Material Metaphor
  • Tangible surfaces
  • Dimensional Affordances
  • Adaptive Design
  • Intentional & Bold Content
  • Motivate Actions
  • User- Initiated Parameters
  • Animated transformations

In fact, we are the only web design company in Chennai that is widely known to make use of visual and motion transformations, fluid motions, tactile services and bold graphic designs in websites, just like Google’s Material Design concept promotes. Such healthy implementation of designs is also something that we have an affinity for, and will always look to include them into your website design.

How to implement colors in websites to attract visitors?

Colors play a huge role in the choices people make in their day to day lives. In fact, a simple stat shows that almost 85% of the people are known to select a product, solely based on the color of it. Therefore, we understand the importance and difference colors can make with proper usage, and always implement them into our website designs.

The implementation of emotions into web design is also something that helps you connect with visitors’ emotions. On a similar note, we do not shy away from including that emotion factor into our web designing work so that it appeals to visitors, and connects deeply with them.

web designing process

What are the Ingredients for a successful site?

successful web design company in chennai

Having worked and garnered experience the field of web development for more than 5 years, we know exactly what the components of a successful website should be. Some of the things that we look to include are

  • Proper industry standard in web designs
  • Ease of use
  • Relevance to the visitors and the organization
  • Look and feel of the site
  • Accessibility
  • Great functionalities
  • Browser and platform compatibilities
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Integration with social media
  • Domain name and web hosting facilities

How to create great landing page to get more conversation?

With a great landing page that iStudio Technologies equips you with, your website will be natural breeding ground for conversions of potential visitors to clients, and finally sales. Having developed 100+ landing pages for great industry names, we will ensure the same for you.With all of this going right into your web design and development work, there is definitely no doubt as to what iStudio Technologies can empower you with!.

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