Smart Car Parking System

Make your Parking Area Hassle Free

35% – of commute time is dedicated to find a parking slot.
$345 – is the amount wasted by a driver in fuel to find a parking slot
$3.8B – will be the market value of smart parking by 2023.

Smart Parking App Development Company

The smart parking system is one big leap towards turning the dream of a smart city true by implementing relevant technology in a synchronized way and providing maximum benefit to the user. The technology of IoT plays a crucial role here in converting the buzzword of the smart city into reality and a usable one in daily life. Being a promising Smart Parking App Development Company in Chennai, India, we offer tech-driven service to sort out the chaotic situation revolves around parking and helps various operators, commercial spaces and residential apartments to gain best asset management.

Service Verticals of Smart Parking
Management System

Smart Gateway - iStudio Technologies

Smart Gateway

A single IoT gateway interface unit gets connected with several other IoT devices hence creating a SmartZone that enable the vehicles to get to know the exact parking spot. Efficiently manage your parking space by availing our custom smart parking app in Chennai, India.

Real-time Insights - iStudio Technologies

Real-time Insights

Availing real-time insights regarding the total number of parked vehicles, vacant space and other relevant details sensed to be the primary USP in implementing IoT concept here when it comes to availing the service from iStudio Technologies, we further go deep-rooted and provide flawless smart parking app development services in Chennai, India in maintaining accuracy in every step while providing real-time insights.

Service Verticals of Smart Parking Management-System - iStudio Technologies

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Smart Parking Database - iStudio Technologies


Collecting, Processing, Analyzing and securely storing a complete set of data regarding the vehicles parked in the respective slot in your parking commerical. We deliver the best custom smart parking app development service in Chennai, India that integrates all the required information regarding the vehicles resided in your operating space that helps you to carry out a seamless business process and efficient resource management as well.

Digital Guidance - iStudio Technologies

Digital Guidance

Helping drivers by providing perfect direction and the exact spot to park their vehicle without spending much time to search, implementing our advanced smart parking management system enables vehicle holders to easily locate your spot and reach you in no time.

Vehicle detection Sensors - iStudio Technologies

Vehicle detection Sensors

A tailor-made smart parking solution for commercial building operators who rent their space for vehicle parking to impose a fair tariff, the sensor perfectly note down the in-time of the vehicle to calculate the right amount to be charged for the respective parking slots. We are the best smart parking management app development company in Chennai, India, who help the commercial operator to have a win-win situation in their business.

Smart Car Parking Mobile App Functionalities

How Commerical
Smart Parking System Works?

  • The gateway IoT sensor holds a bandwidth of 1km radius thus connecting the nearby vehicles by denoting the presence of available parking slot in the building.
  • The mobile app held by the vehicle owner receives a push notification regarding the available parking area nearby and the exact spot that suits their vehicle size as well.
  • Once the push notification is accepted by the driver, the gateway immediately sends the message regarding the vehicle arrival to the database.
  • Once the concerned spot is been occupied by the vehicle, the real time data starts getting generated and the relevant information will be kept sharing with the database.
  • When the vehicle gets parked in the slot, the payment gateway option opens and the vehicle owner needs to mention the total parking time and proceed with the payment.
  • Since the real-time data is getting shared with the server, the one who drives out their car or two-wheeler without paying extra hour charges will be penalized or bared by the security people.
  • The entire details regarding all the vehicles resorted in the parking slot/bay is distributed and managed in the database.

What are the Tools and
Technologies used?

Technologies Involved

GPS - iStudio Technologies


Machine Vision - iStudio Technologies

Machine Vision

VANET - iStudio Technologies


Multi-Agent System - iStudio Technologies

Multi-Agent System

Neural Networks - iStudio Technologies

Neural Networks

Fuzzy Logic - iStudio Technologies

Fuzzy Logic

Sensors Used

sensor-icon - iStudio Technologies

Smart Parking Sensor

sensor-icon - iStudio Technologies

Passive and Active Infrared Sensor

sensor-icon - iStudio Technologies

Ultrasonic Sensor

sensor-icon - iStudio Technologies

Inductive Loop Detectors

sensor-icon - iStudio Technologies

Parking Guidance Systems

sensor-icon - iStudio Technologies


sensor-icon - iStudio Technologies


sensor-icon - iStudio Technologies

Microwave Radar

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Smart Car Parking Mobile App Functionalities

Key Contributing Technologies

Internet Of Things

The IoT-enabled smart parking system helps vehicle holders to find a proper parking space swiftly according to their motor size and also helps the owner of premises to efficiently manage the parked vehicles in their slots. The IoT enabled smart parking system involves the trio of an IoT device, detection sensor and microcontrollers to carry out a flawless operation in the parking process.

The IoT based gateway system present in the larger parking arena will track out and get connected with the nearby vehicles notifying them that there is a premise available to park, and once the vehicle receives and accepts the notification the gateway will verify whether a perfect parking slot is available for the coming vehicle.

The vehicle holder will receive the respective notification regarding parking availability in the mobile app, once the vehicle reaches the premises, it gets allocated with its slot with the help of distant measurement sensor that shows the exact distance to reach the slot, and the microcontroller receives the communication data and finally transmit to the database.

IOT - Smart Parking - iStudio Technologies
  • Once the vehicle reaches the slot, it gets parked in a perfect position with the help of a distant sensor that assists the vehicle to maintain the required distance between its peers and also the ground, on the other hand, the slot holds a 360 camera that captures the picture of vehicle number and sends the owner the parking tariff based on the number of hours.
  • Post making their payment the vehicle owner can leave the area, else, the sensor will keep alarming until the payment is made. We provide the best IoT based smart parking management system in Chennai, India that completely revolutionize the traditional parking methods and will definitely be a stress buster for tier-1 cities.
Deep Neural Network - iStudio Technologies

Deep Neural Network / Deep Learning

Similar to IoT, deep learning concept also provide a healthy contribution to the smart parking management system, where the core concept of deep learning revolves around analyzing the existing scenario and predicting the feasibilities in future with its intellectuality.

The entire concept of deep learning got applied in smart parking where the machine gets trained by introducing to the different scenario of parking prevailing in the city, and at the same time the data regarding the future vehicle prevalence and area to be covered under parking will be fed, now the deep learning algorithm applies its intellectuality and predicts the number of cars halted in a particular area. It also goes a step ahead and detects the number of a free and occupied area using colour coding.

Different Streams in Smart Parking

Free Parking - iStudio Technologies

Paid Parking

Paid Parking - iStudio Technologies

Free Parking

Shared Parking - iStudio Technologies

Shared Parking

Who are the Beneficiaries?

building-icon - iStudio Technologies

Government Buildings

building-icon - iStudio Technologies

Residential Apartments

building-icon - iStudio Technologies

Municipality Councils

building-icon - iStudio Technologies

Commercial Parking Operators

building-icon - iStudio Technologies

Mega Retail Stores

building-icon - iStudio Technologies


building-icon - iStudio Technologies


building-icon - iStudio Technologies

Educational Institutes

Smart Car Parking Mobile App Functionalities

What Paved Way for Smart Parking?

Parking has always been a huge issue in a densely populated and overcrowded country like India, even the developed nations like the USA are facing minor issues when it comes to parking. Adoption of technology has become mandatory here to avoid further chaos in parking.

Here is why technology comes into the act to solve parking issues?

Minimal Parking Space - iStudio Technologies

Minimal Parking Space

The equilibrium rate between the number of vehicles in a tier-1 city and the number of parking areas is getting crunched day by day this depreciation has sealed all the gates of manual efforts and hence opened the way for smart parking systems.

Irregular Charges - iStudio Technologies

Irregular Charges

Parking charges are terrible factors that might either be a setback for the driver or the one who owns the parking area tariff regulations are not pleasing and hence creates a lose-lose situation for both the players. Implementation of smart parking solution becomes mandatory here to fix a regulative price.

More On-Street Parkings - iStudio Technologies

More On-Street Parkings

On-street parking is the succeeding factor and has become part and parcel of daily life in congested developing nations, minimal parking space and high parking tariffs found to be the key reasons behind on-street parking, and hence it leads to the adoption of smart parking solutions to avoid unnecessary traffic.

Long-wait - iStudio Technologies


Awaiting for hours to park in an unauthorized on-street space has become the tendency of most of the vehicle owners instead of parking it in the paid area, on-street parking will cost more waiting hours hence it leads to increased stress and unwanted fuel wastage. Introducing a smart parking system avoids the situation of a long time waiting for on-street parking.

Residential Parking - iStudio Technologies

Residential Parking

Multiplex apartments built with mandatory car parking features these days and they become a burden for some of the residents staying there. Applying the concept of the smart parking system will help the builders to plan the entire construction according to vehicle holders list, and also it will be a discouraging factor for multiple vehicle holders too.

Smart Parking Solutions
Mobile App Functionalities

More On-Street Parkings - iStudio Technologies

Mobile Login

More On-Street Parkings - iStudio Technologies

Profile Generation

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Display of parking pins

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Parking Area Details

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Parking Area Amenities

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Parking Area Charges

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Parking Area Packages

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Wallet Payment

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Optional Payments

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Offer Places

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Additional features

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Add my Address

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