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Why do you need Magento Web Hosts?

If you have a business with is supported or run through an online ecommerce site, finding the right web host provider is one of the most important considerations. This is because the choice of the web host can change the way that you do business online and can either make or break your ecommerce site. This is why it is of utmost importance that the web hosting provider must be chosen after a reasonable amount of deliberation and consideration. You will be required to consider several important factors and only then can you hope to hire the best web hosting provider. This might seem like too much work but your ecommerce website will be the one reaping the benefits and thus bringing more sales and revenue, as well as credibility in the eyes of your customers. In the absence of a reliable web host, there are several issues that might arise and get difficult to manage. Your ecommerce site might break down without any prior warning and stay that way for several hours and even days if a solution is not found. We are providing the best Magento hosting company in Chennai.


Built on free, open source technology, Magento is used by online sellers and merchant sites. It determines the overall look and functionality of the site and offers benefits such as catalog management, SEO, shopping cart etc.


Although Magento has many benefits and positive features as mentioned above, you are still required to exercise special care. The back end must be managed well and it is extremely important that the host is reliable enough.


When choosing a web hosting service, there are several things that must be considered. For instance, to strike a profitable deal, look out for attractive packages offered by them however these packages are just used as a marketing tool.

Things to Consider When choosing a Web Host

SSL Certification
SSL server certification or simply SSL is the certificate of security and safety that is digitally offered to website that can testify to its secure nature and safe encryption.
This works towards protecting the sensitive and important data that is stored on your website. An SSL certification protects online transactions and makes them secure. It also lets the browser know that your Magento score is safe and perfectly secure. This makes the activity of the user and their searches as well as other personal information secure from getting stolen and used negatively. We are the best Magento hosting company in Chennai.
Bandwidth and Data Storage
As mentioned before, there are several packages offered by web hosting services and you are required to choose the one that is the best for your requirements.
The hosting package you choose will come with a predetermined bandwidth and disk storage. These will be allocated to the online hosting server of the website. The package chosen by you must be picked after considering the necessities and requirements of your online store based on Magento. The package must be work simultaneously with what your online store requires at the moment and the future plans you have for it. The latter is an important thing to consider as no matter how small you start, you must have a vision for expansion. istudio provides you the Magento hosting service in Chennai.
Reliability of Server and Uptime
For an ecommerce website based on Magento, the uptime must be as close to 100% as possible. Anything below 99% is often considered to be unacceptable by most.
A majority of the web host providers in the world offer 99.9% uptime to their clients. The reliability of the server attracts customers to then ecommerce website. For this reason, it is important that the web hosting service you choose must offer good server reliability and acceptable uptime. It must also offer a powerful and stable server with trustworthy connections. In order to make the right decision, you can make use of several web hosting tools available.
Back-end Security
Even if you are new in the field, it is common knowledge that back end security is of utmost importance. A well-encrypted and secure backend web host provider is the only acceptable choice for your Magento based ecommerce website.
The importance of backend security is so widely known and understood because there is nothing quite as important when managing an ecommerce website. The website must be kept secure and the user database protected at all times. This is an important step towards building trust with the customer and retaining their loyalty to your brand. It also keeps the website as well as the information passing through it safe from cyber-attacks spearheaded by hackers.
Refund Policy
It is important to know how the web hosting provider deals with situations when a client is not satisfied with service and how it handles refunds.
This will make sure that on opting to cancel the use of their services, you don’t lose an unreasonable amount of money. Make sure that you ask questions like: Does the company offer full refund if the service is cancelled during the trial period? What is the refund policy if the service is cancelled after the trial period is over? What are the cancellation charges? istudio is the top Magento hosting service providedr company in Chennai.
Additional Features
There are certain ecommerce tools that an online business site can benefit from. Before any web host is hired, it must be made sure that they offer these crucial features that can keep the customers engaged and give them an interactive online option.
Some of the best web hosts offer shopping cart applications which help the business website. If you want to expand to other similar services, the budget has to be expanded. Also, there are some hosts that limit the number of email that can be created. However, it is best to look for one that offers unlimited mailbox. Some other features like automated response and spam filters make the experience even better.

Ideal Web Hosting Service

Several business owners are of the opinion that the hosting server acts like the very foundation of the business and a lot is dependent on them. The host takes care of a number of things that are crucial for desirable progress of the ecommerce site. with 10+ years of experience in Magento hosting service in Chennai. They also provide additional services such as managing emails and responses and the Control Panel among other things. Let’s take a look at some qualities of an ideal web host


A reliable web host ensures that the packages, their costs and the respective features are carefully settled and the prices are reasonably set.


Popular web hosts use only the best hardware which can be relied upon to make regular backups and protecting them from getting lost.


The backup feature is an extremely important one as it may be needed in case of an emergency situation.


Having fast loading speed is one of the most important indications of a good ecommerce website.


In an ecommerce website that receives traffic around the clock, technical faults may occur frequently and must be dealt with hastily.


The way that a web host handles payment says a lot about their competency. All monetary transactions and payments must be encrypted and secure.


iStudio Technologies also provides services like search engine optimization, responsive web design, graphic discoing and content development to mention just a few. We will make sure that your ecommerce website is interactive and gives the customers an experience that they would want to try again. We believe in making responsive websites not just for desktops but for other mobile devices such as tablets and cellphones as well as these accounts for about 50% of search engine queries nowadays. Our experts make sure that all your projects are submitted on a timely basis and deadlines are met at all costs. Here are some reasons why you must consider our service


We are one of the best known service providers in Chennai when it comes to Magento web hosting. Not only do we cater national clients but also have a host of satisfied international clients supporting us. In the years that we have been in the web hosting industry, iStudio Technologies have made a name for itself and is known as one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies in the field. If you are looking to improve your online presence and give you better digital visibility, we are the hosting service you can rely on. Istudio technologies is the best Magento hosting provider in chennai.

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Check out these Magento Web Host Providers

As you must have gathered, the choice of the web hosting service providers for your ecommerce website depends largely on specific demands and requirements. It is only after careful deliberation that the right host provider can be chosen. To make this decision easier, let’s take a look at some of the best web hosting providers that you must take a look at before making the final decision.


This is a dedicated web hosting company based in Houston and has expanded operations into Austin, Texas in the last few years. It also deals with providing shared, virtual private server along with dedicated web hosting. HostGater is one of the most popular names when it comes to web hosting.A unique feature it is known for is that it allows its users to resell their own hosting plans over the HostGater servers.


This is a hosting service that solely works with Magento websites. Although some consider the costs of Nexcess Hosting to be a bit on the expensive side, they certainly make up for it in the services they provide. Their hosting is impeccable are users are not likely to suffer issues regarding the uptime and the functionality of the website. Nexcess has been providing one of the most sought after website hosting services since 2000. They have a highly optimized environment for Magento Hosting and they have become a pioneer in the field.


Owned by Endurance International Group, BlueHost can be said to be one among the 20 biggest web hosts in the world. In fact, it hosts a total of over 1.9 million domains along with its collaborated companies. As it has the backing of millions of businesses, it has become one of the most trusted names among web host services. BlueHost offers unlimited bandwidth, hosting space and email accounts. There are several packages to choose from.


Founded in 2004, SiteGround is currently hosting over 500,000 domains all over the world. It offers services such as cloud hosting, shared hosting as well as dedicated servers. It operates through data centers in the Netherlands and Singapore along with the United States. There are several reasons why SiteGround is fast becoming one of the best known hosting providers in the world.