Compared with other app development frameworks, React native has grown leaps and bounds since its inception.

The day when the social media icon Facebook introduced this framework as a highly competitive cross-platform app development framework, React native is making all necessary updation to maintain its dignity and decorum amongst its peers.

Though React Native is found to be highly impressive and successful being a framework still, it holds its own set of pros and cons that makes it miss the limelight of adoption for apps sometimes.

This article will be projecting both the perks and setbacks of using a React Native framework which is collected from several pro-developers, project managers who worked closely with the implementation of React Native and it also helps the businesses to take self-decision regarding its adoption.

Pros of React Native

a) Saves Time

The first and foremost USP of React Native is its time optimization feature where it consumes low development time due to the sheer presence of several ready to deploy features that help to create any complicated apps. The faster creation of React Native based applications is possible only due to the existence of core base “The JavaScript” which holds more number of developers in its community. Since Facebook is making frequent changes to this framework, and it has the capability of sharing a huge codebase with the operating system, it can easily save more time and money as well.
Saves Time

Tested, for instance, React Native is found to develop an application 33% of time lesser than Swift, and it makes it get deployed across platforms.

Being the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies can now create proficient applications using react native easily.

Single Framework Numerous Platforms

b) Single Framework Numerous Platforms

Another striking feature of using React Native framework is its multi-platform deployment where you can reuse the code between platforms. The cross-platform nature of an application is determined based on the total number of native module deployment in the application moreover the huge community of React Native helps to create an equally engaging application in the open source too. The strong support from JavaScript in React native framework helps the developer to create a flawless application both in mobile and web formats.
React Native as a framework maintains the solution stability and brings in the possibility of sharing non-UI code. We create affluent web applications by making complete use of react native to diversified industries according to their needs. Apart from saving the development cost and time, React Native also ensures to bring in the required consistency in the application.

c) Hot Reloading

Hot-reloading is a unique feature prevails in React Native that helps a developer to update the new feature in the application, without disturbing its workability. The developer doesn’t need to rebuild the application instead, they can bring in the required update wherever required.

d) Compact Teams

A developer who is well-versed with React Native can be a great asset for your organization as they eliminate the need for having two different teams for Android and iOS. Their proficiency in Javascript is high enough to create the required cross-platform application. Our experienced React Native developers will help you create best applications without spending much time on team expansion.

e) Fast Running Application

Most of the mediocre developers and amateur React Native users argue that React Native used to decimate their application’s performance but, the actual reality is something entirely different. You can always compare an application developed in React Native and Swift, where they used to give similar performance in terms of speed. Even if you find any lag of time from React Native still, you have the option of transferring all important codes to native modules.

f) Simplified UI

React Native is well-known for providing interactive UI were they use declarative programming were, the order of implementing is completely obsolete which helps in finding bugs and rectifying the same.

Drawbacks of React Native

a) Friction in Navigation

React Native becomes complicated sometimes to use by ejecting few weird issues like handling debugging tools, hot reloading failure and setbacks with compatibility packages. All these issues occur since it prevails in beta version, which may gradually slow down the process of development, particularly for budding developers.

b) Non-Existence of Custom Modules

Yes, there is a specific custom-module deficiency in some use cases when deploying the React Native framework for developing a cross-platform application. The non-existence of these readymade custom modules may force the developers to create one from scratch to handle the situation, which might be highly challenging for aspiring React Native developers.

C) Native Dependency do Exist

The dependency on native app developers still does persist in creating an application based on React Native framework.
There are certain situations where the need for native app developers becomes desperate and miniature teams would certainly struggle at that moment.
Having a backup of any native app developer would heal the situation, and would help to find an immediate solution for the inexperienced team of React Native developers.


Similar to other application development frameworks React Native also faces its own kind of setbacks despite the success it has tasted in the exclusive arena of cross-platform mobile app development.
Native app development like Android application and iOS application are found to be the temproary alternatives for this framework and on the other hand, Google delivers a stiff competition from its end by creating and executing a similar kind of efficient framework named Flutter.


Detailed Overflow On Tensorflow Framework


Since their inception, both machine learning and deep learning concepts have acquired several business operabilities and played a pivotal role in enhancing their business. Technology enterprises including the biggies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft are thriving hard to master the deep and machine learning skills to dominate the future tech world. Machine learning has started to conquer the software industry, and now the deep learning is dominating the machine learning in organisations, and soon these AI-based technologies will be a part of organisations in different sizes. While talking about the machine and deep learning everyone’s focus turn towards the productive framework called “Tensorflow”. This framework is a perfect combination of deep and machine learning which includes both the kind of algorithms in the name of “Neural Network”. This multi-beneficial framework will be highly helpful for organisations to carry out future-centric projects and tasks in a hassle free way. We provide exclusive Tensorflow development services in Chennai, India to improve your company productivity and pave the way for enhanced improvement.

What Exactly is TensorFlow?

Tensorflow is a high-end framework of neural networking that performs well in multiple operating platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. This ML and DL embedded framework also support multiple GPU architectures which are an added advantage for application development. Apart from this it also supports multi-server availability which helps to create a complex application with ease. Incorporating tensorflow development avails several other benefits for an enterprise, but we need to know about its working functionality before diving deep into its benefits.

How Tensorflow works?

  • Let’s go through the working procedure of tensorflow framework step-by-step to know how it exactly yields benefit in creating and maintaining ML-based applications.
  • The tensorflow processing permits developers to create a moveable graph that process data between the nodes.
  • Here in the data processing graph, each node performs a mathematical operation to execute the application and connectivity between the nodes is known as “Tensor”.
  • The entire tensorflow process operates based on Python and C++ binary languages where Python used to process the nodes and C++ binary used to formulate the mathematical operations in the node.
  • In tensorflow, nodes and tensors are the objects of Python language, and Python applications, hence they are tensor application themselves.
  • A tensorflow application is easy to use and simple to implement in multiple platforms like local machines, cloud clusters, iOS and Android devices, GPU, and this application, can also get customised and run in your Google’s customised Tensorflow Processing Unit (TPU) this application can be deployed in several devices and useful in future predicting applications.

We are the best Tensorflow development company in Chennai, India who helps enteprise to create productive AI based applications that helps your firm to carry out accurate future forecast and perform seamless operations.

Why Choose Tensorflow?

Tensorflow Cloud

Google deep learning cloud backs up tensorflow framework, and hence it delivers numerous benefits, and precise support for the application runs on the tensorflow framework. Our enhanced Tensorflow development services in Chennai, India helps you in creating perfect application for your enterprise.



Tensorboard is part and parcel of this opensource framework which assists developers by providing data visualisation tool, to ease up the burden of computation and training related to deep neural network which becomes tedious when the application becomes extensible and big. Now the data visualisation tool plays a crucial role here that explains the way the deep neural network operates through providing deep learning curves and computational graphs. Tensorflow development services we provide will help you streamline the entire application with the high-end support of our data visualisation tool.

Machine Learning Gradient Descent

Here, the tensorflow framework performs the automatic differentiating which is found to be the key. When it comes to implementation of the tensorflow framework machine learning process different algorithm in a different way in gradient descent machine learning optimises the algorithm to combine easily with other framework sets. This auto optimisation function will minimise the overall cost of function. Being the best tensorflow development service provider in Chennai, India we provide you with the most flexible tensorflow framework that helps to create a variety of applications.

High-performing API

The tensorflow framework is a best combination of several high-performing API which actually carries out the entire process, and TF-Slim and TFlearn are the two main contributors. TF-Slim performs the operation of finetuning the entire data set as per the requirement, and TFlearn delivers high-end support to the framework which helps in a better deployment of deep neural network TFlearn. We are the promising tensorflow development agency in Chennai, India who delivers industry-specific applications using this open source AI-based framework.

Solid Architecture

The key to the success of Tensorflow framework is its architecture, which forecasts its uniqueness amongst other frameworks. This framework has its own core named Tensorflow core which provides complete control over the model. Moreover, Tensorflow uses high-level API like tf.estimator which carries out data management in a seamless way, the very automated nature of this API carries out several repeated tasks on its own and hence simplifies developers job. We are the prolific Tensorflow development company in Chennai, India who provides you with futuristic applications using solid Tensorflow architectures.

Integrating C++

Well, we have already come across the benefits catered by C++ binaries in tensorflow, but still, there is something we must get to know here is the lightning speed of this framework and C++ is the whole reason for this. It also allows you to implement your own ML operations using C++ to integrate that in tensorflow. We are the leading tensorflow development company in Chennai, India with exceptional techncial background that uplifts enterprise solutions.

Importance of Hadoop

Hadoop is a much better space to tensorflow in it where it serves several benefits to this framework and setting up multiple clusters of a server is one amongst them. Our enhanced tensorflow development services in Chennai, India delivers end-to-end AI-based support for cross- industrial enterprises.

Commanding Community

Since it is developed by Google Brain, tensorflow has one of the greatest and commanding community support which ever had by any other of its peers.


Hope this writeup would have given you a clarity over tensorflow and if you require any AI-based development solutions




Mobile app development has always registered a notable growth since its inception by embracing new technologies into it and has always been a successful part of application building.According to the current scenario, a majority of the app development companies have transformed towards hybrid app development from native app development which has really yielded them with a cutting-edge solution and sheer success.Frameworks are found to be the key contributor to the success of mobile apps, and they have always been part and parcel of mobile app development services all these ages.So without wasting much time, lets quickly dive deep into the process of analysing the best mobile app framework that would rule the entire development arena this 2019.


Since the day it got launched, Flutter is gaining high popularity and credibility among the developer as well the user base in different aspects. This framework is built with the base of dark programming and found to be a power packed framework with striking characters like:

  • Awful material design
  • Combined animations
  • Flexible UI’s
  • Innovative SDK’s

Being the proper factory outlet of Google, Flutter has huge community support from coders which helps to face any practical difficulties when implemented.We are the best mobile app development company in Chennai, India who focus on client satisfaction and acheive the same by implementing updated technologies.

React Native

  • This typical framework got introduced around 2015, by another industrial legend “Facebook”.
  • Holding all the key features like light-weight, cross-platform deployability, and swiftness contributed to the exponential growth of React native.
  • Facebook used the ES6 Javascript version to develop React native in the open source format to bring in further enhancement whenever necessary.
  • React native is still in its beta version and looking out for further improvement in its IDE, execution, and APK builds and it can be easily addressed by third-party software, which makes developers work easy.

We are the best ReactJS development company in Chennai, India who delivers enhanced mobile app solutions to our diversified client base.


  • The ionic framework is a well-established mobile app development platform which is meant to develop hybrid mobile applications in a seamless way.
  • The striking advantage of using ionic framework is it delivers the native feel while developing a hybrid app.
  • Cost-effective designs, high range of robustness and extraordinary SDK are the striking features of the ionic framework.
  • This framework was backed by exceptional development languages like HTML5, CSS and Javascript.
  • Progressive web apps have become the most preferred ones in today’s industrial scenario and adopted by various giants players like Uber, Twiter and Washington Post in their web application development.
  • This particular kind of web app prefers the ionic framework in creating any huge and complicated applications. We are the leading mobile app development company in Chennai, India delivers par excellent services that surpass client requirements.

Adobe PhoneGap

  • PhoneGap is another established framework that runs with the support of high-end development languages like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript which is used to develop several useful apps.
  • Unlike other frameworks, PhoneGap doesn’t show any hardware based restrictions instead it allows developers to construct a useful cross-browser web application that presents in a better way towards web-view model.
  • PhoneGap uses the best set of CSS3 tools to develop the web application which portrays similar view and feel between native and hybrid apps.
  • Being the renowned mobile app development company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies ensures to bring in the exact similarity between both the categories of applications.

Corona SDK

Corona framework is developed based on the Lua programming language, and it is highly known for its versatility which brings in the necessary speed and flexibility over the period of time within the framework. Corona is known for multi-platform deployment which used to perform in a flawless way across any operating systems.
We provide best mobile app development services in Chennai, India by embedding the suitable framework for your business module that would yield the desired output successfully


Mobile app development will play the key role and surpass the need for web app development in the upcoming days of 2019, a lot more new and fresh mobile app frameworks are expected to come with remarkable features that perform well in all the platforms. We at iStudio Technologies are an innovative mobile app service providers in Chennai, India who build custom mobile app solutions that bring in real benefit to the business.



Most Popular Web Development Framework Introduction

As the web technology gets improved day by day the frequency of updating its frameworks are also getting increased. There is no room for simplified approach and the need regarding a solid web application framework is tend to get increased every day. This leaves a great challenge in the front of developers to create the most promising framework in the arena of web app development. Web app development is not only about the look and feel of a website, but it also includes giving high focus in areas like:

  • Security
  • Database access
  • Database mapping
  • Database configuration
  • Web services
  • Web APIs
  • Caching
  • Web templates
  • Web resources

As the best website development service provider in Chennai, iStudio Technologies has the sheer responsibility of ranking the updated web app frameworks based on certain criteria’s like its features, usage, updates, and functionalities that plays a huge role. These frameworks are implemented based on its flexibilities to the core which it helps to build diversified set of applications. Hence, this blog post will be helpful to decide the right framework to develop your application as we have ranked in a proper order.

Factors Influencing Framework Adoption


Best Web Development Framework 2018

Django is preferred to be the best web framework 2018, as it satisfies the need of every stack player in the industry.As the best Django development company in India, we provide enhanced web application services.


The adaptability rate of a framework is based on its usage in top application that is prevalently used among the end users. Hence it is been used by applications like Instagram, YouTube, Shopify, Dropbox and Mozilla.


Django is the leading framework when it comes to tutorial servicing, it has enormous amount of tutorials in its kitty and also provides 11 diversified set of useful videos.

Frequent update

The adaptability rate of a framework is based on its usage in top application that is prevalently used among the end users. Hence it is been used by applications like Instagram, YouTube, Shopify, Dropbox and Mozilla.

Bug fixing

Django is the leading framework when it comes to tutorial servicing, it has enormous amount of tutorials in its kitty and also provides 11 diversified set of useful videos.

Pay scale

The higher the market value of a framework the more will be its adaptability and eventually there will be more demand for its developers. Hence the averages pay scale of a Django developer with a three year experience shoots upto 15 LPA in India.

Project Value

After carrying out a pilot survey among developing companies and freelance developers it is found that they used to charge USD 68/hr for a project.

Community (till date)

In order to sense the community base of a framework, Github is the most promising source which helps us to analyze the community strength of a framework. The community strength is based on Repositories it holds, Commits possessed, Topics covered, and total number of users. Django holds a strong community with:

  • Repositories- 172K
  • Commits- 2M
  • Topics- 518
  • Users- 4K


  • Django as a framework travels with an additional create, read, update and delete (CRUD) admin interface, with this it is easy to manage any websites without editing its code.
  • Lightweight web server that has various features and functionalities in it that paves way towards creating new frameworks by taking inspiration from Django.
  • It also handles well with other website oriented tasks like content administration, sitemap submission, RSS feeds, and user authentication.


Most Popular Web Framework For PHP 2018

Ruby on Rails is the most popular web framework 2018, which is gaining high establishment among developers and lead industrial players too. As the best Ruby on Rails Development Company in India,we provide quality web application services.


companies using ruby on rails framework are Airbnb, Basecamp, Bloomberg, GitHub, Pixlr, and Scribd.


Has released 7 different videos

Frequent update

yearly once updates

Bug fixing

This framework can fix any tiny issues through running the code completely.

Pay scale

Average pay scale is 4, 40,200

Project Value

As of today’s market trend the project value for ruby on rails from work is USD 38/hr

Community (till date)

In order to sense the community base of a framework, Github is the most promising source which helps us to analyze the community strength of a framework. The community strength is based on Repositories it holds, Commits possessed, Topics covered, and total number of users. Django holds a strong community with:

  • Repositories- 77K
  • Commits- 37K
  • Topics- 12
  • Users- 3K


  • This framework avoids the extra time spent over documentation process, as it involves creating self-documenting process which is completely automated and easily readable too.
  • It is also very easy to understand its coding procedure and it doesn’t require any single specific developer to carry out the entire process at a single stretch.
  • This framework also has the facility of adding extra functionality whenever required. This helps your application to be developed in a faster way and also makes it eligible for testing.

Ruby on Rails

Best Framework For Large Web Application

YII is one of the most popular web development frameworks which gaining its base and spreading its scope of adaptability towards various functionality. As the top YII framework development company in India , we provide high-end web application services.


Poker tube, U-trip, Fresh mail, Survicate, and Lifely


Holds specific tutorial from installation to localization

Frequent update

yearly once updates

Bug fixing

The fastest PHP framework that fixes the errors based on analyzing the feedbacks from user community.

Pay scale

Average pay scale is 3,90,000

Project Value

The current market value for YII framework based development project is USD 35/hr

Community (till date)

  • Repositories- 2K
  • Commits- 6K
  • Topics- 12
  • Users- 3K


  • Capable of creating multi-diversified web applications like forums, CMS (Content Management System), RESTful services, ecommerce website developed with the help of WII
  • This framework delivers exactly what you want? And nothing much, this framework provides a strong cache support that helps your web application to work faster using WII
  • YII ensures the security of the web application through bringing in input validation, output filtration, SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

YII framework

Best Web Framework 2018

As the leading Meteorjs development company in India, we provide better web application services to our clients.

Adaptability,,,, and


Holds complete set of tutor resources in a diversified way to for all class of developers to guide them in the right path.

Frequent update

8 months once updates

Bug fixing

Meteor.js works well as an independent package and capable of fixing the bugs in several cross platforms

Pay scale

Average pay scale is RS. 3, 68,614

Project Value

In today’s scenario the project value of Meteorjs in market is USD 21/hr

Community (till date)

  • Repositories- 2K
  • Commits- 745
  • Topics- 4
  • Users- 78


  • Compared to other frameworks, Meteorjs provides numerous resources to develop a web application.
  • It creates a warm platform for developers to build a web-application in real-time using Java script and the same can also be implemented in iOS and android app development as well. Further it requires only a few lines of code to be typed instead of framing codes in pages for other frameworks.
  • This framework will be highly helpful spread any kind of data changes automatically into the website through integrating MongoDB with the use of distributed data protocol and publish-subscribe pattern. Meteorjs carries out Blaze template engine that makes use of Angular framework or react library.


Best Full Stack Framework 2018


Addis InfoTech, Namesco limited, Corra, TRW Automotive Holdings and Coalition Technologies


Since this framework is not active in the development community it holds only 4% of the total number of tutorials when compared with Django framework.

Frequent update

Last version got released on Sep 8th 2016

Bug fixing

This framework is not considered to be a solid one to fix critical issues.


Pay scale

Average pay scale is RS. 2, 72,909

Project Value

Current project value is USD 20/hr

Community (till date)

  • Repositories- 2K
  • Commits- 745
  • Topics- 4
  • Users- 78


  • It makes good use of OOPS concepts to extend several components which in turn help to frame different functionalities that can also be used in other projects as well.
  • As discussed before it contains several components with it that has the capability to develop a complete functionality-based project. Still, the developers are left with choice that they can go with the components which are highly necessary. This helps in performing several tasks like ORM implementation, code-generation, user authentication and many more.
  • It practices some of the useful activities like encryption, AES-256 and password storage using Bcrypt to ensure website security.

Zend Framework

Most Used PHP Framework

As the best Expressjs development company in India,we provide high-end web application services to our clients.


Accenture, IBM, Myntra, Uber, and Yandex


This particular framework has a vast account of online tutorials present in the web development arena.

Frequent update

4 months once updates

Bug fixing

Fixes the bugs through retrieving the dynamic coding of an application


Pay scale

Average pay scale is Rs 2, 45, 870

Project Value

Current project value of Expressjs is USD 30/hr

Community (till date)

  • Repositories- 27K
  • Commits- 49k
  • Topics- 5
  • Users- 555


  • Minimalistic and highly flexible framework that becomes very much handy in developing a proper mobile application.
  • It doesn’t require any complicated knowledge base and it is well-enough to create an application based on Expressjs possessing knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • It doesn’t require any complicated knowledge base and it is well-enough to create an application based on Expressjs possessing knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Express js

Best Full Stack Application Development Framework


Companies using Laravel framework is Toyota hall of fame, RV.CAMPINGWORLD.COM, GLOBALDIETARYDATABSE.ORG, EXPLOREGEORGIA.ORG, and CEENTA.COM


Holds second highest set of tutorials next to Django with 8 diversified set of videos

Frequent update

Continuously updated every 6 months

Bug fixing

Ensures high level of security and addresses all the issues related to security concern in order to make sure the application runs without any obstacles.

Pay scale

Average pay scale for Laravel developer is Rs. 4, 80,703 as annual package.

Project Value

Industry charges USD 45/HR to develop Laravel based application

Community (till date)

  • Repositories- 172K
  • Commits- 2M
  • Topics- 518
  • Users- 4K


  • Implementation of authentication logic and control access is highly possible using this framework for creating web application and mobile application.
  • Laravel is highly capable of creating several web features through embracing the help of specific object-oriented libraries.These features include encryption, CSRF and hashing.These specific features are not present in other PHP frameworks.
  • Laravel framework provides great support to MVC architecture which contributes towards better performance of websites. To dwell in much deeper MVC also provides various other facilities like simultaneous development, high cohesion, low coupling, ease of modification, and multiple model views



The latest version of angular (angular 6) has just now released and started to get used around the corners of the development community. Angular as a web development framework has positioned itself in a strong place in the mind’s developer community through upgrading in the most demanding period of time. Within the duration of 14 months it has released back 2 back versions in order to keep the develop community and the users as well highly focused towards it. As the best Angular JS service provider, iStudio Technologies is highly capable of meeting all the industrial requirements of the client and capable to deliver the most efficient application framework for client’s business.

Even though the previous version of angular is highly flexible and a well-established one getting incorporated itself through building mobile and desktop application still, it didn’t get settled with it and strived to deliver even better performing version for the developer community. As a result the version6 was introduced aiming to be much smaller, faster, and easier to use when compared with the previous version. Before directly diving into the features of version6 lets have quick look at angular5. As a leading Angular JS development company, iStudio Technologies has always updated according to the latest versions of angular in the right time to deliver the most effective service to our clients.

Angular 5 Features


When the version 4.3 was launched, it came up with HttpClientwithin @angular/common as a smaller, simpler, and the most powerful approach to web requests in angular. When it comes to version5 Google itself recommended using the HttpClient applications, and it stopped using older library files like @angular/HTTP which is considered as archaic.

Multiple Export Alias

Angular5 can provide multiple names to the components and directives in the time of exporting where, exporting a component with several names will assist the developer to rove without carrying out any changes.Being the part of the community, iStudio Technologies as the top angular js developing company caters the most awful experience to their clients in web development

International reference

Angular5 version introduced the concept of new pipes for numbers, dates, and currencies in order to improve the standardization of the internationalization process takes place within the browsers and eradicating the need to utilize the polyfills to accomplish the same.

Progress in Decorator support

Angular5 version can now able to support few expressions that are lowering in decorators for lambdas, and also for the value of useValue, useFactory, and data used in object literals. Moreover, here a lambda can also be used as a name function. As the leading angular js Servicing Company, iStudio Technologies is not just focused on meeting client requirements instead, and we also try to provide extra or advanced solutions to our clients in a suggestive way.

Built-in Optimization

The built-in optimizer eliminates the angular decorators from the app’s runtime code through reducing the size of the bundle and increasing the application’s boot speed. Therefore it decreases the size of the bundle eventually paving way towards increased application speed.

Angular 6 Features

Angular Elements

When it comes to developing a single-page application then angular will be the first preference for any javascript developer. Framing a widget which can be inserted to an existing web page is not that easy process. Packages of angular will help developers to create an angular component to publish the web component that can later be used in HTML page.

Ivy Renderer

An angular renderer that works as a backward compatible file where you can increase the speed, reduce the size, and enlarge the flexibility by making the app size smaller and the compilation even faster. Adopting Ivy Renderer assures carrying out smooth functionality for the developers and the most striking feature is code size can be reduced through adopting the gzipped process which eventually makes the compilation faster. We at iStudio Technologies cater best angular.js services, and we are highly capable of resolving any kind of industrial complexities through deploying this framework with the assistance of experienced experts.

Closure Compiler

As a bundling optimizer closure compiler is useful in creating java script modules for any kind of web applications. This one frequently generates smaller bundles and performs a greater job through eliminating dead codes when compared to Webpack and Rollup bundlers. This toolchain can be used the forthcoming versions to create a custom made application as per your requirement.

Bazel Compiler

Exclusively used for rebuilding purpose, it can be seen in all the software built at Google inclusive of the 500+ applications developed under Angular. Rebuilding the entire application for small source code changes doesn’t counts here so, it is better to change the codes that desperately need a change. These codes are highly dependent and carry out the operation of advanced local and distributed caching with highly optimized dependency analysis and its corresponding execution where it gets built faster.

Component Development Kit (CDK)

This development kit is used by angular material library where it can provide upto 30 different UI components under its shade. CDK helps a developer in building their own library of UI components with the assistance of angular material. It can also support responsive web design to higher extent where, the layouts will get eliminated of getting the need for using the libraries like flex layout or CSS grid. As the top angular.js Provider, we at iStudio Technologies cater the elite experience to their clients through providing them high-end services.

Service workers

An angular script that is made to run on a browser with managing the cache files in the application. This feature is introduced in the fifth version and its responsibilities get extended through including the functionalities like bug fixers and other additional features.


Schematics as a technology help to generate angular artifacts from angular CLI. When it comes to creating your own template through better exploration of Angular CLI then schematics will be the best choice. Looking at the version 1.7 the ng update function can be automatically updated here depending on your project where it is easier to fix the automated versions. Schematics enables to create own code transformation similar to ng update. As the leading angular.js provider, iStudio Technologies has always made sure that it delivers the most updated and future focused service to their diversified set of clients. Being a part of it we incorporate version 6 of angular while catering the service based on this developmental framework.


Navigation source and restoredstate are added to navigation start where as in navigation start there is no scope of getting to know about the triggered one or through any other locational change. The PR needs to be added to the navigation source field and restored using navigation id.

Upgrading to RXJS 6

The updated version of RXJS version 6.0 is attached here with the angular version 6 with added features and some important changes as well. These incorporated changes help developers to trigger up their performance through debugging the stacks and improving its modularity by making it highly compatible in backwards.

Tree shaking using angular6

Here the entire angular network moved from modules referencing services to service referencing modules that make the app even smaller and faster in working. It allows only the bundle service into the code base which is added through injection method. As the best Angular JS service provider, iStudio Technologies caters high-end solutions to a diversified set of clients in the industries.

Enhanced animation performance

Since angular has updated its own animations and the same has been implemented here, there is no longer need of web animated polyfills and these polyfills are removed from application through reducing the memory upto 47kb which elevates the performance of animation to the next level.

Striking Features of Angular 6

  • Supports Typescript 2.7.X
  • Minimize the error in decorator messages
  • Possess fix-platform detection
  • Provides added support to native-element
  • Regularly updates NgModelChange
  • Adds generic type of ElementRef
  • Canonical view query is added


Since its release of version2 angular has been a promising framework catering the required service to the developers community at the right time. Proper adoption of angular will guide the entire set in the right direction through making the required changes wherever possible.As a best Angular JS servicing company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters the most optimal solutions to organizations through detailed analysis of their business requirements. We make sure to deliver the applications based on AngularJS with two-way binding through consenting automatic synchronization of data within model and view components.




Among the javascript functionalities, node.js plays the most vital role in the developing environment as well as from the user perspective. This article depicts the high necessity concepts for developing native extensions for Node.js. This write up will be explaining to you about building the first native extensions in a detailed way. So without wasting much time here let’s get directly started with the explanation. As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies always deliver quality website for their clients using updated web app frameworks.

Brushing up with basics

To make it simple and straight the native extensions used in node.js functionalities are purely based on C++ that is implemented with logic and can be appealed from JavaScript code later. It’s highly important and interesting at the same time in knowing the working of NodeJS and the essential parts involved in it. Hence it is highly necessary to know the reason behind discussing JavaScript and C++ languages under the shelter of NodeJS at this instance.

Let me explain in this way:

  • The javascript is the coding language.
  • V8 is the engine that runs on JavaScript code.
  • Libuv as a C library supports us through providing asynchronous execution.

Now it’s time to find the spot for fixing the native extensions and let us go with read/write disk action to explain it. But the scenario is both JavaScript as well as V8 can’t provide us with disk access. Nodejs has the capability to read/write the disk and we also have Libuvwhich provides us with an asynchronous execution. This is the exact point were native extensions happen and get in touch. Post establishing native extensions the fs module is implemented using C++ and obviously gets exposed to certain methods where it can be invoked using JavaScript. These are the basics to learn about node.js and native extensions in order to implement the same. As the best web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides the agilest website development service for their diversified set of clients.

Tools integrated for creating native extensions

a) Binding.GYP File

This specific file demands us to specify the need to compile the native extension. The most important thing to be noticed here is that it is highly mandatory to give proper justification for the files that are compiled here and the final binary which is been called in the functionality. This one has a JSON like structure in it and the keys to get this highly configured by its sources and target as well.


This one is basically a tool that helps us to get compiled with the native extensions. This tool is implemented in Node.js which is been packaged with the npm, so we can just run npm, install it, and then compile it using our native extensions. While running the npm installation, it will help by detecting the binding.gyp file gets included in the root folder and starts to get compiled. Moreover, it allows us to release or debug builds. This will yield the result of binary files get combined with the specific .node extensions that will be created within the release or debug folder, based on the way it got configured.

c) Bindings

Bindings are a node.js package that allows us to export the native extensions of node.js. It takes the charge of searching in a built or release folder for development purpose.

d) N-API

A C API that helps us to get interacted with the engine entirely in the abstract way. It’s almost an evolution kind of approach that tries its best to port its nodes in various architectures. This API provides high stability and greater compatibility between different node versions. It means that if the native extension is compiled to node 8.1, then there is no necessity to recompile it for the versions 8.6 and 9.3. This makes the job of maintainers and contributors much easier. As a leading website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies incorporates the most advanced frameworks in order to deliver the best website for your concern.


Taking advantage of the language used this particular module provides us the implementation of C++ for N-API.

Step1: Native Extension World

To start with the native extension world we can just use the example of a simple demo program here. There is no intention of overloading the code with extra logic in order to focus on the minimum necessary code.
Here we can start the implementation through initializing the npm where the dependency factors are installed:

npm init

Time to install our dependencies

npm i node-addon-api bindings
Parts of the file


The first argument is the native extension name and the second argument is the name of the function which initializes the extension.


This specific function is used to start the native extension of node.js where the functions are exported which can be invoked from the JavaScript code. In order to carry out this task we need to set the name of the function to the export objects and the function can be invoked as well. This function must return the export object at any case.
. As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides industry-specific web development service to their diversified clients.


This particular function is something which gets executed once the native extensions from JavaScript are invoked.

Other additional steps

  • NAPI
  • Node-addon-api
  • Nan (Native abstract for node.js)

Things existed before in N-API

It is very important to know about the context and history of native extensions as it will be very helpful to give access to a lot of documentation and examples as well. The basic motto is to replace the NAN with N-API, for that reason we need turn back and have a look at NAN. As a C++ library NAN delivers us v8 abstraction, but at the same time, it won’t allow to abstract ourselves the v8. While releasing NodeJS it tends to undergo v8 related changes which can even break the native extension. Usage if NAN is considered to be a remedy to avoid this problem.


As a developer if you want to know the working process and composition of NodeJS then it is essential to learn about native extensions here. It is a multi-usage pack which can be used in different scenarios like performance boost, C/C++ library integrations or legacy code integration. We at iStudio Technologies are the top web development company in Chennai, having a decade of experience and known as the best client servicing company in the industry.


Classifying The Pros And Cons Of Using Reactive Native For Native App Development


React Native the most established framework in the web and mobile application development environment which is completely framed by Facebook. This particular application framework is highly flexible and acts as an effective tool to create any kind of cross-platform native applications for iOS and Android devices.It states that there is no necessity of creating dedicated mobile apps for iOS and android system since this framework brings in the concept of responsiveness. All you need to possess is codebase for development. Before analyze its pros and cons it is highly essential to brush up some basics of react native and in this blog page, we will analyzing the basics as well as their pros and cons while developing a mobile app. iStudio Technologies as a best web development company in Chennai is well known for delivering better websites for their clients. We keep updating ourselves with the plug-ins and other technological solutions to deliver a better result to our clients.

What is React Native?

As discussed before React Native is a framework which is developed by Facebook in order to bring in the efficiency of application development (mobile apps in particular) and make the work easy for the developers. Using this technology you can actually develop a mobile app similar to that of Swift or Java. The uniqueness of react native lies in delivering the resulted mobile app for both iOS and Android just by using a single set of codes.

Functioning of React Native

React Native works in a similar way to that of React framework and the only difference exist in React Native is that it runs based on Core JavaScript. While brushing the basics of react, it has a virtual DOM feature in it which is been rendered by the UI in an editable way. Now getting back to react native it again works in a similar way where it uses Objective-C APIs (for iOS) and Java APIs (for Android) instead of DOM. Let’s assume that react is having a connector that makes its eligible to utilize an interface in the platform were native elements do persist. The components markup act as the deciding authority for the look and functioning of the component.


Getting to know React Native

Getting well versed with the concepts and components for building mobile apps is the initial step towards building it. At the same time, you also need to know about the methods in properly creating a mobile app. The next step is all about learning the official docs and understanding every single component. Adopting the help of some books like React native such as Learning React Native, Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript will deliver you quite effective learning.

Types of applications

Native application is something which is been used quite often everyday by all of us without knowing its true color. By secretly maintaining its identity native application gets downloaded in the form of mobile applications in our devices. It has the in-born flexible nature of adopting itself according to the operating system in which it has been deployed. The native application is adopted by everyone since it has some really splendid striking features like functionality speed, UI completeness, and positive feedback given from the user side. As a website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies has always catered the best service to their clients in different industries using React.js.

Analyzing the pros and cons of React native apps


  • High-speed development-The feedback loop used here by the developer will be faster when the developer uses the platforms like Java, Kotlin, Swift or Objective-C. Even the widest and in-depth changes made in the codes are handled easily here and the final application is displayed perfectly in the devices or emulators.
  • As discussed previously, it reduces the overall development time and makes it possible to run the application on any platform using the single code format.
  • Similar to code the architectural format is also used in a similar way where if there is a pre-existing web version then the logic used behind developing the mobile version is almost the same. But as a developer, you need to consider spending more time in editing the coding part if you are working in platforms like Java, Kotlin, Swift or Objective-C.
  • Developerswho possess good knowledge and experience in handling JavaScript can easily work with React.js.
  • This framework has a lot of additional packages in it with expanding standard library functionalities well supported by the open source code.

As a leading website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides the most advanced and innovative website for their clients by incorporating the latest technologies prevailing in the industry


  • If you have the idea of including high resolution and complex animations in your mobile application then you are requested to drop the idea of using react native and go with the native application itself. Native application could carry out this process in a much faster and better way.
  • Even though this application development platform goes with same code formula, still you need to do some double work of testing in android and iOS when it comes to implementing the rendered native elements.Because Apple and Google have the nature of using varied guidelines when it comes to interface design.
  • It is a highly sensitive one when it comes to developing the framework and changing it for every version or during the process of update where it can entirely spoil your application’s concept. This can be sorted out by adopting two different methods:
  • By blocking the particular version of application dependencies.
  • Follow the updates regularly and carry out the necessary changes in the specific version.
  • Another major setback is that the react native application does not support all the functionalities while developing the mobile app.

Winding up

Before initiating the development it is mandatory for a developer to plan well with the application’s functionality and then analyze that whether it can be used for implementing react native. iStudio Technologies is the top web design and development  company in Chennai, having a decade of experience and known as the best client servicing company in the industry.




So it has been a few months passed post the introduction of Angular.js 6.0. Into the development community and this version is concentrating more on the relevant toolchain and less on the underlying framework in order to make it move much easier and quicker with the Angular frameworks in future. This specific version combines some of the greater versions of the framework packages like (@angular/core, @angular/common, @angular/compiler) where all these major components were read by version 6.0. These changes were basically made to establish the cross compatibility and the patches were released for these projects which will be provided as per the requirement of the project. As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies always deliver quality website for their clients using updated web app frameworks.

ng update

ng update is a brand new CLI command that helps in analyzing package.json and utilizes the in-built knowledge in order to provide recommended updates of the application of your Angular javascript. Ng update is helpful in various ways like helping to find the proper version of dependencies and make them get highly synchronized. The help of third parties can be adopted in order to update the scripts using schematics. Suppose, if anyone of your dependencies gives you an ng update schematic, then it is highly possible to update the code while involving in some breaking changes.
ng update won’t be replacing any package manager; instead, it may use npm or yarn in order to manage dependencies under the hood. Adding upto that dependencies and peer dependencies will be deploying the required transformations to your project. A lot of libraries and packages can be added here as ng update uses schematics in it. The enterprise component library team will plan to use ng update in order to incorporate mandatory changes automatically to reduce developer working time. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies always surpass their client’s expectations through delivering best website for their business.

ng add

This command helps to add new capabilities to the project as per the ease and it will use its package manager in order to download new dependencies and summon the required installation script that can be updated with your project including configuration changes, additional dependencies, or framework package specific initialization code.
We can try some of the latest ng new applications like:

  add @angular/pwa-A normal application can be converted into a PWA (Progressive Web App) just by including app manifest and service worker.
  •    2. ng add @ng-bootstrap/schematics-Adding bootstrap to your application.
  • add @clr/angular-Installing and setting up clarity from VMware.

It is because ng adds is constructed above top of schematics and the npm registry, these libraries and communities will be highly assistive in building a strong ecosystem supporting all the packages.

Angular Elements

This is the first angular element which is created with an intention of permitting the developer to bootstrap the angular components using the existing angular application through registering custom elements. This element will be highly useful in using in being part of a content management system in order to allow dynamic bootstrapping of capabilities through HTML. This approach completely eliminates the need for manual bootstrapping of angular components that can be witnessed in static HTML content. As the top website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides complete website services to their clients in a better way.

This component is the biggest addition to the javascript angular to display the hierarchical data. The CDK implements the core tree directives with angular material offering and accompanied with material design styles as well this done by closely watching the patterns of the data-table component. Considering the tree this component also has its own badge and bottom-sheet components that are absolutely new. Badgetsare specifically used to display some highly helpful information in small bits in the form of unread item counts. At the same time bottom sheets are exclusive mobile-centric dialogs that can be viewed in the bottom of the viewport, usually helps to present a list of options.

The@angular/cdk/overlay package is considered to be the high efficacy infrastructural package in the CDK today. This component when clubbed together with the latest version of angular can enable pop-ups that remain highly intellectual in all situations.

Angular Material Starter Components

After running ng add @angular/material in the existing application, we can then generate upto 3 new starter components under it.

Material Sidenav

Using this component you can now generate a new starter component as a developer which includes a toolbar with the app name and side navigation as well. This component is purely based on breakpoints and highly responsive. As the best web design and Development Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides the most effective website using innovative web app frameworks for your business.

Tree Shakable Providers

In order to make your application look smaller the inverse effect of modules referencing services is included in it. This helps the developer to bundle the services into the code base in modules where it is inserted. As an innovative and best web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies rejuvenates your website and your thoughts to stand unique in the marketplace.

RxJS v6

Using this component you can now generate a new starter component as a developer which includes a toolbar with the app name and side navigation as well. This component is purely based on breakpoints and highly responsive. As the best web design and Development Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides the most effective website using innovative web app frameworks for your business.

Improving animation

In order to make your application look smaller the inverse effect of modules referencing services is included in it. This helps the developer to bundle the services into the code base in modules where it is inserted. As an innovative and best web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies rejuvenates your website and your thoughts to stand unique in the marketplace.

CLI Workspaces

CLI for this sixth version is capable of supporting workspaces that holds multiple projects (that includes multiple applications and libraries). CLI can now use angular.json by replacing .angular-cli.json to build and configure the project.

Library Support

The most requested feature of CLI will be supporting the creation and building of libraries. Required library commands where used that helps to create a project within the stipulated workspace of CLI, and then go for its configuration before testing and building.

Wrapping up

We at iStudio Technologies are the best web design and development company in Chennai, who meets the varied need of diversified clients and satisfies their expectations through providing flawless websites for more than a decade of time.

Material Data Table

Here starter data table component is pre-configured with a datasource to carry out the process of sorting and pagination.

Material Dashboard

This enables the developers to create a high-end dashboard component that comprises a set of dynamic grid list in it.




A backend framework of a website acts as its backbone catering to the highly demanded and major functionalities. This back-end framework holds several tools and scripting languages with it in the server-side programming as a part of web development environment. The success of a web application development framework lies in selecting a proper stack, gaining knowledge about server architecture and most importantly learning from databases and programming languages. As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies uses the most advanced and effective web app framework to create the best website for clients.

The role of a developer is crucial in web application development framework where they frame the necessary logic which is highly required for the application to get built and then combines it with the dynamic front-end to run the application. As per the expert opinion frameworks like Node.js and python are the lead players in web application development framework environments. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies implement the most suitable web app framework for your website.

The back-end framework used to create an application is selected on few basic and important criteria like:

  • The developer needs to study and analyze well about some of the naming conventions and directory structures which are hard to break the code. A proper understanding is required to make sure there is no run-time error.
  • Majority of the backend frameworks possess libraries in order to prevent developers from getting into performing repetitive tasks. Anyway, choosing a flexible framework will be an opt choice in order to develop new controls through deploying previously framed library components.
  • A usual back-end framework is well taken care of a huge group of developers who are involved in tracking bugs, applying patches, and most importantly creating awareness among other developers. Moreover, an ideal framework gets easily vulnerable to hacking.
  • When discussing the back-end frameworks, framing documentation is a pre-requested one for adopting evangelists and power users in the early stage. Snippet codes and tutorial articles are the solid examples for supporting the frameworks to stand as a unique one.
  • Taking decision regarding application hosting on a server is vital before choosing any framework, as one must decide whether they have to go with a dedicated server or shared server. Ruby on Rails as an application can be hosted on a dedicated server, and at the same time, Zend is hosted on the shared server.
  • As a top web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies creates the most suitable website according to your business needs using trending web app frameworks.

As a top web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies creates the most suitable website according to your business needs using trending web app frameworks.

Ruby on Rails

As a web-application framework, Rails was built using the Ruby programming language and run on the platform of Linux. Using this platform, the coders and developers related to it can easily frame the required application through carrying out required compiling and testing. Implementation of Model view controller (MVC) architecture is an added advantage which facilitates the developers to stick in with a piece of code at any part of the application in the relevant environment.
The changeover between the different stages of application development in Ruby Rails is carried out in a smoother way until the end of the life cycle process due to the presence of built-in security features in it. This web application framework makes use an effective set of plug-ins before releasing the application. Being the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies satisfies all the client needs using the most suitable web app framework for client’s website.



As a high-level web application framework, Django belongs to the Python group which provides a perfect and suitable database oriented websites for the users. Unlike Rails, this open source framework belongs to Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture, which is highly reusable and helps the components to get plug-in continuously. We at iStudio Technologies are the effective web development company in Chennai, caters the most awful service in-terms of web app framework.
Possessing optional interface Django helps the users to get permission that enables them to create, update and also to delete users easily. This particular web application framework git well –established due to its bundled applications, dynamic administrative interface and tools for generating Google sitemaps.


Another open source framework that works purely based on MVC architecture similar to Rails. This framework is based on PHP works exclusively for the backend web application development, highly capable of providing better connectivity combined with the backend. Laravel contains some well-equipped functionalities and command line tools in it. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies helps their clients to expand their business through providing quality web app framework.
Being a back-end framework Laravel was initially known as open source PHP framework. Through the assistance of some highly effective features like database migration, blade templating engine and intuitive interface, Laravel has become the most popular web application development framework. Laravel contains inbuilt utilities in order to access relational databases driven by a modular packaging system.


Phoenix (Elixir)

The back-end of Phoenix web application development framework was built through Erlang Virtual Machine (VM), which makes complete optimal use of resources. Handling a huge number of users is an easy task for this framework, and it is capable of doing it in a simultaneous way using its speed as a base. Phoenix follows the similar path of Rails and Django which works under the server-side MVC pattern. As the top website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies incorporates the best web app framework for your website.
Speed is the key element which drives the performance of this framework through decreasing the latency time at its minimum and improves the performance of various APIs. One such example of the quick working of Phoenix is it can run the JSON request in just 400ms as compared to that of Rails which takes 1.5-2 seconds. Moreover, the cost incurred in Phoenix is also less when compared to other frameworks.


This framework is a bit different from its peers and considered to be the most light-weighted Python- based web application framework that won’t be using any kind of tools or libraries in it. This is one of the most unique applications used to run web-based applications over embedded devices. Since the Flask is supported with Unicode and some extensive documentation, it highly helps through eliminating the work involved by programmers and project analysts. iStudio Technologies is the best website development company in Chennai, who caters the client requirement without any flaw.
The request dispatching process that is included in this framework offers a little bit of perk to the framework through delivering interoperability across the networks. The recent situation of the framework can be altered through using virtue code of extensions to insert required features in it. Some of the well-established applications that use this framework are Pinterest, LinkedIn, and its community webpage (Flask).



The Pyramid is the most common web app framework existing in the community that uses the most simplified set of functionalities in it. These common tools and functionalities are enough to frame a complete web app development which includes security mapping to URL code and database integration. This simple and small web app framework is highly user-friendly and well recommended for beginners to use. This high-speed web app framework will be tested under different conditions and avowals the extensively made document and highly available support. As the best web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies always surpass client requirements through providing excellent web app framework service.


This web app framework is built based on the Node.JS application which is composed of very few numbers of features in it including the core features of Node.JS. This framework is highly recommended for creating a perfect dynamic mobile application where it can reduce the majority of the workload involved in creating a mobile application. Many established frameworks belong to Node.JS like Bottr and ItemsAPI were built using Express framework. Effective APIs can be created using Express framework with the help of several HTTP utility methods used in it. Being the best website designing and Development Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is capable of framing perfect website using any updated web app framework.



AngularJS is a highly organized javascript framework tailor-made for dynamic web applications. AngularJS allows you to utilize HTML to the fullest by using it as a template language as well as using its syntax in order to deliver the application components in a lipid and cloggy way. The data binding and dependency injectionconcept of AngularJS helps you to get rid of maximum codes that are feed manually so far, as these codes can be generated within the browser since this framework has become friendly with server technology.



  • Intended to create Rich Internet Application (RIA) this application framework is considered to be powerful among other frameworks of JavaScript.
  • Highly supports developers in framing client-side application accurately through MVC (Model View Controller) approach.
  • AngularJS works efficiently across browsers and capable of delivering the desired result without any flaw. Based on the browser it gets placed this framework handover the Javascript code to the concerned one automatically.
  • Capable of building large-scale


  • Single page application is created in an effortless way through AngularJS and maintained in a proper manner.
  • AngularJS highly supports HTML by providing data binding ability in order to attain quality and responsive experience.
  • Codes of AngularJS are unit testable.
  • This framework is capable of providing reusable components.
  • Involves less number of codes and more number of functionalities.
  • AngularJS consist of pure HTML pages and its controllers were written with Javascript coding which takes care of business activities.


There are a lot of supporting factors to state AngularJS is the best among the javascript frameworks and here are the few reasons stated:

  • AngularJS is a complete package which fulfills all the desires of a front-end developer in executing the entire process flawlessly. This framework does not require any extra plug-ins in order to complete the web applications. Since it is considered to be the by-product of Google, it is highly capable of meeting industrial standards.
  • This framework has undergone a serious development pace like none other Java frameworks, through surpassing the limitations faced by HTML while developing a dynamic web application.
  • Another unique and rarest character is that the framework easily gets combined with pre-existing codes if any or derive the approximation of that particular code using its library files.


  • YouTube on PS3
  • Netflix
  • iStockphoto


Angular 4.0. is the latest version of AngularJS which has been designed with all the required features demanded by the industry. This version of Angular will work at a much faster rate in accomplishing the task moreover, this version has witnessed a lot of changes compared to the previous ones as it is marching forward towards resource saving system.