Nowadays there can be seen an increase in number of mobiles, smartphones, tablets and many other mobile applications. Mobile has become a primary resource of communication. It is no longer a device for communication only but is a multipurpose gadget. Consumer uses mobile to run various applications on it. Many applications come in the market and it is consumers who decide which mobile application should survive. This is why it important to ensure the functionality and performance of the mobile application.There is a wide variety of mobile applications from video up to banking applications on different operating systems like android, iOS etc. Mobile application testing is the process through which applications designed for mobile devices are tested to check its functionality, performance, usability and consistency. It can be both automated and manual. It ensures positive experience for customers when they use mobile application.


Importance of
mobile testing


Mobile application testing is an essential factor in the process of application development. Still there are many who are unaware of the utility of mobile application testing. Here are the various advantages of performing mobile application testing

  • It saves the time and energy
  • It builds customer’s loyalty and trust.
  • It increases the reliability and accuracy of the application.
  • It increases the credibility and efficiency of the application.
  • It identifies all the bugs and areas which require modification and improvement.
  • It identifies all the bugs and areas which require modification and improvement.
  • It is cost effective as it detects the error in the starting of the program saving the costs required for re designing the application if error is found later.
  • It helps in building the reputation of the company. As the product is more efficient and error-free it creates the brand image and enhances its reputation in the competitive business market.

Types of
Mobile testing

Mobile application testing is a complex and deep process as applications require testing at various stages. Based on the functionality and techniques various types of mobile testing are as following

Usability testing

It is performed to check the user experience of the mobile application. This test tells whether or not the mobile application is easy to use.

Interface testing

It involves the testing of menu options, button, settings, bookmarks, history and navigation ease of the application.

Performance testing

It checks the performance of an application by changing the connection 3G, 4G to Wifi, battery consumption, sharing the documents etc.

Compatibility testing

This test is performed by testing the application on different mobile devices, browsers and OS versions to ensure the compatibility of mobile applications.

Installation testing

It is performed to ensure that installation process goes smoothly without any difficulty and interruption. This testing process includes installation, updating, uninstalling etc.

Security testing

It is done to check the vulnerabilities to hacking, data security, authorization and authentication policies, session management and other security aspects.

Service testing

In involves the testing of services of application online as well as offline.Mobile application testing is vital for the successful launch of the application in the market.

Low level resource testing

Such type of testing includes the testing of memory usage, local database growing issues, auto deletion of temporary files.

Operational testing

Tests performed to check the back ups and recovery plans in case of low battery or data loss while updating the application from store is termed as operational testing.

How to perform
mobile testing?

Mobile application testing is the most effective way to ensure the reliability and productivity of the application so that more and consumers use it. An efficient testing process and strategy is must to get the reliable output. Following steps should be followed while performing mobile app testing

Selection of device

The goal and objective of application should be clear before testing as it helps in proper selection of device. Since the mobile application has to be compatible for different users the right selection of device model in important. Various aspects should be kept in mind while selecting the device like OS version, screen resolution, compatibility, connectivity etc.

Test case

Test cases have to be built on various elements which need to get tested. Various scenarios on which test cases should be designed are network configuration, battery usage, speed of application, memory requirement, data requirement, functionality of application etc.

Execute the testing

After designing the test cases, test is executed on the basis of test design. This process involves all the types of testing like beta testing, performance testing, browser testing, security testing, functionality testing etc.

Re execute the test

Test should be repeated again after fixing the issues to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the application. If the test results come positive and do not require any modification in the application the mobile application is ready to go live in the market.

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