ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. In a broader perspective if an enterprise is planning to improve and enhance the productivity and efficiency by integrating the resources it is said to be ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning system is designed to coordinate all the resources, information and activities which are required to complete the business process. Enterprise system software is an industry which produces components supporting various business functions. With the help of ERP, it becomes easier to track the workflow across various departments. ERP testing allows you to execute test in testing environment before making it live hence making it more accurate and error free.


It includes cash management, account payable, account receivable, fixed assets, financial consolidation etc


It includes workflow, scheduling, work capacity, quality control, engineering, work orders, billing etc.

Customer management

CRM software includes customer contact, sales and marketing, commissions, services, customer contact etc.

Human resources

It holds recruiting, training, payrolls, benefits, diversity management, time and attendance etc.

Project management

This includes project planning, costing, billing, time and expense, activity management etc.

Data services

It is designed to facilitate storage, reporting and analysing.

Checklist and Benefits

  • Performing ERP Testing provides you a reliable result. Testing it before making it live ensures that there will be no failure.
  • ERP Testing finds the bug more easily and fixes them in required time ensuring the accuracy of software.
  • It saves the time as the execution process is faster,
  • It brings standardization with new features and functions which makes the application more efficient.
  • It is cost effective because of the benefits it provides ensuring better return on investment (ROI).
  • Identify the objective of ERP testing and find it whether it requires base project or implementation project.
  • Stay familiar with the tools and modules to understand their functions and applicability.
  • Identify the target users, customers and industry for the specific product.

Types of ERP Testing

ERP software has been in the market for over two decades. They are still in focus of organizations because of their great utility. ERP testing must be up to the mark for desired result. There are various practices which should be taken care of while performing ERP Testing. Such a checklist for ERP testing is given below.

Functional testing

It is a quality assurance process which is used to check the functionality of the software.

Security testing

It is performed to determine if the system is protected and secured from the potential threats.

System testing

This is to evaluate the whole system’s compliance with specific requirements.

Reliability testing

It is performed several number of times to check that software will not change over time.

Adaptability testing

It checks the capability of software to adapt to different specialized requirements if needed.

Load testing

It is performed to check system’s behaviour when an excessive load is put on the software.

Usability testing

It is done by performing on users to evaluate the compatibility of product with users.

Image testing

It is a digital testing performed to check the image processing and evaluates its display.

Performance testing

As the name interprets it is to evaluate the quality, productivity and efficiency of the product.It ensures failure free software.

Infrastructure testing

It is the testing of components or building blocks which are used for various functions.

Interface testing

Interface is a connection that integrates two components. It checks the communication between different software.

Parallel testing

It involves testing of the functions of sub components of one application at a single time.

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