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Digitization has brought in simplicity and efficiency together and transformed the way we people got operated in our daily chores. Businesses and enterprises are adopting digitization not just to make the best use of it, but also to elevate their standards in the aspect of approaching their end-users and key stakeholders.

With a keen forecast towards enhancing the learning methodologies, we at iStudio Technologies caters to the best learning management software services that deliver customized benefits to the adopters according to their business operability. Our LMS software not specifically designed for a certain set of academic institutions, but, it holds a wide scope of integration in areas wherever learning happens.

Transforming Learning to Digital- LMS Features

Course Management System

Dedicated course management system creates a well-structured and high clarity course module to carry out seamless learning. Our LMS software conducts a thorough analysis of your teaching courses and also carries out an extensive competitive search to come up with an exceptional course management module which justifies the digital transformation. We completely assure customization in our LMS software service where the course management module we frame gets easily blend with your existing learning/teaching prototype.

Easy to use Content

Our LMS service helps you to create course modules and other study materials in a user-friendly way that includes implementing audio and video scripts. We ensure that you don't face any discomfort in handling the scripts in the process of course module creation.

Industrial Standards

We deploy niche industrial standards in implementing the course management module of our Learning Management System, where we ensure the entire process ranging from content management deployment to its execution and operability maintained with the required standards.


Assessing Tool

Lucrative and dedicated assessing tool helps in creating a flexible format of question papers and question banks to assess the knowledge of your students/deployed workforce. The high-end LMS software we develop frames the important and striking questions in your required format to carry out 100% proper talent assessment.

Conduct Survey

Our enhanced LMS software helps you in conducting both internal and external surveys to know better about the online tests conducted by your peers and other parallel industries, their course curriculum, and teaching approaches for a complete betterment.

Structured Learning

We are highly aware of the academic teaching and learning rules that got implemented online, and hence we securely practice a stringent learning method in our LMS software, here we can bring in the required customization that could restrict the users from sharing the course details with their friends, taking the course on their flexible time and cheating with the assessment tests as well.

File Management

It's time to create, manage, store, use, and reuse your files regarding the teaching practices, learning curriculum, test preparations, and the student/employee details in a more sophisticated and secured way using our Learning Management System that brings in real digital transformation in the file handling process.

Learning Transformed

Learning is no more complicated and tiresome process for students and the working staff of corporates where we are in an age of continuous learning to keep ourselves updated. The learning management software we have developed comes out with exciting features that engage the end-user to make complete and frequent use of the tool and attain maximum benefit from the course they have enrolled.

Fun-made Learning

A high rate of engagement and interaction is the core driving features of our LMS software service, where you can create your video tutorials and connect your learners with video conferencing to make learning an interesting practice.

Rewards and Recognition

Bringing in more interactive elements in learning, the approach of giving reward points, and certain recognition gets implemented in our LMS software services, where the best performing candidate can now get rewards that will be worth it.

Create Certificates

Now you can create your certificates according to your institution standards that highly cut-down the printing cost, paper usage, and the involved human resource as well. Digital certifications now considered valid proof in recognizing one's talent.

Seamless Communication

Enabling communication between the teaching staff and the enrolled candidates with zero hindrance is attained in our LMS software services, we provide multiple communication options like messages, chats, emails in groups and also in one-one format.

Video Enabled

We enable video chatting and video streaming features to bring in required advancement in our LMS software, our striking and productive features implemented in our LMS service make it the best when compared to the peers, and above all, we ensure high-level security to the data provided by the users.

Online Portal

Completely integrated and dedicated online ecommerce platform implemented in our LMS software to purchase, and also to resell some of the course-related documents and mock test banks for the subscribed end-users.

Enterprise Features

Being a renowned learning management software provider, we at iStudio Technologies create essential and updated enterprise-driven features that are the base root in operating your digital transformed learning management system without any chaos. Ranging from generating the required analytical reports to managing your branches and their involved learning process efficiently this enterprise-driven feature plays a certain pivotal role.
Enterprise Features-Learning-Management-System

Analytical Report

A detailed analytical report that holds an in-depth analysis of the complete records of your question banks, conducted tests, test analysis, candidate records, reviews, and assessments as well. Being the speculative LMS software service provider, we bring in attention to detail and high-end accuracy in all the aspects correlated to the analytical report.

Handle Branches

Well-made exclusive feature helps schools, colleges, and some academic institutes to carry out a uniform and synchronized learning process amongst their candidates most simply and effectively. Our Learning Management Software breaks down the stereotypical complexities in handling the learning management process and carries out more smoothly.

User Accessibility

Restrict and relax the accessibility limit of your enrolled users according to their position and cadre in the academic institute with our learning management software. It helps in maintaining the required confidentiality and avoids unnecessary internal disputes.

Automate Routines

Publishing a general notification or an announcement is no more a lengthy process; we as an LMS software service provider automate these routine tasks and enhance the productivity of the administrative staffs.

Buy and Sell Courses

Selling the training packages to the subscribed candidates is made easier with our LMS software; we ensure the purchase happens most securely by implementing the necessary protective standards and compliances.

API Integration

We integrate the best API in our LMS software that helps the user to communicate seamlessly with the concerned online portal and activate their learning program by providing the required data to make them sign in.

Handle Profiles

Add, edit, delete and control the entire profile management process in a more proficient way using the LMS software we provide, certain institutional implementation would demand custom field insertion which is also applicable to our software service.

Secured Platform

No matter how may extensive and advanced feature LMS software possess? It still needs high-end security to carry out the operability without any privacy threats; we ensure that your communication and other learning stuff got protected to the core with our security system implementation.


Any software must have the basic level of flexible nature to adopt the integration of third-party applications which are essential to driving its operations. Hence we bring a promising LMS software service providing company, ensures that our learning management system gets blend with essential third-party tools by integrating them into its functionality.

GDPR Compliance

We are highly aware of the GDPR compliance and hence strictly follow them in our LMS software services, where we deploy various encryption techniques to protect the data provided by our users.

Themes and Configurations

Themes and configurations play a vital role in shaping your learning management software a unique one, we embed required configurationally settings and themes in a more customized way to bring in the desired unique feel to the software service you avail.


We bring in the best customization into our LMS services to develop the supreme feel of availing a high-quality service in our clients' mindset; hence we highly focus on the development as well as software design themes to provide a classy touch.


We deploy high-quality themes that add value to our learning management software services which give 100% premium look and feel, added up to it we also provide space of implementing your CSS and JavaScript if needed into the theme to make it much unique and your brand.


Impressive Home page

Home page or landing page is the index and deciding factor for any website to get the required number of clients and projects, they play the deciding role and hence sensed to be always crucial in making or breaking the growth of a website, get developed the most astonishing home page allied with our LMS software which keeps improving your learning streak of the candidate and also your business growth.

Responsive Design

Accessibility is the one factor that determines the reach of the software amongst its users; we are the best LMS software development company who focuses on its device adaptability and hence create a completely responsive one that fits with any screen.

Web Standards

We deploy the most updated web standards and related technologies in developing the required learning management software for our clients to make it long last with a futuristic vision.

Mobile App

Not just in the web form, we are tech-driven LMS software developers who are highly capable of converting the entire software into the mobile app format to increase your user base.

Server Infrastructure

Swiftness in file delivery is the core essential factor to increase the efficiency and the interactive operability of the learning management software, hence we integrate Amazon CDN server infrastructure to make it happen.