Document Management System

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Alfresco – document management system

If you store content at multiple places like network drives, email, USB sticks, different dfile sharing websites, and laptops etc then it may be the reason for content chaos. Alfresco’s document management system takes full control of company’s content. All significant files like engineering documents, marketing assets, and legal contracts are easy to find, share, and secure. Along with that it also maximizes the content-value by integrating into the significant business processes. Alfresco Digital Business platform is a secure, modern, and open platform that smartly activates the content and processes for accelerating the business flow. It caters people with the fastest path for interacting with the information and for the companies to respond the changing needs of business.
It can also be considered as a content management system for Unix-like operating systems and Microsoft Windows. Alfresco DMS system is extremely efficient in managing the digital documents of business. Here DMS stands for Document Management System, therefore, Alfresco DMS system stands for Alfresco Document Management System.

Commanding Search and Discovery

Alfresco helps in instantly locating the exact document people require from among the many thousand or sometimes even hundreds of thousands of files. how you like to see all your documents searchable on the cloud, grouping them, categorizing , them, rendering them on the fly, download and access them on any device and sharing them with your preferred people or group displays what document management system is. Some of its significant features regarding content search and discovery are mentioned underneath-

  • Simple search filtering and instant search suggestions speed up the retrieval of pertinent content.
  • Mobile access along with ability to integrate with the productivity apps allows people to access it anytime and anywhere.
  • Smart folders help in discovering the content by grouping the files as per what they are actually rather than where they are stored.

Advantages of Alfresco

A document management system can be considered as a system used for tracking, managing, and storing the documents and reducing the paper-usage. DMS is a system based on computer programs for managing the digital document of business. Alfresco is extremely advantageous for smart and efficient content management. It is loaded with plenty of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below-
  • It is the perfect combination of workflow capabilities and document management that opens up enormous opportunities for accelerating and enhancing the digital business flow.
  • Built-in workflows simplify the approval and review of the documents, while the definition of custom process can streamline the content-intensive activities.
  • Rich Metadata properties or models can come in use for automatically moving the documents via business process or the records management lifecycle .
  • For the repetitive tasks folder rules the trigger automated actions, it helps people to focus on more significant activities.
  • Alfresco support the CIFS export of contents, it means it is loaded with the offline file sync feature.
  • You can easily deploy it on your cloud and you have no need to spend any money for license purpose.

Helps in securing the critical content of business


Alfresco is enriched with enterprise-standard security controls. In addition, it is also loaded with capabilities of record management. Therefore, it’s extremely handy in securing the critical business data. In today’s tough and highly competitive scenario it is utmost important for any business to ensure the safety of its critical data.
Alfresco document system is also known as enterprise content management system. Some eminent products like Live Office and Google docs have made their strong presence in the market of document editing and products such as Dropbox are helping people in saving and sharing documents and varieties of files. There is a wide open market for the enterprise standard content management system.

Alfresco is highly effective for most of the small and medium scale enterprises.


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