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As automation is racing fast in this decade, lots of companies are trying out to implement this automated technology into their ideas and bring out new products. The success rate of the products is very low and didn’t meet the expected standards. As there is always a scope for practical difficulties the reach for these products are still being remote and it would take some more time to gain the confidence of majority of end-users. Even if the minority group of innovators who have tasted the success in bringing out these automations, has just portrayed what suits comfortably with the device or any application. For example if automation is incorporated with a car, it just guides the vehicle to move without facing any accidents and directs it in the best and traffic free route, above that it can alarm about the weather conditions. As the entire technological world is shifting towards evolution, this is the right time for the automated designers to come up with some cool ideas to bring in real innovation.

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You are integrating automated application that navigates a car in a better direction and assists towards accident free, that’s fine ok. But the real integrated solutions must come out with lot of diversified features and that will be the satisfying point for upcoming millennial clients. Integrating health related solutions along with the automated car systems will be one of the finest move as of now. There are various other seamless features which can be added here to provide proper justification for complete integrated services. This smart health tracker can not only used to guide the car, but it also takes care of the person who is driving the car, if in case the person driving the car has some health issues this automated system will not just alarm the concerned person but also sends a red alert to the nearby hospital as all these automated systems are integrated in the cloud finally. Another setback faced by the automation developers, is they cannot reach the multi-device integration hence it makes them to develop separate module for every single device. This is really a tier-some process which creates a huge gap in the arena of automation. We have addressed both these critical setbacks and come with a combined solution to enhance the automation process. As an innovative wearable app development company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies offers lucrative wearable devices and services that resolve daily life complexities of a human.

Wearable Device APIs


Wearable minicomputer

This wearable minicomputer is a handy device which gets fit well in your hands, and supports Bluetooth 4.0+ technology, this minicomputer monitors and generates report on human’s motion, body temperature, heart rate, stress level and even sense their mood. This device highly integrates with other devices which has Bluetooth 4.0+ technology and sends immediate report on a person’s health. We deliver the best wearable application development services in Chennai, India that helps to track your complete body performance using the miniature device.


Pushover Glances

Sending a health report from wearable device through automated system or a just sending any type of message to the mini or micro screens has always been an issue, these glances will be the best remedy to get proper view on any messages that gets displayed these miniature screens. Wearable app development company in Chennai, India generates a detailed health report in a single pushover.


Weight Management System

This health tracking application gets well-integrated with the any device and most preferably used in smart watches. This API can manage their own data and send detailed report on a person’s health condition especially for their weight management. Balanced weight management is now possible by embracing our wearable app development service.



This is a future focused API that helps to make payment using biometric devices and apps with touch-free access. There is no need of using credit card, debit card and even smartphone when compared with this API. This will become the highly demanded and best wearable payment device that delivers numerous benefits to the user.


Third-party API

This is a proper third-party API that connects other third party applications in the cloud. This integrated API is available in HTTP protocol and gets key authentication using secure HTTPS. This API is highly useful in creating user’s profile, attach devices and add goals. Wearable app development company in Chennai, India framing the most simplified third-party API with several striking benefits.


Bluetooth Sensors

This device is a tailor made one for Bluetooth which keeps balancing with the Bluetooth usage. Hence by using this API the device which consumes Bluetooth connectivity will be balancing the energy through adding, claiming and releasing respective devices.


Fitness Sessions API

This fitness session API is exclusively used for tracking the fitness activity of a person between various time intervals. The user can create session with this API and store their fitness activities in real-time data; fitness records are stored using Sensors API. This fitness tracking device will be highly helpful in maintain the exact fitness level round the clock.


Wearable shirt

This API is integrated into the shirt material to perform the live tracking of human health. Being one of the favorable biometric it is well used in the phase of training, recovery, and even during the sleeping session for a person’s life. This is considered as the efficacious remote health tracking device to monitor human health 24*7.


Human Utility API

As a data aggregating API it provides a fair platform to store all kinds of data which is derived from mobile devices, wearable sensors and various other data sources. It highly co-ordinate with smart health tracking devices and records all the information like:


Awareness API

This API is highly user-friendly and saves lot of functionalities; it is the most opted one for performing simple integrated process that highly influences overall productivity. It is highly capable of processing raw signals to filter out the required data from the user’s perspective. Even though it is found to process raw signals still it saves a lot of battery during the processing stage. It is particularly used to track the conditions of user’s location and weather. This smart weather tracking system will play a pivotal role in weather forecasting in mere future.


ADL Experience API

This integrated API comes up with dual purpose which performs the operation of tracking and analyzing the human activities as well as robots activities. Moreover the results obtained by this API can be shared across interface. This API highly helps to carry out a deep analysis on human’s behavior which can be seamlessly used in mobile devices and wearable gadgets. This human behavior tracking device lends a great helping hand to specifically analyze customer purchase behavior.


Under Armour Webhooks

This integrated API is tailor made for athletes to track their performance and generate a valid report. This report holds the details on their energy consumption, calories burnt in the workout, practice and gaming session, and it also recommend the necessary practices to be followed by the athlete for further betterment. This smart IoT based API will navigate sportsperson in a proper way and shines as a best athlete performance tracking device.

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