Drone Development

What is Drone?

Drone – We all already known this technology named as UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. UAV is basically a military technology now evolved as Drone for general public use. Drone is defined as an unmanned aerial vehicle which can fly autonomously and do activities by its own without a human control.

How Drones are going to change everything?

The major advantages of Drones is

Less expensive

Drone industry has started exploding at a higher rate. Due to the developments in Hardware, IOT devices & Sensors Drone industry is growing at an accelerating speed. It has huge potential to solve many problems what we are facing in our today’s world. We are spending billions of money for the current hyper local delivery system, with drones we can save 80% of it and moreover the delivery will be very fast and delivery by drone will take minimal time. So, by implementing Drone a new set of services and new breed of business is going to evolve.


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What are the verticals that can benefit by Drone?

A drone can be used in any industry which requires the following activities
  • Planned or unplanned micro delivery(Within 10kgs) within 20 kms
  • Continuous tracking & monitoring where human errors are high & high human resource expense
  • Applicable to all type of micro delivery and transportation systems in countries where road transport is not available
  • Applicable to industries where the aerial view analysis required

Drones in Agriculture

Drones can be efficiently used in agriculture through the entire lifecycle up to cultivation. The entire Agriculture industry is facing huge problem with labor. Even if the labor is available the expense for the labor is high and its huge time restricted. A tech environment with Drone and IOT can do a lots of things which will save huge cost and it is completely autonomous. We provide you the best drone development service in Chennai.

Agriculture Drone – A hybrid drone which can fly and moves in land.

Agriculture drones are useful for seed sowing by moving in the sowing path with the specialized seed sowing algorithms and the seeds sowed in different depths based on the seed. Agriculture drones can be used 24*7. Most importantly agriculture drones are equipped with solar power system so, the entire seed sowing can be done properly with an agriculture drone.


IOT sensors with soil moisture and air moisture sensor will irrigate plants at optimum time and the overall irrigation videos and images can be live telecasted to a remote place via drone


Surveillance is one of the major issues in farm land. No one can put a huge surveillance team or surveillance system to monitor the farm land. The agriculture drone can be used for agriculture purposes on daytime and can be used for surveillance in night time. Our knowledge and team strength makes us the best drone development company in Chennai.


It is very tough for a human to check most of the crops and check for insects attack and other plant infections. But a drone can able to find the crop disease at the initial stage.

  • Crop Analysis: A drone will take a High resolution images and the onboard AI computer will analyze the image for any infections or insect attack.
  • Fertilizing: Based on the infections the drone will give you a proper mixture of fertilizer and the fertilizer can be sprayed to all crop in a limited time. Fertilizing is one of the major key role of drone in agriculture.
  • After Fertilizing Analysis: One of the major drawbacks in human fertilizing is after fertilizing analysis. It will take more man power to again check the crop disease status. But with a drone the crops can be monitored daily for the crop status.

How iStudio Tech will help you in developing Agriculture Drones

We are researching drones for the past 3 years and working on different types of drone prototypes. We are having efficient teams for building & developing Agriculture drones with the following features

We can build a hybrid drone which can fly and move in land. So a single drone can be used for land moisture analysis and for other activities as motioned above. Our agriculture drones are having moisture sensor, GPS and onboard AI computers to process the data to act immediately. Our drones are integrated with infrared and thermal cameras to find out animal areas. With the statistics the animal trap can be set. Our agriculture drone can be used for surveillance the entire farm and it’s completely autonomous. We are the best drone development company in Chennai.

Farm analysis
Seed sowing

Delivery Drone

One of the path breaking industry vertical for drone is DELIVERY. Most of the drone companies are using drones for some sort of delivery. The delivery starts from coffee, chicken, Courier, Blood test etc., So, drone is having huge potential in delivery. iStudio Technologies can build you a advanced delivery drone for the following industries.

  • Courier Delivery drones
  • Food delivery drones
  • Blood test sample delivery drones
  • Grocery delivery drones
  • Mobile phone, Laptop service pickup and delivery drones
  • Medicine delivery drones
  • Package shifting drones inside a warehouse
  • Delivery drones for ecommerce portal companies
  • Tactile weapons/ first aid & food delivery drones for defense soldiers
  • Delivery drones for cruise ships
  • Fruits /vegetables gathering drones within farm & orchards
  • Fruits & Vegetables delivery drones in hill stations
  • Emergency medicine kits delivery drones

Istudio Technologies Delivery drone solutions

At iStudio Technologies we are having highly advanced solutions for Delivery drones. Most of the delivery drone companies are basically buying hardware’s and implementing autonomous but we are providing a new generation delivery drone solutions. We are the top drone developer company in Chennai.
  • High power motors
  • Drones build with Pixhawk controller
  • Onboard processing with Raspberry Pi
  • Enhanced battery life – Flight time 1- 2 hrs(Normal delivery drones are with 30 mins flight time)
  • Scientifically designed propellers to give more thrust
  • Duct implementation for propellers to increase more thrust
  • Real time obstacle detection & collision avoidance using Ultrasound /lidar sensor
  • Precession landing using Augmented realty
  • Noise cancelling systems
  • Fail safe systems – We are the only drone company in India providing fail safe drone system. The current delivery drone companies are not providing any fail safe system for delivery drones. We are providing an advanced fail safe mechanism for delivery drones and the patent is pending.
  • Wireless charging and charging automation: As delivery drone is to make the delivery fast and cheap when compared to existing logistics system, the drone flight time is one of the serious issue. We provide an unique solution for delivery drone charging system which is completely automated so, the delivery drones can charge themselves automatically without human intervention
  • String based package dropping: Our unique and patent pending string based package dropping solution will deliver your package in hover stage without landing. This will makes the deliver fast and economic when compared to auto take off and landing
  • Precession auto take off and landing
  • Security: Security is one of the major drawbacks in drone that is the reason all the countries are not allowing delivery drones with the city or creating more not to fly policies inside city. We are having a unique patent pending solution which will give you 100% security for your delivery business via drone. If anything hacking attempt or something wrong happened to the drone, the drone system can be manually overdrive by a fail safe system and can be moved to a safe place. So, with our delivery drone mechanism the hackers can’t stop you.
  • Enhanced Safety system: Drones will change the entire logistics system to a new level. But security is a main problem. What If the drone motors stopped while flying. Don’t worry our fail safe system is having and sophisticated 2nd level platform with support motors and will start automatically. So, the drone won’t fall.
  • Integrated helium balloon system: We are doing intensive research on compressed helium balloon system, which can be used as a fail safe system. We are concentrating more on safety solutions for delivery drone.

Drones in Health Industry

Drones are having enormous potential in health Industry. We are exploring the possibilities and providing different solutions based on drones in Health Industry

  • Door step disease diagnostics drone (On the spot diagnostics)
  • Hospital surveillance drone
  • Stock monitoring in Pharma manufacturing companies
  • Package shifting inside the warehouse for Pharma manufacturing companies
  • Medicine delivery drones
  • Bio Medical waste transferring drones within hospital environment
  • Autonomous cleaning drone that can sterilize and clean the environment using UV light

Drones for Real Estate

One of the promising industries for Drone is real estate. When compare to other industries Real Estate is not still automated. Most of the activities are automated by drones.
Drones in Real Estate Industry

  • Complete surveillance of project site by drones
  • Live feed of work progress to remote locations by drones
  • Construction work progress analysis by drones
  • Water curing system by drones
  • Exterior painting by real estate painting drones
  • Building exterior cleaning by real estate cleaning drones
  • Garden maintaining drone
  • Surveillance drone for apartments & gated communities
  • Blue metals shifting drones

Drones for Real Estate

Government sector is going to get huge benefits from drone deployment in its various departments. Normally in government sector most of the time spend is for analysis and for survey. Now with the drone all those activities can be automated by drone.
  • Security Patrol drones for Police department
  • Live work progress in government projects update via live video feed
  • Forest analysis by drones
  • Animal count analysis by drones
  • River, pond and other water bodies analysis by drones
  • Natural calamities analysis by drones
  • Emergency Medicinal kit delivery by drones
  • Onboard medical diagnostics for different diseases by drones
  • Airport patrol system by drones
  • Flood analysis by drone
  • Crop Monitoring drones which identifies the diseases & insects
  • Crop Fertilizing drones which can spray fertilizer
  • Remote sensing by drones
  • Delivery drone to deliver foods to high altitude for soldiers
  • Surveillance drone for border security force
  • Surveillance drone for railway stations
  • DAM crack analysis by drones
  • Water distribution pipeline analysis by drones
  • Drones for defense
  • Surveillance of Atomic power stations by drones
  • Surveillance drones for coast guard
  • Micro surveillance drones for defense

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