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Enhanced Beacon Employee Tracking

Workplace productivity has always been a concerning factor for most of the organisations who believe that their employees (most of them) are not productive enough and not contributing to their fullest which is always disagreed by the other side (the employees). To unbox the hidden truth lets have a quick check on the recent stats released by dovico.com, an employee on an average gets interrupted in his work every 8 minutes, and while converting this for a day, the numbers become huge as it shows an employee is professionally or personally disturbed 50-60 times a day. The more shocking news is 80% of these interruptions are completely unproductive which means an employee gets unnecessarily interrupted 3.2 hrs per day. Moreover, this doesn’t include the amount of time taken by the employee to regain the pace and concentrate on the specific task. To address this particular issue and sort it out we need to use the same technology as a defence. Being the best beacon development company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies proposes a solution for this scenario by introducing customized beacons for workplace. Our beacon employee tracking system will provide a proper solution for the companies to restrict the smartphone usage of their employees in a fair way by bringing in a custom-based solution.

Why Workplaces Need Beacon Services?


beacon-needs-workplaces The existing approach is more of an outdated one with manual works getting impended at a high rate. This approach gives employees a great level of discomfort when they find their smartphones were sealed with a tag or imprisoned in a locker. Moreover proxying this approach is even more simple and there is no scope for security.Our advanced workplace beacons will provide a great helping hand for companies to track their employees productivity.

Addressing Technology Related Issue Using Technology

Implementing Bluetooth enabled beacon is found to be the right move here, as it is not just capable of detecting a product or goods under certain vicinity instead, it can also act as the geo-fence which can restrict some of the access. Being the best beacon service provider, iStudio Technologies offers you the unique beacon device that comes up with the geo-fencing facility.

How Our Beacon Device Works?


A network of beacon devices will get installed into your working space in different regions according to your requirement with Geofencing mode is ON. Once an employee enters the office space, their inbuilt Bluetooth gets connected with the beacon cluster, and this beacon device will automatically send a notification to turn off their cameras. If a particular mobile camera was not turned off post the notification, then the beacon device will immediately send the signal to the admin. This approach makes the employee turn off their camera without any second thoughts, and also avoids data theft done by some malicious employees of the organisation. Further adding up to the flame this beacon can be used in a customised way to fix restriction according to the employee’s role and cader, it even helps to deny the internet access or restrict some of the selected categories of unwanted websites. Beacon development company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies offer enriched beacon services that helps organizations to attain complete growth by following ethical employee tracking using beacon.

Functions of Admin


The admin who manages complete business operations will login by providing basic details.

Add Beacon

Admin finalises the total number of beacons according to the office size.

Allocate Beacon to environment

After collecting all the beacons, the admin will be installing them in a particular environment of the office according to the internal requirement.

Geofencing Allocation

After placing the beacons in their respective positions, the admin needs to turn on the Geofencing mode in all the beacons and to take complete control over the smartphones.

Entry Beacon

An official entry beacon placed in the front-end of your workplace and it scans every employee’s phone when they access into the office to lock some of the functionalities in their smartphone (like camera, internet or websites).

Exit Beacon

Once the employee has left the office vicinity then automatically the exit beacon unlocks all the security feature impended in their phone.

Employee Entry list

The beacon will be monitoring the number of employees entered into the office by comparing it to list it possess which is fed by the admin earlier, if it founds any one of them is missing then automatically it sends an alarm message to the admin.

Employee Exit list

Similarly, the beacon also performs a proper exit function check where it cross verifies whether all the employees have left the office according to the total number of employees who got signed in the start of the day.

Camera alert system

If in case any of the beacons detect that the camera has been on then it will immediately send a notification to the admin.

Camera Audit Report

Every beacon installed in your office sends a separate camera audit report according to the employee activities happened in that particular environment of the workspace.

Beacon Cevelopment Company

We are the leading beacon development company in Chennai, India helps companies and organizations to enhance their overall productivity by delivering customized workplace beacons that operates in a effectual way. Implementing our seamless beacon employee tracking system helps organizations to achieve great standards both in terms of productivity and also attain desired business benefits.

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