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With our merchant cash advance services, eliminate outstanding document work and boost up the cash lending process.
Merchant cash advance, much like issuing loans, requires a lot of back-office activities. For an extensive list of demands and company processes, it is the back-end phase that experiences problems owing to a lack of in-house personnel or an overwhelming workload. In such situations, the outsourcing of merchant cash advances can eliminate outstanding document work and also boost up the cash lending process.

In need of the best merchant cash advance services in India?

Who Is It For-Merchant Cash Advance Companies?

In order for the entire loan and approval process to be effective, merchant cash advance companies must perform routine administrative activities relating to merchant cash advance lending and acceptance.
For the lengthy method of lending working capital to numerous companies for successful revenue and earnings, there is a lot of back-end struggle associated. And while merchant cash advance companies such as yours remain on top of instant cash financing, the back-end hustle is imminent.
How can iStudio Technologies Help You?-IStudio Technologies

How can iStudio Technologies Help You?

At Fusion, we’re excited about empowering business owners and practitioners to thrive. We pay attention to all related worldly operations that take up your time for your merchant’s cash advances, reverse conversion, and payment collection. Delegation of back-office procedures will help you remain focused on your company. We have a team of professionals who are well-versed in merchant cash advance assistance.

In need of the best merchant cash advance services in India?

Why choose iStudio Technologies?

We put in the best employees to ensure job productivity and company growth. With a list of benefits below, you know what you’ve got when you recruit us.

Focusing on the main market

Higher running costs

Zero cost infrastructure

Time-zone benefit

Awareness of the new software & technologies

Efficient correspondence

Contributes to company growth

Access to qualified personnel

In need of the best merchant cash advance services in India?

Services Offered

At iStudio Technologies, we provide end-to-end merchant cash advance services.
  • Document processing
  • Underwriting analysis
  • Underwriting pricing
  • Final underwriting document review
  • Information exchange
  • Database management
  • Reports and miscellaneous
  • Drafting agreements
  • Accounting services
Services Offered-IStudio Technologies

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