Ecommerce business
will reach $56 billion
by 2023 in India

7 out of 10
customers will shop
in mobile

Online sales are
predicted to see
a 62% Increase

Social commerce
revenue to rise
30 billion

All you imagine for your ecommerce

Our years of industry experience makes us strong enough to handle all your online business needs

Ecommerce web development has turned out to be a necessity and is not just used for driving greater amount of traffic. Over the years, iStudio Technologies have gathered the experience to work on all online business requirements. We are one of the pioneered companies offering effective and effectual e-commerce solutions. Having great love for web development and designing our talented and skilled experts update themselves from time to time with the latest trends and technologies. Our experts create customized e-commerce website for the promotion of your brand. We make sure that your business is able to gather traffic and retain them.

E-commerce service

We have been successful in providing best e-commerce solutions for our clients, and we keep updating our knowledge with the latest trends and technology used in the Ecommerce platform thus helping the clients with the advanced technology.


Magneto is a great platform for developing ecommerce websites. This is helpful for developing large ecommerce sites such as textile ecommerce portal and grocery ecommerce portal. We have skilled and expert Magneto developers at iStudio Technologies. We offer Magneto template design, Magneto migration service, Magneto optimization, and Magneto maintenance.


More than 2, 50,000 ecommerce websites are developed using Pretashop. Prestashop works for all e-commerce websites. It seems to works the best for startup. In case, you are looking for scalable e-commerce website with all the features then this is then this is the most suitable platform. When compared to Magento, this platform offers management, server maintenance, and also optimization at a cost-effective price.


Ecommerce solutions do not come at a cheap price and you need to spend a decent amount. If you need an ecommerce portal at a reasonable price, there is an option for that too. You can avail our affordable ecommerce solutions. We will offer you a website that will have the features that are necessary for starting an ecommerce such as managing and adding products, shipping integration, and payment gateway.

Features of


Now that you’ve come up with a list, it’s time to narrow it down even further. Here are some of the most important features any good eCommerce platform should have.


Product Listings

Our templates offer an option for addition of unlimited products and categories. The categories can be further divided into unlimited subcategories. The number of attributes viz. sizes, colors, etc. that can be added for each products are also indefinite. The combinations and images for the product can be as much in number as you like. An indefinite list of features such as style, season, trend, etc. is also available to be put on display. It also gives the option to mention the product condition along with the reference codes (EAN-13, JAN, and UPC). The customization of product fields along with the catalog option, it also makes easier to display the unit price.



We offer an exciting set of shipping choice for an online store which comprises of unlimited destinations, services, and carriers. The option for carrier is actually zone restricted. We also offer customer groups. The admin of the website can sort and set with the help of carrier speed, offer shipping discounts, and list the shipping choices according to the price. The ecommerce website also has email notification and package tracking.



Dynamic Shopping Cart

It supports the options of downloadable digital products. We provide ecommerce design that can sell software, music, photos, MP3, and files. It supports all kinds of file download. There is also an option to download the expiry date. This is provided so that it is easier for the admin. The admin also has the option to limit the file download with the easy-to-use file up-loader.

dynamic website


Catalog Management

We know that catalogue management is important. This is the reason we offer several easy functionalities like CSV files of the products, UPC code fields, automatic generator of product combination, and tracking by variations and products, and inventory management with the inventory archives. There is also an option for inventory valuation. The list of catalog at the developers end has the product management and organization according the price, name, and stock.

catalog management



We offer payment options with the some popular payment provider. We also offer unlimited option of payment which includes pay by check, bank, wire, or cash on delivery. If the user wants, he/she will be able to filter the payment currency according to their need. The utility for creating payment options various countries is also provided for the ecommerce stores functioning globally.

paypal payment



Our ecommerce experts offer unlimited tax currencies and rules which can be set up in the admin panel. Taxes can also be set up by the state of operation or country. We provide an option for the configuration of eco tax. This is given for the extension of the domain. We also offer corn jobs for receiving automatic updates.



User-Friendly back office

Our online storefronts provide unlimited tax rules and currencies that can be set up at the admin panel. Taxes can also be set up by country or state of operation. An option for configuration of eco tax is also provided to extent the domain. We also offer corn job for automatic exchange rate updates.



Shop Management

Shop management has become easier with the integrations that we offer like one click module activation, predefined order messages along with special triggers, and text editors. We make sure to include PDF invoices, discount codes to the orders, partial and complete product return management, and product images. We include options to preview the new pages before it’s launched. You will have the option manage the ecommerce store with any configured language and process the orders of the customers.



Shop Customization

The shop page has numerous customization features which comprises of the store customization without the modification code. The process of installation of theme is pretty easy. There is also an option of using unlimited modules for front and back office usage. We will give you the option to include incredible and appealing advertising banners. The content of the homepage and the image of the website can be modified without any problem.



Analytics Reporting

Data analytics is important when it comes to the growth of an online business. At iStudio Technologies, our professionals take care of this and offer real time analytics dashboard having strategically placed KPIs. We allow you to monitor the visitors of the website with sales reporting and order. We add the amazing feature of Geo-localization for analytics service.



Pricing rules

Setting up the pricing rules with the ecommerce store that we have developed is pretty easy. You will also be able to promote the categories or products. Discount by percentage or quantity is added to the product automatically by using incredible algorithms. We include the option of Sale ribbon on the products for the promotion of the products.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We understand the important of SEO for the growth of an online business. Thus, our team of professionals emphasize on the SEO development. To make sure that the products are not duplicate redirects and URLs are also included as duplicate product can affect the ranking of the website. Google site map is added for the ecommerce website with the site map that is auto generated.



Digital Marketing

At present, the marketing the ecommerce site’s product isn’t complete without digital marketing. Our web development experts take care of this. Newsletters, follow-up-emails, and loyalty programs are included in the subscription. There is also an option of creating vouchers and coupons that are displayed at the checkout.



Customer Management

Retention and management is an essential step for the success of ecommerce websites. We allow the user to create customer accounts and order from the Back office with the option of removing the order by name or by reference. The users are capable of modifying the orders with the option of sending mails with the help of the simple contact forms.



Localization and Translations

In order to help localization and translation, we offer more than 70 translations for free along with useful customer location detectors which are known as Geo-location. Any kind of language pack can be exported and imported within few seconds. The time zones can be set with the help of location and the time and date is formatted using regions.



Are you looking for a ecommerce market places like Flipkart, Amazon &Snapdeal?

Are you looking for multi vendor ecommerce portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Snap deal & Big basket?

The true statement: Start a multivendor ecommerce with minimum features and develop the ecommerce features whenever there is a requirement for your business needs.

At our multi-vendor ecommerce development company in Chennai, provides a complete solution for multi-vendor ecommerce portal based on, Magento, Prestashop and complete development from scratch. We are having experienced ecommerce professionals in B2B, B2C & C2C marketplace portals. With our realtime experience in ecommerce we will guide you from consulting, strategy creation, development, marketing & maintenance. Multivendor & Marketplace ecommerce become a latest trend in ecommerce industry. So, this is the right time to start your multi vendor ecommerce portal.

FEATURES OF Multi-vendor

If you are looking for a multi-vendor e-commerce portal such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, and Amazon then you have come to the right place. Every merchant or seller will have a separate shop within the multivendor system that they can as they please. The platform owner is only responsible for order processing, tracking, and also payment.


Vendor Management


Reporting Managment


Product Managment


Payment Gateway Mangment


Commission Managment


Email Notifications


SEO Managment


Feedback Mangment

why istudio

iStudio Technologies E-commerce web design company in Bangalore prepares you for internet of things. Online business is completely different from brick and mortar business. We have a talented team of professionals working on the developing high-performance apps. We have experienced and skilled resources for building the application. We know that web development is a task of ultimate craftsmanship. We develop innovative and appealing website apps. There is no need to move forward in hurry. iStudio Technologies is best website designing company in Chennai will do it for your Business growth.





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Mobile commerce – Mobile App for Ecommerce

A majority of the people avail online apps while making their purchase. This is the reason it is important to have a mobile app for e-commerce website. It will reduce the maintenance cost and enhance the customer experience. The users will be able to browse through the products swiftly.

We provide you with unique e-commerce mobile app. With the help of the mobile app, you will be able to interact with the user in an efficacious manner. The apps are designed by experienced UI/UX designer to deliver high-performance apps to the clients.commerce mobile app. With the help of the mobile app, you will be able to interact with the user in an efficacious manner. The apps are designed by experienced UI/UX designer to deliver high-performance apps to the clients.

  • Search filter
  • User Account
  • Shipping
  • Signing in with social media
  • Multi-lingual
  • Push notification
  • Security
  • Blogs

Features of Mobile commerce app for Android & iOS

User Account

Sign With Social Media



Search Filter

Push Notifications



Social e-commerce

We offer excellent social e-commerce solutions wherein your customers will be able to like the products and thereafter connect with their friends online by sharing the activity. The customers can set up user profile for keeping track of the purchases.


User Profiles

Product Likes

Activity Feeds

Follow Users

Fully Mobile Friendly

Customization Options

Compatible With Any Theme

No Coding Required

Grow your sales with our enhanced digital marketing solutions

  • seo-searchSEOSearchengine optimization improves the ranking of your website in the search engine result and thereby improves the site revenue and traffic. Apart from being the best ecommerce web app development company in Chennai, we are also providing quality search engine optimization to the ecommerce websites. Our experts are capable of enhancing the ranking of the website within a very short period of time. We have a team of experts who will take care of the task of indexing the web page.
  • Google AdWords & Pay Per Click AdvertisingPayper click advertising is a getaway to the process of purchasing. A properly optimized and managed PPC ad campaign can generate for the website and this will ultimate lead to greater sales. With our PPC and AdWords Management services, we will maximize your return and will help you to reach your goals cost effectively. We focus on the approaching the most beneficial aspects of your account. iStudio will place you in the best position to make sure that you are getting the best pay per click ad campaign.
  • Offers & DiscountsAdding appealing offers and discount on the website will help you to attract customers and thereby increase the sales of the website. You can include discount, combos, and other offers on your products. Our expert team of professionals works to effectively include the discounts and offers effectively into the website. If you include regular offers and discounts in the website then it will help you to gather loyal customer for your website.
  • TypographyTheCreating an ecommerce website requires planning and analysis. It is important to create a website or app which will offer profitable returns. For this, the design of the website needs to be appealing. Typography helps in creating a balanced website. Typography includes the font size, line spacing and line length, white space, color, and typeface.
  • E-mail campaignsEmail marketing is not a new tool for ecommerce business. It is known to increase the sales of the ecommerce websites and apps. Many companies are investing heavily in email marketing. The emails have the power to drive the customer back to the website. It also highlights new functions and elements. Email marketing has evolved as one of the current technological advances in the field of ecommerce business.
  • Referral ProgramsCustomerCustomer referrals are a great for the growth of a business. This is an indirect form of advertisement which proves to be very beneficial. For accelerating the sales programs, our professionals help you with the referral programs which make use of the existing customers. This will serve as your marketing weapon for gathering new customers in return for prices such as discount coupons and cash cards.

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