Web Design Trends to Keep your Healthcare Website Alive this 2019


In today’s digitised world a website is highly important for any industry to get connected with their target audience and reach out maximum numbers to deliver their services. In this digital influenced era, the website plays a key role in driving a high amount of traffic to a business. When it comes to the healthcare industry, a website plays a crucial role in connecting both healthcare institutes and patients. Here in this blog corner, we will be witnessing key driving factors that a healthcare institute need to possess in its website design to avail its service to more number of needy patients.

To Have the Most Interactive Website Design and to Reach More People Stats Corner
  • More than 25% of patients are giving priority to Doctor’s review during their hospital search.
  • Around 75% of patients used the internet to opt out the best hospital.
  • 95% of the healthcare executives believe that a website is the key business driving force or their hospital.
  • 52% of patients search out for online medical providers before visiting a hospital

Acquire our exceptional web design services in Chennai, India to deliver uninterrupted healthcare service.

Data Visualization

Data Visualisation is the modern day trend which got evolved in business intelligence, and now it is slowly occupying its own space in different industry to reach the common man.
Showcasing complex information in a simple format which even could be understood by a layman is the key striking feature of data visualisation, and this particular feature of this evolving trend can capitalise and deliver seamlessly integrated solutions to healthcare industry once it gets deployed in a better way using web design.
Data Visualisation via web design can explain any patients the way the hospital system works and how they would get treated for a particular illness.


In iStudio Technologies, we make this data visualisation happen using our scintillating web design services in Chennai, India where we used to incorporate some exclusive supporting elements like iconography, warm colour palette, and explanatory text to implement data visualisation in real time.

Actionable Insights

The medical world has always been a doctor and hospital-centric rather it actually needs to patient-centric which is lagging till date. Most of the patients literally find it difficult to get connected with the jargons used by medical practitioners which leave them in no man’s land. Especially in countries like India, this scenario becomes even more complicated, and it becomes a tiresome process for medical experts to explain the illness in detail to the patients and relatives. Even if we surf out the internet, still the dilemma remains the same as different sources suggest a different opinion. To resolve this complexity we have come out with a proper solution. We are the most reputed web design company in Chennai, India who bring in emotions into our visual design to clarify common man about medical terms in detail, we used to incorporate effective visual designs that are simplest to the core and reach out each and everyone and makes them take own decision regarding their health without moving on for queries to the experts.

What Our Actionable Insight Design Can Deliver?

  • Provides high-clarity on disease and its effects
  • Tells the patient on how far it has influenced their biological system
  • Stats to approach medical expert advice if needed
  • Highlights its own benefits and limitations

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Here comes the key driving factor for every website, mobile responsiveness has literally occupied its position and now it is the primary factor that Google considers to rank any website.
The interactiveness or the uniqueness which you embed in your design doesn’t get count unless your website design satisfies the mobile responsiveness.
These three key points will help you realise the importance of having a responsive website design:
Google used to isolate website from its priority list if it is not mobile friendly, the result is you get thrown away to the third or fourth page of Google search.


More than 52% of internet users access any website using their mobile device this is a huge number of a target audience for any business which should not be missed at any point.
Having a mobile-friendly website will boost your competitive skills and helps you to reach out to the top position in your industry. We are an exquisite website designing company in Chennai, India who gives top priority to responsive factor.


Simple Navigation

A navigable website is essential to deliver complete information to a visitor, and lack of navigation element may result in bounce rate of your potential user.
A well-structured website easily navigates a user and makes them understand the connectivity involved in that structure.
For the healthcare industry, it is mandatory to possess a highly-navigable website design in its structure to cater complete information to their visitor.
We are the best web designing company in Chennai, India who incorporate perfect navigation into your hospital website that helps to provide complete information to the visitors and make them stick with your services.

Warmth Connection

Colour plays a huge role in web design creation, and it varies according to the industry which renders the web designing services.
In terms of the healthcare industry, white colour takes centre stage, and it provides a warm welcome to your visitors.
We are the leading web design company in Chennai, India who gives high preference to colours and makes proper use of it in the exact position.

Website Speed

Website speed is another notable factor that highly determines the presence of a total number of visitors on your website.
Users visit a website to find solutions to their problems and today’s users are highly impatient, and when it comes to hospital websites people used to rush up for obtaining information that would save their life.
A slow loading website has great probability in losing their clients, and even Google has started to priority towards website speed.
We are the most efficient website designing company in Chennai, India who makes a better image and video optimisation of your site to make it load faster.


Social Media Integration

Social media integration is highly important, and it also brings in great beneficiary for the healthcare industry.
Being active in social media platforms will help you in creating easy connectivity with existing clients, and also paves the way to client expansion.
A study reveals that almost 58% of users tend to refer a service to their friends and relatives if they got well benefited with the service through social media.


We provide prolific website design services in Chennai, India which helps you to be proactive in social media to deliver useful information to regular visitors and keep updated with your service.

Videos And Animations

Since the limitation over bandwidth utilisation has been leisure, there has been quite an upliftment in the usage of videos and animations in websites. Since web design trends keep changing every year, it has become necessary for any industry to maintain the same. Videos and animations have the capability to grasp the attention of users quickly and hold them with the respective website it resides. We are an innovative web designing company in Chennai, India who embed interactive video streams into your website for higher customer retention. Stats show that videos and animations can increase your website traffic up to 41%.

Instant Chats

Instant chats have become a huge hit in the recent past as a result of technological advancement these new age chats are highly for websites to withhold their clients anytime and deliver them with required and accurate information.
We are the most promising web design company in Chennai, India who incorporate exclusive Chatbots into your website process. Studies show that 30% of website users expect the presence of chatbot.


The last but not the least factor is the testimonial section which elevates the so-called reliability for service providers. It is obvious that patients will be listening to the doctor’s words, but still, they need their peer reviews to evaluate the concerned medical expert. Valuable feedback helps both the patient and the healthcare institute to deliver benefits in their own terms. Stats depicts that around 25% of patients prefer testimonial comments before acquiring any new service from a hospital.

Available Hours, Location and Contact Info

The inclusion of contact details, location and availability of general physicians and specialists (if you are running a multi-specialty hospital) is highly mandatory to keep informed to the regular patients and the prospects regarding your availability. Being the most experienced and trusted website design company in Chennai, India we help hospitals and the healthcare industry by providing lucrative websites that include a separate section detailing:
  • Working hours of hospital
  • Accurate mapping location of hospital/clinic
  • Working hours of hospital
  • Detailed contact information which includes phone number, mail id, Fax.no and social media presence

Brand Promotion

Brand promotion is all about the service you deliver to a particularly needy group being a part of the healthcare industry, this method of service catering can be of any mode, and we as the best web designing company in Chennai, India bring it out in a most impressive way by frequently interacting with our clients from the healthcare industry. We showcase your hospital’s uniqueness in the best possible way to develop a basic trust amongst the patients and make them decide to choose your service.

Highlight staff and Treatment Plans

Highlighting the medical experts’ details and treatment plans will boost up your chance of reaching more number of people, and it develops a basic level of transparency within the patient and creates a positive mindset on your Medicare services. We are the leading web design company in Chennai, India who portrays the complete details of medical experts, and treatment plans to help patients, and their peers to take immediate decision on acquiring your service.

Access Patient Info

Creating a separate login for regularly visiting patients helps both the hospital admin team as well as the patient to access and retrieve the required information. Delivering quick medical aid on a timely basis is now expected by most of the patients who visit branded hospitals, apart from that it also assists the doctors to provide personalized treatment to the concerned patients. Being a proficient web design and development company in Chennai, we are experts in creating useful applications that will play a vital role in guiding patients.

SEO Integration

We are the acrobatic website design company in Chennai, who embed SEO practice within the designing and development process to bring out the most effectual website that drives more traffic and delivers valid information to the patients visiting your site on a particular need.

Online Scheduling

By adopting our scintillating web design services in Chennai, hospitals can avail online appointments now for their patients ranging from a regular medical checkup to fixing operation appointment for even major surgeries.

Patient to Prospect Interaction

Being a unique website designing agency in Chennai, India we are freakishly different from our peers and hence, we provide the most interactive and useful platform for our clients from the healthcare industry to get their prospect to interact with existing patients.

Creating a platform like this would yield multiple benefits to the hospital management especially in terms of generating a loyal group of patients, who certainly promotes the goodwill of hospital through “Word of Mouth” via online.

Proper Use of CTA

Call to Action (CTA) buttons are traffic drivers who bring in potential traffic to any website, we are extremely good at placing the right CTA button at the right spot at the right time by incorporating right promotional words that trigger any patient to acquire your service.

For instance, we would place a CTA button for a specialist consultation when the patient goes through extra information regarding a particular disease or disorder in the FAQ corner.



Have you ever thought about the actual back-end process running behind the creation of a website design? Do you ever come to know the thought process of website designers while framing your website? This particular part has always been on the darker side for a long time and its time to reveal the secret to those who use the service.

Being an established web design company in Chennai, India we would say that we don’t follow these process as a secret, but we used to give top preference to these elements and approaches in creating a completely unique website design for our clients.

a) Prefer Interactiveness over Good look

Today everybody needs a good looking website design, but most of us fail to understand that user or the website visitor tend to prefer a website which clarifies their doubts and satisfies their needs.

They don’t opt for a website with just good looks which won’t provide them with any information or solution to their situation.

Being an expert web designing agency in Chennai, India we would like to provide an interactive website design that helps our clients to satisfy the need of their end user. It doesn’t mean that we won’t focus on the pretty aspect of website design, but our top will be on interactive web design.

b) Opt for Redesigning Wisely

The next thing we discuss here would even surprise you, or you might get shocked, but I would suggest going through it till the end to understand the actual concept.

Redesigning your website is not advisable until you find the exact need for it, companies tend to opt out for recreating their website design if they are not making enough money.

Not making enough money or profit might raise due to several factors like implementation of scopeless content, poor development approach and misguiding marketing strategy. Hence, we as an experienced website designing company in Chennai, India would suggest you to do a complete self-analysis of your business and then decide with website redesigning.

c) Avoid Over Spending

Website designing has become easier these days post the arrival of dedicated designing and development tools like WordPress which made web design the most adaptable service for any size of companies. Hence the price fluctuation over creating website design is based on the elements we add and necessarily not from the perspective of industry type or company size.

We are the best web designing company in Chennai, India who charge the exact amount to design your website purely based upon your requirements.

To design your website at a fair pricing

d) Don’t Opt out Expensive Maintenance

Similar to website redesigning, maintenance work also don’t cost you much on it unless you need to undergo some rigorous alteration.

Hosting and maintenance services have become much affordable and adaptable nowadays with emerge of promising players.

The basic level of maintenance can be self-cooked by the business firms by acquiring suitable WordPress services and moving on towards further complicated maintenance and hosting service can be done with the experts.

We are the affluent website designing agency in Chennai, India who give enough room to our clients in terms of self-maintenance by providing a certain level of access.

e) High-range of Uniqueness Kills

Yes, you heard that right, sometimes over uniqueness with website designing might leads to self-decimation. A few of the designers become extremist while designing a unique idea, which would completely lose its scope to provide the eternal service information to the target audience instead it would just stand alone as a glittering element.
Hence, uniqueness is bound to web designing standards where a high level of innovative thoughts must not exceed the basic designing principles at any point in time. Being an exquisite web design service provider in Chennai, India we bring in measured innovation into the designing process.

f) Focus more on branding over designing

When creating a design for a website, it is important to bring in brand identity and value instead of just focusing on adding designing elements and other stuff. Creating a brand identity is something more than creating a design where this brand identity would reflect a company’s value, service, target customer focused and more aspects. Designers, on the other hand, portrays all these elements on assumptions even they have acquired concept knowledge from the client.
We hold a highly experienced team of brand specialist who would not just create website design instead would focus on conveying your values and other merits to the end user.

g) Design based on Psychology tool

Studying the psychological thought of the customer and creating an apt design is the only way to do justice for any website designing activity. Creating a website design with great looks and more content won’t do any favour instead one needs to understand the customer requirement and design the page accordingly. Being a user-centric website designer, one needs to know the converting colour tone, shades and other designing elements that would impress the website visitor and make them take the decision of acquiring the service.
Being an affluent web design company in Chennai, India we create high-engaging designs that would make the visitors to acquire the given in services.


The more a website designer goes user-centric, the better will be the result hence it is always preferred to go for a user-centric design that would generate a huge amount of traffic as well as increase the credibility of your business.



Globalization made international trade real and encouraged several emerging economies to provide a useful contribution to the global trade arena.
Digitisation took international trade a step further by bringing more flexible laws and regulations to promote trading practices across every nation to develop mutual bonding.
As a part of this digital influence, cross-border remittance has become easier than ever which is again an added advantage for traders who wish to go international.
Possessing an efficacious website with striking features is crucial, and highly mandatory at this time for traders to reach out to their target customers across this planet easily.
We are the best web design company in Chennai, India who delivers industry-specific websites with end-to-end functionalities which are capable of fulfilling your customer requirements.
In this blog section, we will be discussing the pivotal role of the website in uplifting your import-export business in the online arena.

Stats Section

Let’s have a quick outlook on the performance of the entire import-export industry in the past financial year (2017-2018)

Global import-export industry

  • The overall value of world trade merchandise shoot upto USD 17.73 compared to USD 16.33 million (previous year) million last year (2017-2018) due to the fact of higher commodity prices.
  • Asian continent took the leading stage of registering highest growth in-terms of volume in global trading upto 8% than any other continent.
  • At the same time the overall growth registered by the global trade industry is only 4.7% in the last financial year.
  • Fuel and mining products registered highest amount of export with 28% last year, when compared with other product categories.
  • The overall import and export of transportation products and accessories acquired second position with 9% of growth followed by agri and commercial services in third position with 8% of growth.
  • China is the leading merchandiser in the year 2017-18 by holding 13% of trade record.
  • Africa’s merchandising value rose upto 13% last year.
  • Developing nations merchandising value reached USD 7.43 trillion last year.

Indian Import-Export Industry

  • Indian import-export industry registered a positive growth of 20.18% in the last financial year (2017-2018) with overall export value of USD 28.86 billion compared to previous year (2016-2017) revenue of USD 24.01 billion.
  • On the other hand, the import of goods even went high to USD 43.38 billion with raise of 20.41%
  • India holds the record highest importer and exporter to north korea next China in the year 2017-2018, India imported for USD 3.47bn and USD 2.43bn respectively.
  • Between 2015-2018 India registered a huge growth in its export from -20.0% to 5%.
  • India holds the third leading position of UK’s arms exporter next to Saudi Arabia and United States by purchasing arms and weapons for 1489 UK pounds in 2017-2018.
  • It is estimated that the exporting value of Indian based non-petroleum, non-gems and jwellery products will attain the feet of USD 39.74 billion to USD 35.24 billion with a potential growth of 12.78%.

Why Import-Export Industry Require A Website?

So, we have come across some striking facts and statistics on the rise of the import-export industry in India, which has a great scope of further development delivering more self-employment and overall nation’s economic growth. Any growing industry certainly needs a website on its side to pave the way for further development. Holding a commanding website for your import export business will cater you with several striking benefits added up with competitive perks in the industry. We at iStudio Technologies offers custom-made website designing services in Chennai, India for import-export firms to reach out to global customers easily and expand their business.


Holding a website is found to be cheaper than going for an annual movies subscription online, and more, when compared with other marketing activities like investing in print media and television, investing in a website, is a sensible approach.
Being the most experienced web designing company in Chennai, India we add complete value to your website and uplifts your import-export business online at an affordable rate.



Holding a website is not just to give information about your establishment and the services you deliver is a great advertising tool that helps you reach millions of target customers across the globe.
Integrating your website with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn brings in great visibility to your business and enhances the chance of business expansion as well.
Being a promising website design company in Chennai, India we integrate social media platforms and keep you active round the clock to generate potential leads.

Trust And Satisfaction

A website is a great platform to create immense trust and eternal satisfaction amongst your existing and future clients and stimulates you to deliver much better service to them.
You can project your approach towards work on a website and can also register the voice of previous customers to generate required trust amongst the potential target base.
We deliver enriched web design services in Chennai, India by projecting your approach towards import-export business in a unique way to grab the complete attention of customers.

Increased Customers And Increased Sales

Holding a website with regularly updated information and attractive functionalities will not just create trust amongst the clients but also creates a huge scope for customer expansion and increased sales revenue.
Import-Export business is meant to reach the global market and website plays a crucial role in making things happen here.
We are the leading website design company in Chennai, India gives great focus in helping you to expand your business in various possibilities.

Long-Term Clients With Better Relationship

A website lends you a great helping hand in retaining your existing clients and keeps them updated with your services transformation and discounts in service as well.
This approach creates a great bonding with clients and hence make them stick with your services.
Being the most renowned website designing company in Chennai, India we deliver best website updation service to make you stick close with your existing customers.

Mandatory Functionalities Of An Import-Export Website

Even though these functionalities mentioned below are found to be common still, you cannot avoid these functionalities while creating a dedicated website for your import-export business. So here we go:

Live Chat


Import-Export is a global business, and it needs to be open 24*7 to provide proper information to the visitors.
Installing a live chat option is the best move to keep your valuable customers engaged round the clock, but it is practically not possible to interact with them anytime unless you possess a three-shift team who present before your clients anytime.
This idea is ruled out since it demands a lot of investment and training process as well. We deliver exquisite web designing services in Chennai, India with an accurate implementation of the chatbot system that keeps your live chat functionality alive and the most productive one.

High Speed

A well-featured import-export website must meet the global audience sooner or later, and hence it needs to be faster enough to display the information at the right time. Today’s website visitors prefer a site which gets loaded within 2-3 seconds.
Website speed is essential to hold new visitors and keep them engaged despite implementing several images and videos your site needs to be faster.
Website optimisation plays a pivotal role here to defend against the bounce rate and increase the target customer base.


Responsive Web Design

The smartphones are the most dominating medium which is found to be highly important for personal and professional space as well.
In today’s digitised business world more than 90% of users explore a website using their smartphones which indicates the importance of holding a mobile-friendly website.
We are the best responsive web design company in Chennai, India who creates device friendly websites for your import-export business.

Payment Gateway

Any import-export business which would like to move on for a longer period of time and wish to attain progress by sensing the importance of website must get finalised with their payment gateway integration modules once they get initiated with website creation.
Being the top web design company in Chennai, India we help you by providing proper and secured payment gateway integration modules.

Our Contribution For Your Import-Export Website

Import-export business demands some extra features to get incorporated in its website to reach the international market, and we deliver those features in our enhanced website design services

Country Extensions

Top-notch web design company in Chennai, India who help you to get a country-specific domain that plays an important role to generate business in that particular geographical area

Canonical Tags

Setting up a canonical tag is highly important for import-export business at any point in time.
A canonical tag helps you to hold similar content in both your website links of different localities like (co.in and co.uk) which helps in saving time.
We are the reputed web designing company in Chennai, India who takes complete care of setting up the canonical tag in your website.

Google Webmaster Tools

Configuring your site according to Google webmaster tool is essential to carry out certain locality based on-page website activities like site-map integration and keyword integration.

Google Translate

Businesses like import-export focusing on global customers must incorporate google translate feature into their website this approach creates a better brand image amongst target users in different regions of the world.
We deliver quality web designing services in Chennai, India where we have rich experience in synchronising translation feature into your website.

What We Expect From You?

To create a long-lasting, you and efficient website for your import-export business we as a established web design company in Chennai, Indiarequire certain information fromyour side.

  • Information on your focused industry
  • Information on your target country base
  • Detailed information on product categories
  • Detailed information on service delivered or business process
  • Payment handling mode



Personal coaching is getting well established as an industry, and it is gaining high momentum in the last couple of years.This particular industry has got well accomplished by crossing USD 1 billion landmarks with 47% of growth in the last couple of years. Personal coaching has become highly important, and it comprises of several fields like fitness, finance, and education. People have started focusing on their overall wellness which has reflected in the growth of this industry.An industry like personal coaching having a huge scope of potential growth must have a well-framed website design.We as the best web design company in Chennai, India deliver you with an exclusive set of designs exposing your competitive niche and pulls-in the potential audience set.

Make It Simple

Today’s customers are really smart, and they exactly knew their needs. Since the web design world has evolved a lot from its inception, today’s modern customers tend to prefer a neat and simple website for them.Adding too much of functionalities and mixing up with all the existing designing trends won’t actually workout anymore.Businesses irrespective of their industry must tightly stick with their game plan of satisfying their target audience and must only deliver the required features.

When it comes to personal coaching industry, the actual website visitors are looking for precise information to get displayed and avoid the junky one.Being the top website design company in Chennai, India we deliver you the crisper website that grasps the complete attention of the entire target audience.


Make It Simple

Getting a mobile-friendly website has become the top priority for any business to rely more on their online customers.
Post the evolution of smart phones more than 90% of customers visit a website using their handset. This commanding growth of smart phones has pushed the industry to create highly responsive website designs that perform well in portable devices.

Being the best responsive web design company in Chennai, Indiawe create a device friendly website that affixes according to the screen resolution and displays quality information. We enhance your personal coaching business by driving a larger audience using mobiles.

Big Fonts

Despite being simple, today’s website has one feature in common and, that is having big font’s gets reflected in their headings, image texts and content as well.
This feature depicts the expressive nature of modern website which is highly welcomed by the users as well.
Especially when it comes to personal coaching industry, their target audience looks out for bigger fonts which they find it to be appealing. We create highly engaging website designs in Chennai, India which is industry and target user specific.

Big Images

Similar to bigger fonts today’s website designs opt out for bigger images to maintain its expressive nature, industries like personal coaching focus on using bigger images as a part of grasping their target customers.
Including bigger images in personal coaching, websites deliver added advantage to the concerned business and found to be the key driving force. We deliver scintillating web designing services in Chennai, India who embed required images in a unique way.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is highly important for any website despite their business or industry to which they belong too.
Well-Crafted website design will acquire a number of target audiences only when it hits the social platform, incorporating social media platforms is highly important that drives in potential business or you.

Being the renowned website design company in Chennai, India we help you with social media integration and also promote your website in a niche in different social media forums.






An excellent website provides numerous benefits to your business, and if it is responsive, then it paves the way to potential lead conversions as well.
Since the web development world is undergoing constant changes in synchronisation with browser master Google, it is getting harder for the web development companies to stay up with the trends.
It is highly essential for web developers and web development companies to stay upfront when it comes to gaining knowledge of happening trends.
This blog section will be depicting the ongoing web development trends of 2019 that would bring in some notable transformations.

Deploying Chatbots

A chatbot is an intelligent agent which is gaining great positive response both from the development and customer community.
These Chatbots act as the 24*7 customer servicing agent by leading a huge helping hand for companies to generate more potential leads.
We are the promising web development company in Chennai, India provides you with the most affluent chatbot service that eases up your lead management activities.
These Chatbots will become a highly mandatory feature for developing a website within a couple of years.


Single Landing Page

Trends evolve based on several factors, and the same gets suited for website development. By analysing the recent web development scenarios, we found that today’s clients require information in a most precise form.
A single web page is a perfect solution for this and companies holding this single landing page are gaining success without a doubt.
We are a highly innovative website development company in Chennai, India who nourishes our client’s growth by delivering accurate single page solutions.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are the other striking and the most happening trends in web development space.
These progressive web apps are equally efficient and scalable when compared with mobile apps and works in larger screens.
These progressive web apps make sure they fulfil the responsiveness criteria and hence deliver the best service to the clients who adopted it.
Progressive web apps withhold similar features to mobile apps like offline support, sending push notifications.
We are the leading progressive web app developers in Chennai, India who create highly effective progressive web applications that deliver the required results to your business.


Multimedian Longreads

Are you still using more amount of content in your website thinking that you are delivering the most informative web page to your targeted users? If so then you are wrong, long reading is no more a trend in the arena of website development, and it has evolved a lot.
Today long representations in a website mean entirely different from its ancestral depictions, customers tend to prefer a website to be more attractive and interactive.
So you can witness more web development companies prefer to incorporate multimedia animation in the long-running texts.

JavaScript Frameworks

The dominance of the JavaScript framework is found to get continued in the web development arena this 2019, web developers highly prefer JavaScript to create websites, web applications and mobile apps due to its several scintillating features.
JavaScript is highly unique, with more functionalities, developer friendly, flexibility, and deliver reliable codes in an error-free manner.
We are the leading Website Development Company in Chennai, India who involves in the finest deployment of JavaScript for years.


Static Website Generators

Being a part of web development evolution static kind of websites has also transformed a lot these days.
These static website generators are highly proactive which delivers demanding features like high loading speed, strong-bounded security and greater responsiveness. These static website generators are proficient enough to manage web traffic, and it delivers maximum beneficiaries if used properly.
These characteristics of static website generators brought in high confidence among developers to use it to the maximum.
We are the top web development company in Chennai, India who caters high influencing websites and applications using static website generators.

Low Code Development

Low-code development is certainly creating greater waves among web developers and even among renowned web development companies, in order to improvise the efficiency of web and mobile apps, and to deliver a flawless timely application system, it is essential, to adopt the features of low code development.


Cyber Security

Security has always been a matter of concern for most of the global IT organisations. The data breach, infringement or security has always been an alarming issue in the entire web development industry.
With advancement in technology, organisations find it difficult to give a proper counter-attack to these kinds of breaches.
Creating a secured website or web application is found to be a mammoth task in today’s run, and most of the service providers fail to deliver it.
We render promising web development services in Chennai, Indiawith great security and high-reliability.


Hence it is found to be highly mandatory for web developers and developing teams to stay ahead of the curve as a matter of survival instinct. Keeping up to date trends and implementing them will definitely place you on the safest shore.




Since the day online presence and websites got established, they got officially declared as the front-face of any business and got transformed into mandate elements to promote any trade irrespective of its demographic nature.These technologies keep evolving every time, whenever the business world demands a shift and also delivered better-updated technology to meet the current requirements. Now the website world is marching towards another drift in the name of “Progressive web apps” which will nourish the standards of any business. Being an experienced progressive web app company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies delivers par excellent services that enhance your business credibilities. As the early adopter of evolving technologies, we are well-versed with all the characteristics of a progressive web application and possess the capability to embed it into your business model successfully to deliver exponential growth.
Here we have listed out the complete overview of progressive web apps (PWA) and the way it is about to transform the online face of businesses.


  • What is Progressive Web Application (PWA)?
  • Why businesses need PWA?
  • PWA vs Native App vs hybrid App
  • Features of PWA
  • When to use a PWA?
  • Advantages of PWA ?
  • Recent Achievements
  • Future Moves
  • Live Examples

What Is Progressive Web App?

Progressive web apps increase 68% of your website traffic (infographic)

Progressive web apps are the perfect combination of stereotypical website and application model which comes out as the complete package of both the elements with several striking advantages.
To give a detailed view of these progressive web apps were created as a normal website which has in-built features like push notifications, offline working, and device hardware which are similar to a mobile app.
To make it further simple these applications are created in the web and can also be used as mobile apps.

All these ideations got initiated when Steve Jobs introduced iPhones to the world and said these phones are highly capable of performing tasks without rendering any help from a particular SDK and there was no specific app store those days, this lead to the rise of progressive web apps a decade back.
We are the renowned progressive web app developers in Chennai, India who deliver result oriented service to our clients using our advanced technological expertise.

Why Businesses Needs PWAs?

Progressive web apps loads 15X faster than normal web applications (infographic)
So let’s make things straight and simple, progressive web apps are termed to be the most productive ones when compared with normal websites or even a web application.

The reason behind companies backing up PWA is very simple, they deliver the desired efficiency at low-cost spending and also by engaging a minimal amount of resources still, confused let me explain you with an example.

Let’s take there are two companies named X and Y, these two are competitors and got involved in creating similar kind of product to get released at the same time in the market.
Company X uses a web application and a mobile app as well to register a proper online presence for their product, on the other hand, Company Y follows a neat and simple strategy by adopting PWA into their module in creating a more interactive, efficient, secured and cost-optimised application that would enhance their credibility in different aspects.
Here Company X needs to invest more in terms of money as well as in terms of human resource (different development experts for different languages) on the other hand Company Y needs to create just a single application using a progressive web app, and that would include only a specific skill set expected from the developers.
We are the most innovative progressive web application development agency in Chennai, India who values our developers as well as our client’s credibility and hence we make them understand the importance of using these applications and create exceptional products and services out of it.

Progressive Web App Vs Native App Vs Hybrid App

A PWA consumes 25X times lesser device storage when compared with native and hybrid app (infographic)

Skill setObjective C, iOS SDK, Java, Android SDKHTML, CSS, Javascript, Mobile Development FrameworkHTML, CSS, Javascript
Available inApp store/MarketApp store/MarketWeb
Speed of DevelopmentSlowMediumFast
Development CostHighModerateLow
Graphical PerformanceHighHighHigh
App PerformanceFastFastFast
Access and Features
Push NotificationsYesYesYes
Geo LocationsYesYesYes
Offline AccessYesYesYes
File UploadYesYesYes
Swipe NavigationYesYesYes

Features Of PWA

Using PWA ensures 52% of high conversion rate (infographics) A progressive web app comes out with several striking features which makes it as the most demanded application for any business type, here we have listed out the key features which showcase the PWA highly unique.

A) Responsiveness

We can view the responsiveness of a PWA in two different angles one is the web developer view PWA as a highly scalable one which makes a website to get fit in all sorts of devices and when we consider another set of developers (mobile app developers) they find PWA as a great platform with superior qualities like:

  • Better user experience
  • Great interface
  • Highly interactive
  • Faster loading time

So eventually PWA satisfies both the sets of developers and hence it is the highly preferred development application by developers, our experienced set of progressive web app developers in Chennai, India carry out the necessary functionalities in implementing PWA to deliver a customised application for your business.

B) No Need For Internet Connectivity

In some stage of its usage, a web application needs to get connected with the internet to access data this dependency may turn out to be a pitfall for most of the web applications when they were about to get deployed. PWA is connectivity independent which makes it work faster and proper even when there is no network connection.

C) Similar To Native Apps

There are few applications which exhibit the tailor-made character of belonging to a native app (either Android or iOS) this specific feature in these applications gets unleashed when used fullest which makes them part and parcel of the platform.
A well made PWA carries out exactly this particular feature in it where it suits well in both the major platforms (iOS and Android), but they get developed only once using a specific language which makes them highly apt for multi-application platforms, we are the best progressive web application development company in Chennai, India who are highly capable of creating native-like applications.

D) App Update

The greatest quality of any application is the way it gets updated every time, keeping user experience in mind and giving top priority to it PWAs comes out with great characteristics of updating the entire application every time when a file or data is uploaded.

E) Highly Secured

Safety first is the primary thumb rule of any PWA which ensures a high level of security for data which are already uploaded or yet to get uploaded in the application. Especially when it comes to creating consumer-based applications, PWA ensures the safety concerns first and then focus on other functionalities. We at iStudio Technologies involve in creating secured Progressive web app in Chennai, India that safeguards the entire data from any hacking approach.

F) Searchable

An application can be highly engaging, immensely potent but it needs to identifiable at any cost to use it. PWAs ensures it is search engine friendly hence making a point that it is easily approachable by targeted users too. PWAs carries a detailed set of the manifest with it which holds complete information about it that makes easily identifiabl

G) Pull Back Theory

PWA is highly capable of pulling back its missed out users by sending efficacious notifications to the targeted ones about any minor update happened in the product.
Native and hybrid apps are highly potent to send these push notifications, but the real challenge is to send it through a web application, and PWA does that in an effortless way.
We at iStudio Technologies involve in creating progressive web applications in Chennai, India that are highly productive and capable of pulling in any customer towards your business.

Linking And Installing

If you think that a web application like this having a lot of striking features are hard to install or get linked then your calculus is completely wrong.
PWA make things simple when it comes to installing any of its kind where all a user needs to do is to search that particular app and directly install it in their mobile home screen.
This method is applicable in all the versions, and moreover, it doesn’t require any marketplace visits like Google play store or App stores. The linkability of PWA is even easier as it enables sharing is done properly across the platforms.

When To Use A PWA?

The average loading time delivered by PWA is 2.75 seconds (infographics)

There are certain criteria which a business needs to stick with while framing their own PWA but don’t worry as it is not that complicated to create a tailored Progressive web application that suits your products/services.

  • Your targeted client base must use only these browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera to retrieve any kind of information. For example Flipkart maintains a full-fledged progressive web app since 70% of its users belongs to Google chrome where another 16% are Firefox users.
  • If you are multi-brnach company and you are in a requirement of creating an internal support system then it is good to go with a progressive web app. A company named Greenice created a sales automation tool using PWA for its internal purpose.
  • If your organization already possess an iOS app then you can opt out for an interactive PWA to cover the entire set of targeted audience. A company named Selio developer a separate iOS app and created a PWA for users who opt for compataible browsers.
  • If in case your app is content driven and demands low amount of mobile device functionality then you can give first preference to PWA as it is the best choice for creating such kind of applications.

We create highly effective progressive web applications in Chennai, India that not only just retains your credibility but also enhances the scope of your business expansion.

Advantages Of PWA?

PWA reduces bounce rate upto 42.86% (infographics)

  • PWAs provides separate app based UI’s that synchronize well with the mobile devices.
  • Doesn’t require network support
  • Send push notifications irrespective of the app status
  • Enables automatic refresh after every update
  • Powered by SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Distributed across the web

Recent Acheivements Of PWA

PWA enabled Twitter witnessed 75% increase in number of tweets (infographics)


  • Post implementation of PWA, Pinterest witnessed 40% more engagement among its users in their mobile website.
  • It also registered a huge growth in terms of ad revenue were it raised upto 44% and the overall core engagement shot up to 60%


  • Luxmart registered double the amount of mobile conversation rate from 0.6% to 1.24% after incorporating PWA into it.
  • It’s performance rate in Google also raised from 67% to 99% post the launch of PWA.

Future Moves

PWA helped twitter by optimizing 70% of its data storage (infographics)

a) Both the technology titans Microsoft and Google have already started the process of backing up progressive web apps from 2018 by justifying their reasons.
Microsoft has its own set of a reason that is found to be obvious, and Google has declared PWA as the future of application development.
Since Google is marching fast towards the introduction of chrome 70, it is obvious that this particular technology will be high on demand in future.
We are the top progressive web application development company in Chennai, India who have sensed its importance in advance and keep deploying the same in our clients project to bring in the real difference.

b) One of the biggest achievement of progressive web apps is they have forced Apple to adopt their module into their systems and operating platforms.
At a certain stage embracing the PWA has become highly mandatory and hence Apple adopted it with no other go and also created a footpath for other industrial players to follow its similar approach since it is the leading player in the market.
We deliver highly influencing progressive web applications in Chennai, India that operate well in all the platforms.

Brands Using PWA

Makemytrip found 3x more conversions post implementing PWA (infographics)

International Brands

Indian Brands



Progressive web apps have already registered its presence in the world of development and still inching for a greater recognization, though it found to be the most handy player in all the aspects the tech world is still oggling to make the complete use of this particular application.
Implementing this kind of application will bring in lot of positive effects to your concern especially when it comes to registering a solid online presence, as PWA is all set to transform the industries and let us get ready to embed it into our business.


Looking out for some convertable progressive web app services

Created with GIMP



Indian footwear industry has registered an immense growth especially in the last six years like never before.
Exponential economic growth and the eventual rise of disposable income have been the major cause for the upliftment of Indian footwear industry.

India has already overtaken the US in 2017 holding the second highest set of footwear consumers in the world.

Today footwear manufacturers have become well-versed with consumers “brand perception”, and hence they are delivering their products by carrying out respective promotional and marketing activities.

This huge industry is lagging in some instances, and one among them is their online presence.

Despite its mixed amount of player set still, it is highly dependent on traditional retail and ecommerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon.

Even highly established and experienced players with multiple branches don’t hold a proper website to acquire and retain their customers.

Being the best web design company in Chennai, India we offer the best and promising website solutions that elevate your role in the footwear industry.

Some interesting facts on Indian Footwear Industry

  • This particular industry has generated more than USD 16,980 million in a single year (2018) and expected to grow further at a rate of 10% of CAGR from 2018 to 2021.
  • India produces 2.2 billion pairs of footwear products that include 90% of internal consumption. Remaining 10% is exported to European nations like the UK, Italy and France.
  • Taxation in India is expected to get reduced from 18% to 12% which makes the price of luxury and branded footwears comparatively cheaper.
frameless-railing last
  • China still leads in footwear production and export followed by India in the second place. Asian nations that include Pakistan, Japan and Indonesia with these two dominant players rule the global footwear industry holding 40% of market share.
  • Indian footwear industry has registered 133% growth in the last six years. We are the leading website design company in Chennai,India delivers an end-to-end solution based service for the footwear industry using our website services.

Digital Reach of Indian Footwear Industry

Indian Footwear industry has approached several methods to register a proper online presence from 2011, and it has partially succeeded by holding a strong position in the ecommerce platform for brands like Bata, Reebok and Puma.
This online presence is found to be the maximum achievement made by high-end brands.
Since the Indian footwear industry is hugely diversified, it needs to cover all the SM (Small and Medium) players in it to possess a proper online presence. Having a structured website is the only permanent solution to this issue, being the exceptional web designing company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies offers the most promising website for your sneaker store

When it comes to the Indian footwear industry both the lead players and the newcomers are highly dependent on ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart to sell out their brands.
This dependency indicates the high-level penetration of these two giant ecommerce platforms across the nation.
Miniature brands require something more than this online space to register their identity amongst the users.
Holding a highly interactive website will be the proper remedy for this, and being the most innovative website designing company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies offers you the desired service in a flawless way.


If implemented properly a website can fix all the prevailing issues faced by sneaker stores that results in lot of business benefits.

  • Timely and efficient delivery of products
  • Proper management of stocks
  • High rate of repeated customer inflow
  • Reduces the cost of reverse logistics
  • Easy management of warehouses and stores
  • Efficient management of multichannel in offline
  • Effective management of returns and cancellations

Why Your Sneaker Store Requires Online Presence?

Retailers may wonder that what difference they would attain by possessing just an online presence but having a proper and well-structured website would not just provide you with decent online space, instead, it elevates your business standards by positively affecting your overall sales.
Being the highly experienced web design company in Chennai, India we feel it is our ultimate responsibility to showcase the benefits catered by a website for the footwear industry.

Main Features of Online Shoe Shop

a) Searching and Filtering as per size

The primary key feature that drives the sale of footwear both in online and offline is the proper size mentioning. A retailer possessing an online website must provide 100% accurate details on the available sizes for a particular product category. Further, a segregated list of available and unavailable pair of shoes must also be sorted down to provide clear information to the website visitors. Providing this detailed information on your website will play a great role in customer retention. We are a unique web designing company in Chennai, India brings in a well-informed search and filter option for sneaker’s size in your website. .


b) Size Measurement Guide

Providing a detailed guide on finding the right size of footwear according to customer physical nature always delivers you the cutting edge. The retailer must give detailed information about the available size and a comparative manual for customers to choose out the best product with their heal size. We are the handy players in the arena of website designing who provides 100% support to the retailers by implementing the most effective functionality of “size measurement guide” in the website. .


c) Attractive Images

Photos and images of the products you sell play a vital role in driving and retaining the entire customer base. Placing it in the 360-degree view will be helpful for both the customers and store owners to develop a meaningful communication. A store owner must keep posting with the product updates to cover a number of customers. We are an innovative web design company in Chennai, India provides complete support in maintaining your website by constantly uploading trending images on all the product category.


d) Sensible Product Recommendations

Being the most promising website design company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies offers you extended support using our sensible product suggestion tool this tool will be assisting your regular website visitors towards their prefered brands and collection based on their previous shopping experience, and it also suggests them with similar kind of product based on the unavailability of required one.

e) Mobile Responsiveness

Here comes the most crucial part of the business, creating a website mobile-responsive has become highly mandatory nowadays due to the increased number of mobile using customers (90% of the customers prefer mobile-friendly website). We are the best responsive web design company in Chennai, Indiawho offers exceptional websites that are device friendly.
Not only the viewable structure of the website the responsiveness also plays a huge role in promoting your store by engaging in several marketing activities like sending notifications, email reminders and much more.

f) Product Description

Providing a complete description of every product you present will definitely attract the attention of your customers, and creates a great opportunity in purchasing a product. We are the top website design company in Chennai, India who offers exceptional website services through our detailed product display work.

g) Offers, Sales, Collections and more

Continuous updates on products and useful discounts and offers are the key driving factors of a footwear website. To face the hefty competition of ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart you retail e-store owners must come up with a striking strategy to sell your products in online.
Online buyers will give priority to trendy and discounted products hence implementing both the strategies will help you to sail in the safer side. Our team provides engaging web designing services in Chennai, India that brings in detailed information about the product, offers, sales and various collections.


h) Advertising Banners

Advertising banners play a most prominent role in boosting the sales of your online footwear products, being the high impulsive website designing company in Chennai, India we give high preference to product image and minimise the effect of background banner layout to boost the importance of the product.
Implementing the concept of advertisement banners into your website will be yielding high potential results by driving more number of customer inflows and increased online sales. Proper placement of these banners will bring in the real change for your business.


Things Indian Smbs Must Know About Website Design

Things Indian SMB’s must know about website design


A website is an online hub that generates huge business and promotes your products and service in the digital space. Whatever marketing activities you carry on, still it gets to end up with your website, and your true value customers will be evaluating your potentials and decide upon adopting your need only after reviewing your website.

Web design is the most crucial part of a website, which keeps a visitor highly engaged till the end. It plays the role of decider in the visitor minds to stay or leave the website in the mid.

At the end of the day design of a website acts as the front face and the quality of content and technology framework you have used will stand behind when compared with website design.

Being the most prominent web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies offers you a highly diversified range of design patterns for your website to out beat the existing competition and stay ahead in your industry.

Since our existence in this online space is highly notable, we know the exact requirement of having a great website and its importance for any business.

We would like to create a better awareness through this blog for our Indian SMB’s (Small Medium Businesses) by providing useful facts on website designs.

This blog section will give you a transparent view on web design creation, and its high contributing factors. By implementing these factors, you will get a great chance of driving more potential traffic towards your website.

1. Factors Deciding Web Design Cost

The cost estimation for designing a website will keep varying from company to company, and this gets even diversified in a country like India. But the key factors which decide the rate of a website design stays constant.

We at iStudio Technologies, being the top web designing company in Chennai, take the ultimate authority in segregating different factors that influence a website’s cost.

Features and Functionalities- Features and functionalities acquire 61.5% of the total costing imposed on any website design. Designing world gives high priority for these two factors when it comes to web design creation because of their sheer uniqueness.

UI/UX- Next comes the user experience (with 46.1% of share in total web design quoting), no matter how unique your product is, still it needs to be portrayed better in your website, and your visitors must have to a feel-good moment during website accessing. It also plays a crucial role in deciding the conversion rate of your website visitors. We at iStudio technologies involved in providing the most fantabulous website design services in Chennai with enhanced user experience and better display of product or service functionality.

factors deciding web design cost

Responsive Website- Since mobile inception, responsive websites are gaining high popularity, and there is always greater demand in creating it. Being responsive (fair display in multiple devices) is a mandatory feature in today’s website and it grabs a respectable third position by holding a share of 46% while charging for web designing.

Better content management system, enhanced usability and navigation with proper SEO support are also the key deciding factors present in cost estimation for web design creation. Being the most eminent web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies gives equal importance to all these factors while designing and estimating cost for a website.

2. Time Taken To Create A Website Design

It is the website type which decides the exact time frame in creating its speculated design. As per global standards, the most efficient companies (80.7%) take up to 1 month in creating a complete design for a website followed by 24.3% of the level B companies takes 1.5 months.

We are a highly efficient web designing company in Chennai develops quality designs for your website within a one month period irrespective of your website nature.

3. Designing Tools

It is essential for startups and SMB’s to get to know about designing tools used to design their website. Having a better awareness of designing tools implemented on your website helps in self-evaluation.

According to a global survey, Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator are the in the lead position with 88% of designers usage followed by sketch (a part of macos) with 76% usage. We are the most updated web designing company in Chennai, using high-end designing tools for your website.


4. Web Design Trends

Since the web designing industry is a highly dynamic one, it keeps ogling with new trends often. We are one of the most experienced web design company in Chennai who closely follows the trends in web design patterns and adopts the required pattern as per the industrial need. As per current standards, holding a flat design (88.5%) with expressive typography (61.5%) is found to be the most commanding move in creating the trendiest and effective design for your business.

5. Web Design Flaws

Today’s SMB’s are creating a lot of mistakes on their website that not just decimates their online presence; instead it also hugely affects their business and growth in customer rate.
Crowded web design (84.6%) is found to be the most common mistake found in any SMB’s website which adds a chaotic feel in visitor’s mind. The absence of proper Call-to-action button (38.5%) in the corresponding point of a web page highly affects the conversion rate.

According to the survey carried out among the mixed sample of web design experts and tech-users, whitespace mishandling contribute 19.2% of conversion loss for a website, and this is a huge number for any SMB. We are the top web designing company in Chennai, eliminate these errors and provide the best design you ever had.

6. Reason For High Bounce Rate

Have you ever wondered why your website visitors leave your page in the mid It may vary for every single visitor but still, there are certain factors which need to considered immediately

  • Slow loading websites are found to be the primary reason behind the bounce rate cause with 88.5% of contribution.
  • 73% of visitors skip your site due to poor responsive rat
  • 5% of visitors abandon a site due to improper navigation.
  • The most interesting fact is 34.6% of visitors leave a site because of the improper content structure.

We are an accurate web design company in Chennai who provides a flawless design that enhances your website’s conversion rate.

7. Right Time For Website Redesigning

There will be a time your website gets outdated you need to revamp your site and bring fresh energy to boost the confidence among your targeted users. By closely following your website performance it is possible to estimate whether there is a real need for website redesigning.

  • With 80.8% contribution, the low conversion rate is found to be the key reason for redesigning a website.
  • Higher bounce rate (65.4%) is also found to be other major cause that pulls you towards redesigning your website.
  • Experts and end users also feel that a bad user interface (61.5%) also contributes high towards website redesigning.

We are efficacious web designing company in Chennai, who involves in the most accurate redesigning work for any complicated website.


Hiring a dedicated designing team or outsourcing your web design project to a dedicated service provider will always be adding greater advantage for your site. We are the best web designing company in Chennai who are involved in creating top web designs with better quality, ability to get converted, and on-going support for your website.

to create contact page using wordpress



A contact page is an unavoidable section that needs to be added to a website at any cost. There are two vast approaches through this section can be hosted in a website in an effective way i.e. either through a static HTML site or utilizing CMS like WordPress where both of them has a lot of advantages in using it with high-end flexibilities and more number of plug-ins.

When it comes to designing the contact page, it is found to be the simplest and low-time consuming process. All you need to do is to decide and post the required information which you think is mandatory and need to be displayed on the website. iStudio Technologies is the top web design and development company in Chennai, having a decade of experience and known as the best client servicing company in the industry.

This blog section will be depicting the current trends and useful tips to create a contact page that is highly useful and effective one. It involves describing the characterization of design trends and WP plug-ins as well since the entire concept revolves around wordpress here.

Clarity In Contact Instructions

A lot of concerns are still lagging in displaying the required and précised contact details in their website. Usually when a visitor approaches your site always look out for some extra or a different thing that needs to be present in your site. If you are capable of catching their mind and presenting the same in your contact page then, you can easily make clients to contact you easily and it will also save your site from posting unwanted messages.

Let’s say, you can add a couple of paragraphs stating that what kind of guest posts do you accept? How wide are you open towards sponsorships? How fast is your response rate? This may seem to be a strange or new approach but it will definitely help in increasing the usability of the website.

For example, WP Kube maintains a cool contact page that makes the visitors stick in with the website, and most importantly it also induces them to send a query regarding their requirement. This helps your site in various ways through safeguarding your website from duplicate mails, and also save your visitor’s time. As a leading website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides the most advanced and innovative website for their clients by incorporating the latest technologies prevailing in the industry.

Right Combination Of Proper And Stylish Forms

Contact page usability of a website demands a high sense of design and needs to be attractive as well. Everyone needs their contact form to look good but the most important thing is it needs to be fit right into your website layout as well. This needs to be carried out with great care since every website was designed in a unique way and carries its own style with it. The contact page must be well-structured and have to get fit right into the slot of the website, which eventually converts a visitor into a customer for your business through enhancing the level of engagement.


Instead of following the same stereotypical format of representing a contact page (i.e. by using monospaced font) it is suggested to use plenty line heights here in order to make the textarea larger to facilitate the visitors to type their messages.


CRE8 Collective will be a great example here as it carries a right blend of contact form with it using the support of minimalist elements. The contact page inputs get blended into the webpage and they don’t get stuck out of the site, at the same time they also make sure it is not created in a hazardous way. Ultimately the contact form here clarifies that it doesn’t require to look strange or give an alienate feel through bringing in a high level of creativity but, it needs to get highly synchronized with other web pages of the site.

Free WP Plug-Ins Best Of Its Kind

When it comes to creating a new contact page wordpress surprise you with a lot of free plugins with a varied category to choose from. Especially, when it comes to email form selection and display these plug-ins cater highly suggestive ones.

Contact Form7 is the best sample considered here where it is the most widely used plug-in for creating a contact form using wordpress. The striking feature of this plugin is to provide a lot of choice for every website with easy to use admin panel.

The contact form catered by this plugin is highly customizable and simple as well. Here, the settings page gives ultimate freedom for the developer to change form inputs, field labels, requirements, and edit response template as well for the mail settings.

Wrapping up

WordPress as a CMS and a solid web development package assures you with enormous plugins in front of you for usage. Most of them can help you create a solid contact page, at the end of the day it’s in the hands of the developer to make it effective by choosing the wise one through implementing proper design and structure. Hope the tips and trends mentioned in this blog post will be useful for you to adopt the most effective plugins in WordPress to develop a solid contact page. We at iStudio Technologies as a best web development company in Chennai are well known for utilizing the WordPress and delivering better websites for their clients. We keep updating ourselves with the plug-ins and other technological solutions to deliver a better result to our clients.



According to a survey done by PSD center, it is found that globally 29% of small scale businesses do not have a professionally designed website, and 94% of website visitors find design has the primary factor that makes or breaks their trust.

This states the importance of a website design for a business irrespective of the industry to which it belongs too. Staying updated with current web design is the key for success and it has been proved earlier in the past.

When it comes to web design trends keep evolving quite often and the industrial players need to catch up with its speed to make their presence count among their rivalries.

Following a sleek web design may be a trend at this point of time, but it will soon fade away in a couple of months, this is the real example of sticking with the web design trend and still using the outdated designing approach.

This upcoming 2019 will give high priority to mobile based designing methods to cover the high potential targeted masses easily.

Are you looking for updated and quality web design in Chennai?

Multiple your leads and revenue 3X times

Website Speed

How long do you think will be the wait time of website visitors? Today’s website visitors are highly impatient and they expect a site to get load within 2-3 seconds.

According to studies done by Akamai and Gomez.com, 50% of website visitors used to abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Losing half of the targeted clients will highly degrade any business and it needs to be taken into serious consideration by updating the website design.

It is always advisable to check the speed of your website regularly with Google Speed Update since June 2018, and Google is giving much priority to websites that loads faster when it comes to SEO rankings.

It is better to test the speed of the website during the designing process, instead of checking it out post designing the website.
Always remember that website speed is always a designer concern, and it is not the developer’s duty to focus on it.

It’s time to say good bye to huge images, uncompressed videos, and bloated Javascript that contribute towards slow loading website.

This 2019, will be giving high priority to fast loading websites and accustom other aspects like videos and big images accordingly.

As the best web Design Company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies helps your website to get loaded faster through providing seamless design services

Flat Design

Around 48% of the website visitors feel that website design is the high contributing factor towards a website’s credibility. Since its inception, mobile devices are found to be the most happening thing both in user as well as industry perspective. When designing industries started creating mobile-centric website designs the overall interaction between clients and companies got increased and as a result of it the industries also witnessed a huge inclination in terms of client acquisition and revenue generation. Flat designs are purposefully brought-in to enhance the user experience of targeted clients, as it has the two-headed advantage of making the browsing experience of mobile as well as desktop user simple and effective, and it also contributes highly towards SEO ranking. As a solid replacement for slow loading high-resolution images, flat designs use bright colors, sharp edges and more open space to enhance usability. Flat designs are not a boring design module; instead its bright colors would bring in simple imagery vision and sans-serif fonts that increase user engagement. Another advantage of having flat design is it is not dependent on pictures and there is no room for large amount of data to get loaded, this ensures two major factors
  • Responsive website design
  • Speed optimization of website

These two aspects will turn your website highly favorable to Google and helps to promote your On-page SEO ranking.

We at iStudio Technologies, as an affordable Web Design Company in Chennai, India to enhance your user experience.

Flat Design

48% of users find that a company is said to be irresponsible if it is not designed in a mobile-responsive way.

The speed of a website is not the only factor that a search engine counts, but it also takes into considering several other factors while ranking a site.

Search engines, especially Google are highly concerned about user’s likeability, and they expect the same from every website.


It’s been three years since mobile searches have overtaken desktop search and it has also highly affected Google’s search algorithm to give first preference to mobile-friendly websites.

Creating a highly responsive website design is found to be the key to elevating your business opportunities and expanding your target customer base.
Earlier designers used to create desktop oriented designs for website, and then they used to convert it as mobile-friendly.

Now things have changed and designers have started to give priority for mobile-based website designs, this is not just done for SEO purpose, but it is aimed at improving the overall usability and convertibility of your targeted customers.


As a responsive web Design Company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies helps you through providing accustomed web design service which gives better look and performance for your website in any device.

Asymmetric Layouts

Close to 38% of website users stop using a website if the layout design is found to be unattractive, layout plays the most crucial role when it comes to web design and it acts as the deciding factor.

The asymmetric or grid layouts have already started leaving its footprint in the trending web design world, and the early adopters will survive better.

As a continuous loop chain of flat design, asymmetric layouts provide a huge contribution to this kind of design resulting in overall improved website experience.

Asymmetric or broken grid layout has proven to be successful in the history, past in newspapers and editorial publishing’s. This approach actually helped well to represent content or image in a better and distributed way to convey the message clearly and properly.

Using asymmetric layout helps users to focus on specific area of their interest that eventually improves readers’ engagement in a website.

Just representing a website design in a broken grid format is not enough here, but it needs to structured and arranged in a hierarchy this is where the designers will face the real challenge.

Using An Asymmetric Layout Involves The Following Activities Like:

  • Unusual placements of design
  • Layering with varieties of colors and texts
  • Incorporating irregular patterns
  • Using white space at the right spot
  • Innovative use of typography

Being the most quality web design company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies implement all these features in developing a layout design for your website.

Geometric Shapes

Almost 55% of website users prefer bullet less listed information, and at the same time, 70% of users prefer bulleted listing information.

As the commanding follower of flatted designs and broken grid layouts, geometric shapes inserted in a website brings wholeness to the entire design and also for viewers to enhance their engagement.

As a user, if you think these shapes are the similar ones which we have come across in our mid-school, then you are 100% correct.

A simple form of geometric shapes when combined with bright colors and broken-grids used to add a nice flavor of classical design to your website which increases the scope of user engagement.

Usage of geometric shapes brings complete balance to your website by holding a characteristic trait of dynamism and in-depth presence.

The versatile nature of geometric shapes made them eligible to get added in the web design trends for 2019; most importantly it helps images to get loaded faster and improves the site speed.

The in-depth nature of geometric shapes can be found in the way they bring out the ideas and emotionsfor which it is been used. For example, say rectangle shape represents stability and circles represents unity.

As the leading website design company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies not just focus on providing a good web design, but we also care for our clients to represent their vision through our innovative graphical image usage.

Single-Page Design

As the web design trends get updated every year, it comes up with some new ideas to satisfy their preferred target audience.
When taking into a count of countries like India, the numbers of B2C websites are more when compared with B2B sites.

This states one thing clear that B2C websites need to focus on their huge crowd of end customers, and for most of the services it is the millennial (people born after 2000) who will be the target customers.


Checklist for development in redesigning a website:

Hence, it has become mandatory to read out their pulse and provide a highly engaging website according to their requirements.

It is not that easy to satisfy these set of customers, as they are highly aware of their needs, very much cautious about the industrial evolutions and their interest keeps changing very frequently.

Color representation, image fixtures and other styles included in the web design are common aspects but the most innovative change that is to be witnessed in this 2019 is the arrival of single page web design.


Similar to other web design trends single page web design also holds its own set of striking features like:

  • Effective presence of call to action button
  • Easy to read and get informed
  • It satisfies their emotional requirement related to products and services
  • Scope for better conversion rate
  • Highly decreases bounce rate
  • Brings similar looks on all the devices
  • Affordable and easy to maintain

As a professional Website Design Company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies keeps updating itself with the evolving web design trends and follows the best practice in order to deliver future focused web design services.

Setting Video Backgrounds

Video content is said to increase the conversion rate of your website up to 80%, this is a huge number at any cost, and it will definitely boost your sales.

When compared to flat design, broken grid, geometric shapes and single page display design, video content is highly effective.

As a website holder you might deeply concerned about the site loading speed, but the conversion ratio overcomes this small hurdle which is found to be profitable.

Video posts have highly emerged these days as it can be used in a customized way where one can play it in an auto mute form while going through the specific feed or page.

There is no doubt that quality and well framed video is a true-attention getter, it makes the targeted users to stay for longer, and it eventually increases site metric and improves overall SEO performance.

As an end-to-end custom Website Design Company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies provide the required set of website design service in a flawless way.

Micro Animations

Another noticeable web design trends for 2019, is the usage of miniature animations in the exact G-spot of the website.

Next, to single page design and video background, micro animations play a huge role in the web design trends for this 2019.

Web design industry follows some minor practices at present to keep engaging the customers through lively micro animations.

Micro animations help the users to understand the site when they used to mouse over or click an element or while clicking a submit button or even during menu expansion.

Micro animations are even present in the moving video background where it helps to improve the engagement of users through creating a proper visual hierarchy in the website design.


This visual hierarchy setup is very useful in helping the website visitors to focus on the particular section of interest.

These micro animations have become the predominant force in the evolving web design industry and play a huge role in bridging the gap between user and service provider.

As the best Web Designing Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides complete solutions with micro animations that enhance user experience and engagement in your website.



A study reveals that 50% of the website visitors abandon a site due to lack of respondents for their queries, this issue cannot be isolated at any cost which leads to a huge loss for your business.

Chabot’s have witnessed a great evolution since its inception, and it is becoming highly useful for various fields that include websites too.

Application of Chatbot is much diversified ranging from getting multiple possible relevant queries to your search for implementing an auto interactive session with your users whenever they approach your site.

Using Chatbot you can provide assistance to your customers 24*7, as auto-respond functionality is one of the wide used elements today in Chabot’s it heavily contributes a website to find and convert a potential client easily.

As the top Web Designing Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies offer quality Chatbot service to help your website acquire huge set of potential customers.

Final Takeaway

Web design trends for 2019, will be a proper combination of splendid, innovative and out-of-box functionality implementation associated with simple and elegant design features to accompany it in creating a well-structured and highly potential website design. As the leading Web Designing Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is highly capable of providing flawless, end-to-end, quality and custom web design in a stipulated time frame.