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We at iStudio Technologies provide a highly productive nutrition app that navigates you in your day to day activities to lead a healthy and brisk life that you haven’t experienced never before. Avail a proactive nutrition mobile app to nurture your health that holds experienced and friendly dietitians and nutritions who navigates you in the entire process of transforming you into a health you in a natural way.

Here you can get healthcare expert suggestion in two different ways

Get few changes in your regular diet for healthy lifestyle
Completely follow healthcare expert advice
We at iStudio Technologies provide end-to-end Nutrition mobile application in Chennai, India that helps any individual to live a glorifying and healthy lifestyle like never before.

Nutrition App Features

Fitness-app-Food details-istudio technologies

Food details

Provide the complete set of food you used to consume per day.

Fitness-app-Quantity Taken-istudio technologies

Quantity Taken

Mention the exact amount of food you consume with respect to the variety in every schedule of the day.

Fitness-app-Nutrition App Features-istudio technologies
Fitness-app-In-take Time-istudio technologies

In-take Time

Mention the time and the interval at which you consume the food.

Fitness-app-Place-istudio technologies


You also need to mention the place where you take your food (home made or outside).

Expert Advice

Healthcare Nutrition will analyse your eating habits and food intake activities and then provide you with valuable suggestions to consume healthy food which includes:

  • Modification in quantity
  • Alteration in quality
  • Suggestion of right food
  • Suitable exercise to be done
  • Suggesting liquid food items

Calorie Tracking

Now you can track the amount of calorie you consume and burnt with the regular excercise suggested by the assigned health expert. Get the most seamless Nutrition Tracking iOS Mobile App in Chennai, India, that trims your unwanted fat, provides precised nutritions and leads to a healthy tomorrow.

Fitness-app-expert-advice-istudio technologies

Get our Guidance

Fitness-app-Get our Guidance-istudio technologies

Provide your BMI

You need to provide your height, weight details in the nutrition mobile app to avail customized health tips

Provide health details

If you have any specific health issues, then it needs to be mentioned in a detailed format that includes the medication process.

Get Food Suggestion

Now the healthcare expert will suggest you the customized set of foods that needs to be consumed in their prescribed time at denoted quantity.

Calorie Count

Now the total calorie intake and total calorie burnt will be notified to you and to your nutritionist via mobile app.

Expert Suggestion

Based on your food consumption and regular activities the concerned nutritionist will recommend few changes in your food intake and other activities to achieve maximum benefit. Avail the most exceptional Nutrition Android Mobile App in Chennai, India, that transform you completely into a energetic person.

Other Features

Fitness-app-Personalised Nutrition-istudio technologies

Personalised Nutrition

Post gathering all your health details, medical details and on-going diet plans you will get assigned with a personalized nutrition who suuggest you with the proper set of food, the right quantity and the proper time it to be taken during their diet process. Avail the most speculative Nutrition Tracking App in Chennai, India for a better lifestyle.

Fitness-app-Fitness Trainer-istudio technologies

Fitness Trainer

Similar to the personalized nutrition you will also assigned with a seperate fitness trainer who gives you detailed insights on the physical activities to be followed regualrly, that make sure the consumed healthy nutrition provide enough strength and stamina and also utilised in a better way with regular excercise.

Fitness-app-Community-istudio technologies


You will be provided with an interactive platform in the mobile app to discuss and attain ideas and inputs from your peer users.

Fitness-app-Dashboard-istudio technologies


A virtual display board where you can find the result of your progress based on the nutrition consumption and regular physical activities.

Get the best Nutrition Tracker App in Chennai, India from iStudio Technologies that performs well in both the iOS and Android platforms.

Supporting Technology


Android App



How it works?

Similar to other utility mobile applications, the user needs to provide data in it and get suggestions from the concerned healthcare professionals and fitness trainers. We provide user friendly nutrition app in Chennai, India, that helps the specific user to provide accurate details, avail proper suggestion and fitness training with ease.

Health and Fitness App
Admin Functionalities

Nutrition-fitness-app-Secure Login - iStudio Technologies

Secure Login

Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Roles - iStudio Technologies

Add Roles

Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Nutritionist - iStudio Technologies

Add Nutritionist

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Nutritionist - iStudio Technologies

Manage Nutritionist

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Patients - iStudio Technologies

Manage Patients

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Packages - iStudio Technologies

Manage Packages

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Trainers - iStudio Technologies

Manage Trainers

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Advertisements and Promotions - iStudio Technologies

Advertisements and Promotions

Nutrition-fitness-app-Send Push Notifications - iStudio Technologies

Send Push Notifications

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Exercises - iStudio Technologies

Manage Exercises

Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Videos- Images - iStudio Technologies

Add Videos/ Images

Nutrition-fitness-app-Real-time Insights - iStudio Technologies

Real-time Insights

Nutrition-fitness-app-Reports - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Fitness-Excercise Plan - iStudio Technologies

Fitness/Excercise Plan

Nutrition-fitness-app-Automated Reminders - iStudio Technologies

Automated Reminders

Nutrition-fitness-app-News Updates - iStudio Technologies

News Updates

Nutrition-fitness-app-Create Playlist Category - iStudio Technologies

Create Playlist Category

Nutrition-fitness-app-Upload Songs and Information - iStudio Technologies

Upload Songs and Information

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Playlist - iStudio Technologies

Manage Playlist

Nutrition-fitness-app-Youtube Integration - iStudio Technologies

Youtube Integration

Health and Fitness App
User / Patient Functionalities

Nutrition-fitness-app-Secure Login - iStudio Technologies

Secure Login

Nutrition-fitness-app-Dashboard - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Paired Smart Watch - iStudio Technologies

Paired Smart Watch

Nutrition-fitness-app-Profile Details - iStudio Technologies

Profile Details

Nutrition-fitness-app-Health Score - iStudio Technologies

Health Score

Nutrition-fitness-app-BMI - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Fitness Chart - iStudio Technologies

Fitness Chart

Nutrition-fitness-app-Nutrition Plan - iStudio Technologies

Nutrition Plan

Nutrition-fitness-app-Exercise Plan-Videos - iStudio Technologies

Exercise Plan/Videos

Nutrition-fitness-app-Communication System - iStudio Technologies

Communication System

Nutrition-fitness-app-Ratings and Reviews - iStudio Technologies

Ratings and Reviews

Nutrition-fitness-app-Gamification System - iStudio Technologies

Gamification System

Nutrition-fitness-app-Minimal Social Network Features - iStudio Technologies

Social Network Features

Nutrition-fitness-app-Total Step Count - iStudio Technologies

Total Step Count

Nutrition-fitness-app-Calories Burnt - iStudio Technologies

Calories Burnt

Nutrition-fitness-app-Distance - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Google Map for Distance - iStudio Technologies

Google Map for Distance

Nutrition-fitness-app-Past History - iStudio Technologies

Past History

Nutrition-fitness-app-Exercise-Workouts - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Running Calculation - iStudio Technologies

Running Calculation

Nutrition-fitness-app-Walking Calculation - iStudio Technologies

Walking Calculation

Nutrition-fitness-app-Cycling Calculation - iStudio Technologies

Cycling Calculation

Nutrition-fitness-app-Hiking Calculation - iStudio Technologies

Hiking Calculation

Nutrition-fitness-app-Swimming Calculation - iStudio Technologies

Swimming Calculation

Nutrition-fitness-app-Treadmill calculation - iStudio Technologies

Treadmill Calculation

Nutrition-fitness-app-Other Workouts - iStudio Technologies

Other Workouts

Nutrition-fitness-app-Water Intake - iStudio Technologies

Water Intake

Nutrition-fitness-app-Sleep Monitor - iStudio Technologies

Sleep Monitor

Nutrition-fitness-app-Heart beat Monitor - iStudio Technologies

Heart beat Monitor

Nutrition-fitness-app-Music - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Favourite Playlist - iStudio Technologies

Favourite Playlist

Nutrition-fitness-app-Sleeping Music - iStudio Technologies

Sleeping Music

Nutritionist Control Panel

Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Foods - iStudio Technologies

Add Foods

Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Food category - iStudio Technologies

Add Food category

Nutrition-fitness-app-Age and Gender based Food Allocation - iStudio Technologies

Age & Gender based Food Allocation

Nutrition-fitness-app-Calories for Each Food - iStudio Technologies

Calories for Each Food

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Calories - iStudio Technologies

Manage Calories

Nutrition-fitness-app-Nutrition Plan - iStudio Technologies

Nutrition Plan

Nutrition-fitness-app-Patient List - iStudio Technologies

Patient List

Nutrition-fitness-app-Alert from Patients - iStudio Technologies

Alert from Patients

Nutrition-fitness-app-Report - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Communication System - iStudio Technologies

Patient Communication System

Nutritionist Control Panel

We are the leading Nutrition Mobile App Development Service Provider who aims at catering
excellence in every functionality we create.
Nutrition-fitness-app-Communication System - iStudio Technologies

Communication with Nutritionist

The patient is provided with several options to contact their assigned nutritionist tomake sure with their diet plans and get rectified with their queries regarding the food they intake.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Patient List - iStudio Technologies

Wizard base FAQ

We provide a complete set of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in the patients panel based on their regular and basic doubts that would arise while availing our nutrition app.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Communication System - iStudio Technologies

Chat Communication

A highly interactive chatting platform tailor-made for all the users or patients to engage with their assigned trainers and nutritionists to clarify with their doubts and also interact with their peer users to gain some useful tips on workouts and diet plans.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Report - iStudio Technologies

Queries to Nutritionist

The FAQ will be framed under the nutritionist and fitness trainer view point and if in case the patient still has some unsolved query then they can make it cleared using this section by sending personalised message to their assigned nutritionist using the in-built chat option provided in their panel.

Mobile Application

In app Call

We have integrated an In-app calling facility in our nutrition mobile app for the patients that would direct them to our customer care service and link with the concerned trainer or nutritionist when they are in urgent need to gather any important requirement or sort out a query.

Front Office/ Registration Executive

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Patients - iStudio Technologies

Register User

The front office executive will collect all the details regarding the patient and creates an individual account for them by entering their personal, medical and lifestyle details and also allocates a fitness trainer and nutritionist for them.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Profile Details - iStudio Technologies

Add Profile Details

Apart from adding the profile details of the patients, the front office executive also adds the profile details of the complete list of nutritionists and fitness trainers who got collaborated with their healthcare centers. This includes adding their qualification, experience and their availability to assist the patients.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Reports - iStudio Technologies

Add plan

The front office executive takes the complete responsibility of adding the selective plans for all the patients brought in and this includes the scheme allotted for the patients according to their health condition and the suggested dietary plans and fitness exercises mentioned in the scheme exclusively for every patients.

Gamification System

To make the app more engaging and also to outbeat the existing competition we have included the methodology of gamification into our app that highly encourages all the users to actively participate in their day-to-day dietary and fitness practice and transform themselves into a new person.
Nutrition-fitness-app-Patient List - iStudio Technologies

Ranking System

Based on the performance of a user they will get ranked and the rank of all the users will get displayed in the common display board of patient or user section. The ranking system is purely based on the dedication level towards the activity as well as the timely and accurate accomplishment of the same.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Patient List - iStudio Technologies

Point System

The concerned user will be allocated specific points based on their performance in following the diet plans and carrying out the workout sessions, timely task accomplishment will gain maximum points that includes proper consumption of nutritions too. The ranking of a user or patient is purely based on the points they acquire in the end of the week.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Patient List - iStudio Technologies

Monthly Challenge

Monthly challenge program is also scheduled in the nutrition app that includes the fitness tasks and nutrition intake contest, where the patients need to achieve the landmark set by the admin according to their current dietary and fitness schedule and they will compete only with the peers who follow similar kind of healthcare practices.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Patient List - iStudio Technologies

Virtual Avatar

The user will get a virtual avatar depending upon their basic physical condition and the size of the avatar might vary depending upon their regularity in the exercise and diet they follow. Being a efficacious Fitness Mobile App Development Company we ensure high profitability in adopting our app development services.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Patient List - iStudio Technologies

Goal System

The patient can set exclusive goal for their fitness training and diet control plan provided if they have enough awareness, else the patient can lend the help from their respective coaches to set goals and work accordingly. This method helps them to achieve the greater task of having fit physique in an easier and simplified way.

Wearable Data Integration

We at iStudio Technologies provide highly innovative nutrition app that incorporates the technology advent by bringing in wearable device on-board to detect the patient’s physical activity and also to sense the calories intake to provide them with better health suggestions. We deploy our seamless data integration technique in the leading wearable devices like Apple Watch, Samsung Watch and Fitbit Watch.

We are an end-to-end Nutrition App Development Service Providers who create custom-made mobile applications.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Wearable Data Integration

Custom Wearable Development

Providing end-to-end tech oriented healthcare service is the eternal aim of iStudio Technologies and hence we expand our service by creating technology related wearable products that plays a vital role in today’s healthcare industry.
Nutrition-fitness-app-Paired Smart Watch - iStudio Technologies

Custom Watch Development

Creating a customized wearable watch with quality none less than Apple iWatch and Fitbit with all in one integrated features to track your health condition and also to acquire data related to your physical activities that sends immediate and proper notification to the mobile app.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Health Score - iStudio Technologies

Heart Rate Sensor

A dedicated wearable device that helps to measure the heart rate of a concerned wearer and also notifies them regarding related heart diseases and risks that they might face and its respective remedial healthcare actions.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Calories - iStudio Technologies

Calorie Monitor Sensor

An exclusive wearable sensor that helps to track your incoming and outgoing calorie count, irrespective of your dietary plan and health condition this calorie sensor gathers exact details on the calorie intake and the number of calories burnt per day and sends you a detailed report on the same.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Total Step Count - iStudio Technologies

Step Count

Do you want to know the total number of steps you take per day? And also want information about its adverse effect? Then you need to get our step count wearable device that provides the total number of steps taken by you in a day and connects it with the number of calories it burnt. We have experienced team of Mobile App developers who are highly spontaneous in grasping your requirement and provide cutting-edge Nutrition Mobile App.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Health Score - iStudio Technologies

Sleep Monitor

Are you getting enough physical rest in a day? Get it know with the help of our advanced sleep monitor wearable device that delivers a detailed report on your sleep. The wearable sleep monitoring device we provide will give you the exact numbers on your total sleeping time that includes deep-sleep hours, restless sleep and partial sleep. It also provide details on rejuvenation taken by your organs during the rest time.

Food Calorie Calculation System

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Calories - iStudio Technologies

Recommended Calories

Nutrition-fitness-app-Nutrition Plan - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Nutrition Plan - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Nutrition Plan - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Foods - iStudio Technologies

Morning Snack

Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Foods - iStudio Technologies

Afternoon Snack

Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Foods - iStudio Technologies

Evening Snack

Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Foods - iStudio Technologies

Juicies Intake

Motivation System

The nutrition app we provide not just limit its boundary with suggesting the patient with providing details on their everyday calorie intake but also keep them motivated to use the app to attain maximum benefit.

How do we motivate our users?

  • Notifications
  • Sleep Suggestions
  • Food/Nutrition Suggestions
  • Water intake Suggestions
  • Fitness News
Nutrition-fitness-app-Fitness-app-Motivation System

How do we motivate our users?

A effectual Nutrition App Development Company offering the best mobile app for your life-time.
Nutrition-fitness-app-Send Push Notifications - iStudio Technologies


We send motivational notifications to our users through message and email push alerts that contains inspiring lines on their successful completion of daily task or inducing message that stimulates them to carry on with the task if they failed to do so.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Sleep Monitor - iStudio Technologies

Sleep Suggestions

Ranging from diet consumption to workout and sleep sessions, every activities of the user or patient is recorded by the wearable device used by the patient and the registered information are sent to the mobile app database that distributes it to the concerned stakeholder post carrying out their complete analysis. The app will provide sleep suggestions if the user rests for lesser number of time.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Manage Nutritionist - iStudio Technologies

Food/Nutrition Suggestions

The nutritionist will be providing a personalized food or nutrient suggestion if in case the scheduled list of food(s) are not available for the consuming patient. Moreover the nutritonist will suggest the right food to be taken at the right time and the patient will get it notified before their session gets initiated.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Add Foods - iStudio Technologies

Water intake Suggestions

The patient will get proper suggestion regarding water intake in their day’s dietary plan from their personalized nutritionist, if in case the patient has not taken required amount of water then they will receive an alert (email or message) stating that they are running short certain amount of H2O in them.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Exercise-Workouts - iStudio Technologies

Fitness News

The patients who have enrolled with our nutrition app will receive timely updated and frequent fitness news that are tailor-made and hand-picked according to their dietary plan and workout schedules. The fitness news will help them to focus better and attain results faster.

Minimal Social Network System

This particular feature will help the app to get well-established amongst the user community by making complete use of the social media platform and also plays a vital role amongst the users (patients) in helping them to share their achievements and experience with their contacts and friends circle.
Nutrition-fitness-app-Past History - iStudio Technologies

Daily Achievements

Fitness-app-Fitness Trainer-istudio technologies

Goal Achievements

Nutrition-fitness-app-Minimal Social Network Features - iStudio Technologies

Share the Achievements

Nutrition-fitness-app-Communication System - iStudio Technologies

Commenting System

Nutrition-fitness-app-Ratings and Reviews - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Minimal Social Network Features - iStudio Technologies

Share your story

Nutrition-fitness-app-Send Push Notifications - iStudio Technologies


Nutrition-fitness-app-Patient List - iStudio Technologies

Ranking System

Nutrition Data Sources

We maintain a complete global standards in prescribing the required nutrition for every patient and our nutritionist follow the United States Department of Agriculture standards in suggesting the required nutrition for any user.
Nutrition-fitness-app-Report - iStudio Technologies

RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance)

The nutritionist prefer RDA standards in suggesting any individual patient in taking the required amount of food (calroeis) according to their current health status,where the RDA standards are bound to National Research Council or National Research Academy.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Report - iStudio Technologies

AI (Adequate Intake)

AI potrays the average number of the total amount of food (in calories) that can be consumed by a selective group of people, here when it comes to nutrition app these numbers will denote the present figures of patients who got enrolled.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Report - iStudio Technologies

Tolerable Upper Intake

The maximum level of food intaken by an indvidual per day that deosn’t cause them any harmful effects on their health.

Nutrition-fitness-app-Report - iStudio Technologies

Dietary Reference

A general reference term which includes the index for calculative nutrients reference values for RDA, AI, TUIL and Estimated Average Requirements (EAR).

Avail our amazing Nutrition Mobile Application Development Services to rejuvenate your approach to the patients and save your precious time.