Dive deeper. Explore further. Meta Horizon OS: Your gateway to the next level

Meta Horizon OS, a mixed reality operating system, powers Meta’s Quest VR headsets and is now accessible to other hardware manufacturers like Microsoft, Asus, and Lenovo. The name “Horizon” reflects Meta’s vision of a platform that promotes social interaction in virtual spaces.
Meta Horizon OS offers features like gesture control, high-resolution pass-through, and spatial anchors for placing virtual objects in real-world environments. It serves as the foundation for future VR experiences, surpassing Meta’s hardware limitations.

Horizon OS Beginning:

Meta Horizon OS, previously known as Oculus Quest OS, is a promising mixed reality operating system in the realm of virtual reality. Its recent announcement from Meta is expected to significantly advance the field, offering a new level of immersive gaming experience.
Horizon OS, initially developed for the Oculus Rift and Rift S, evolved into a comprehensive VR operating system with the release of the Oculus Go in 2018. It introduced features like inside-out tracking and AR capabilities through grayscale camera pass-through.
In 2022, it introduced full-colour pass-through, blurring the virtual and real worlds. Meta announced in April 2024 that Horizon OS is now open to other companies like Microsoft, Asus, and Lenovo for licensing on their VR headsets, paving the way for new VR experiences.

Metaverse Core

Meta envisions Horizon OS as the foundation of the metaverse, a future where virtual worlds seamlessly integrate with our physical reality, symbolizing a platform for social interaction and virtual space exploration.

What Horizon OS does?

Horizon OS offers a variety of features that enhance the VR experience.
  • External cameras with inside-out tracking, which uses built-in sensors to track your movements and translate them into the virtual world for intuitive interaction.
  • Pass-through technology allows you to see your surroundings without taking off your headset, perfect for staying grounded or grabbing a snack between VR adventures.
  • Spatial anchors, you can place virtual objects in the real world and have they stayed there even when you walk away.
  • Horizon OS is also built with social interaction in mind, allowing you to meet up with friends in virtual spaces, plays games together, or collaborates on projects.

Future of Horizon OS

Meta Horizon OS is a key player in the VR revolution, focusing on social connection and open approach. It is a development worth monitoring for VR enthusiasts and those curious about the metaverse. Horizon OS is poised to lead a new era of immersive experiences as the VR landscape evolves.
  • VR Headset Diversity: With the adoption of Horizon OS by various companies, we can anticipate a wider range of VR headsets tailored to different needs and budgets. From high-end, performance-focused devices to more affordable options, there will likely be something for everyone.
  • VR Ecosystem: An open platform encourages competition and innovation. Developers will have access to a larger user base, resulting in a more diverse selection of VR apps, games, and experiences. This will make the VR landscape more dynamic and engaging.
  • More Unified Metaverse: With different VR experiences operating on a common foundation (Horizon OS), the concept of a cohesive metaverse becomes more attainable. Users may be able to seamlessly move between virtual spaces created by different developers, promoting a sense of interconnectedness within the metaverse.

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The success of Meta Horizon OS in shaping the future of VR relies heavily on its ability to effectively navigate the challenges of an open platform. Key factors such as security, privacy, and ensuring a seamless user experience across various hardware manufacturers will play a critical role. Despite these obstacles, Horizon OS marks a significant advancement towards a more inclusive and interconnected VR environment. The evolution of this platform promises to be an intriguing journey to follow.


Meta Horizon OS is a mixed reality operating system developed by Meta (formerly Facebook) that powers Meta’s Quest line of VR headsets. It is also becoming an open platform that other companies can use on their VR headsets.
  • Horizon OS, a specially designed operating system for virtual and mixed reality experiences.
  • Meta Platforms OS is used on Meta’s Portal smart displays and may also be utilized in future augmented reality (AR) devices.
Meta uses the name “Horizon” for some of its VR social experiences within Horizon OS. These experiences, such as Horizon Worlds, are virtual spaces where people can meet up, play games, and socialize. Horizon OS serves as the underlying platform, while Horizon Worlds are the specific virtual environments that users can access within Horizon OS.
At present, Meta Horizon Worlds is completely free to use. While there may be potential for in-app purchases or subscriptions down the line, the core experience will remain free for all users.
To join Meta Horizon Worlds, you will need a VR headset compatible with Horizon OS and a Meta account. Simply download the Horizon Worlds app from the Meta Quest Store to get started.

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