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Implement actionable beacon device for increased sales We iStudio Technologies provide best retail beacon services that help to increase your sales and also your customer base. We are the real technology innovators who provide solution based services by embedding relevant technology according to industrial needs. Our high-end beacon devices get blended in a proper proportion with your marketing strategies by boosting your proximity marketing techniques. In iStudio Technologies, we equip exclusive beacons for your retails that would add numerous business benefits and project you as an elite player in the industry.

What is a Beacon?

Get to know the way beacon deliver results

Beacon is a sensor kind of device which used to assess and connect with any portable electronic device which is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled with its boundary. This device offers uninterrupted wireless connectivity to share information, data exchange and for several other imperative tasks. Referencing to a lighthouse this device used to track other Bluetooth enabled devices within its vicinity to deliver required service or information. Today beacons have become more adaptive and used in several industrial applications as the most effective marketing tool. Implementing beacon technology, industries like retail would attain huge business benefits.

How Beacon Works?

Get to know the way beacon deliver results

As described before a beacon will grasp the entire connected device surrounding it, but at the same time, it is entirely different from RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) by sharing 100% precise content. Having Bluetooth Low-energy as the core concept, beacon works with a simple transceiver approach in sending and also receiving information.

Initially, beacon used to send a specific set of ID number as a signal every 10 seconds in its vicinity and try to get paired with any of the devices which are Bluetooth or Wi-Fi active. Once the connection has established the beacon used to perform some convertible actions by sending messages or notifications to the concerned user by retrieving data from the cloud.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing has evolved through ages, and it is not a new terminology either for the marketers or for the customers. To make it much simple this marketing technique is well known as hyperlocal marketing, which is carried out for ages as region specific. Billboards hanging in streets and depicting the presence of a particular shop are a form of proximity marketing.

Beacon Enabled Proximity Marketing

Technology plays the key role here by implanting beacon device into the proximity marketing strategy. By carrying out its natural functionality beacon used to transmit the tailor-made promotional content to the targeted customer base through connection means within the specific range.


Customer Driven Retail Sales with Beacon

Transform your retail into super-efficient store

We are the undisputed retail beacon service provider; you can completely transform your retail store into a high-engaging hub with an exponentially improved inflow of customer rate.
By fixing the beacon device provided by us you can initially stock the data regarding customer purchase and send a promotional notification to them whenever they visit your shop’s area. Shops integrated with high-speed internet access have more chance of promoting their products to the customers in their specific region. Embracing our exceptional beacon based service will deliver you enormous benefits and takes your retail sales to sky high by maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. Our beacon device will be the right fit for your retail store in addressing all its setbacks and fixing the same using its productive technology.
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Real-time Heat map analysis
  • Effective Manpower Handling

Beacon services to Diversified retail range

We provide complete retail solutions using beacon
Discount Stores
Super Markets
Departmental Stores
Warehouse stores
Kirana Shops
Specialty Stores
E Tailers
Dollar Stores

Customer Driven Retail Sales with Beacon

Transform your retail into super-efficient store

Beacon device provided by us will be the most effective advertising tool that delivers guaranteed results
Our beacons are easy to install and execute
Deliver promotional content regarding personalized offers
Provides deep-rooted customer insights
Expands target customer base

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